Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mars Attacks

Go check out this panoramic view from Mars. It takes a little bit to fully load but it is an awesome sight to behold. To think that the United States has sent a robot to another planet is just mind blowing. The rover also found ice buried about 2" under the martian polar plains. Now tell me that we are the only living organisms in the universe. Where there is water there is the possibility for life. It might not be the kind of life that you would think of when someone says "alien life form" but you have too take into account the organisms that live in some of the most inhospitable places on this planet.

Amazing is it not?
We will find something on Mars or on Titan (one of Saturn's moons where NASA has also found a lake of liquid of some sort) that will change the way humans think about the universe.

Maybe they will find some oil up there so we could let the oil companies do their job. Go to Mars and find the oil since the idiots in congress have no jurisdiction up there.

Just to cool!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tales from the Pacific Northwest

I returned from my trip a couple of days ago. I finished my Idaho work Friday afternoon, and my colleagues in Missoula weren't ready. There went the Montana leg of my trip, and I was a little disappointed because I wanted to travel Highway 200 through northwest Montana. But, whatever...I found myself finished for the weekend and only 30 minutes south of British Columbia. My boss and his wife decided to head south to Coeur d'Alene for the weekend and I decided to head north.

Selkirk Loop

The International Selkirk Loop is a 280-mile scenic byway. The southern loop runs through Priest Lake and Sandpoint, Idaho. The eastern loop runs north from Sandpoint through Bonners Ferry, north to the US Port of Entry in Porthill, Idaho, and along Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. The north loop commences via ferry from the northeast shore of Kootenay Lake. After that, a short drive west to Nelson. The western loop runs south from Nelson to the Colville National Forest and through the US Port of Entry at Metaline Falls, Washington.

How do I put this... Just WOW!!!! The picture here is facing northwest from the southeast shore of Kootenay Lake. This is probably one of my better photographs (my eye is good when I'm sober). Me and CharlieDelta will have to come up here together in my boat and get our fishing on.

BC-3A dead-ends at the north end of the lake, and you have to take a ferry ride across. The highway takes you west to Nelson, BC, which is where the movie Roxanne was filmed. Be sure to click on the photos for high resolution action.

Nelson is pretty damn cool, except for the hippie factor. Normally, I can tolerate hippies but this place was too fucking much. Anyway, Nelson, British Columbia pictured below.

I proceeded to have a delicious dinner on the lake and got hammered with several Canadians and a guy from Jersey that evening. I was astonished at how conservative the Canadian blokes were. One was talking about how Canada should round up the Muslims like America did to the Japanese during WWII. Evidently, the Muslims are forcing their culture down Canada's throat and becoming more aggressive and disrespectful (sound familiar?)! And another bloke was making fun of us "Yankees" (that's what they call us) for even considering the concept of socialized medicine. "Since I have to wait 6 fucking months to get my teeth cleaned, I just drive to either Idaho or Washington and pay one of you Yankees to do it for me! We have the best medical system in the world provided that we don't use it! Dumb-ass Americans getting dumber by the day!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love Canada. I always have!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New Grill

Just got back from burning through my Stimulous Check in one shot. I can't wait to fire this thing up. Thanks for the Stimulous Check Dubya. I'll dedicate my first fat juicy steak to you. How about another check so I can pay this bad-boy off?

Check this shit out:



Just jokin' though. As badass as this grill is, I have better things to spend my money on. I bet this thing costs more than I paid for my truck.

Beer, ammo & tackle sounds like a good start to me...

You are all gonna die. Unless I save you.

Oh you small minded fools. You thought that Barack the magnificent was your only choice if you are looking to heal mother earth's CO2 infection. You mere mortals are sadly mistaken Nancy "Momma" Pelosi came out and told us all today that she to is going to save the planet.

"With fewer than 20 legislative days before the new fiscal year begins Oct. 1, the entire appropriations process has largely ground to a halt because of the ham-handed fighting that followed Republican attempts to lift the moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration. And after promising fairness and open debate, Pelosi has resorted to hard-nosed parliamentary devices that effectively bar any chance for Republicans to offer policy alternatives.

“I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet,” she says impatiently when questioned. “I will not have this debate trivialized by their excuse for their failed policy.”

Who's failed policy would that be Mommy? The policy that has sustained this nation since it's inception? Free market solutions to the problems we face or a new policy where all knowing idiots like you and Scarry Reid make the decisions for the people?

“I respect the office that I hold,” she says. “And when you win the election, you win the majority, and what is the power of the speaker? To set the agenda, the power of recognition, and I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.”

Really! You will not give away the gavel to anyone? What happens if you get voted out of office, are you going to stay in power like your dictator buddies?

The arrogance of these mother fuckers is getting unbearable. Good thing that have not outlawed beer yet or I would prolly go postal. YOu better watch your back Alwhore. The queen bee is gunnin' for ya'

On a completely unrelated note there is a new poll up in the corner.

Fish ON!

Okay, so Sunday was another good day at S.P.

We were there for about an hour before either one if us got hit. I got hit, and then Z got hit. I thought I had a fresh water Marlin or something the way this guy was fighting and splashing around, but because my dumbassery takes over sometime, my drag was too loose an' I lost ‘em...*%#@! Fifteen minutes later and it was the same story. Drag too loose.

Two of ‘em gone within 20 minutes. Lemme tell ya, that really sucks! I’m only telling you this because IGGDF, dammit!

Note to self:
Tighten your drag, dumbass…

At least we got an early start (before 3) this time, not before a rifle and ½ was built. Is it me, or are Sunday’s great? Sunday’s kick some serious ass as far as I'm concerned!

It's funny how every time it's completely different at SP. I mean, it's always bitchen, but each time brings something new. No old security guard dude this time, no wetback security guard dude either. This time it was a couple "homies" tryin' to move in on our spot. No DICE homeboy! The best part was the fact that Z roped this guy within minutes of these assholes trying to nab our spot....

Not gonna happen this time, assholes... Thank you, please try again...

This is a parting shot for the security dude. Yeah, we're the guys who pick up our trash on our way out. Ya The two white boys who are here just to get drunk and fish?


Sometimes life is good...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Uncle Ted has a message for the Democrats

Uncle Ted for Secretary of War!


Friday, July 25, 2008

The GOC and CD have to learn this one

One of my favorite TX musicians. Jason Bowlan and the Stragglers. The video sucks but the song is awesome!

When The Wife Doesn't Listen...

No, it's not what you're probably thinking. This is even better:

Have a great weekend everyone!

That's Gonna Leave A Mark...

Fucking OUCH!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

As Promised...

Okay, so my slacker buddy finally sent the pic of my Sunday 'lunker'. What a fun fight it was with this crappie and my light pole. Damn, what a blast it is to sit down with a good buddy and a bunch of beer, fish until the sun goes down and talk about how we're gonna save the world from the liberal madness!

We went back to the secret pond tonight after work and got skunked. Well, not completely skunked. We caught a good buzz. I don't know if it's the time o' day, or if it's the Earth's rotation or what. I'm just starting to analize and read up on this shit. We've always just gone fishin' for fucks sake and it's been a great time poundin' beers and fishin'. I'm worried that I'm gonna get too technical with this shit and it's gonna take the fun out of it. Well, not really worried.

Tonight was pretty interesting though. Instead of the white-haired old security guard dude in the Ranger it was some messican dude with a beat up 80's F-150 and a major exhaust problem. We could hear him comin' from a mile away. When his door shut and heard his steps slippin' across the gravel I was sure we were gonna have to reel in quick and haul ass through the bushes to freedom. We were too hammered to run anywhere, so we just bunkered down against the bank and laughed about it.

Note to self: When trying to be incognito, contain yourself from hysterical laughter. It might help you stay incognito instead of giving your position away...

This fuckin' mexi security dude was hammered himself. When he stumbled upon us and we stood up, he filled his pants with processed beans and rice. We scared the living shit out of this guy! I wish I had my camera rollin' to capture the look on his face as two drunks stood up in his grill. That was definately picture worthy.

He never even knew we were there, and that's the best part.

Hindsight is 20/20, dammit!

We offered him a beer and a toke. He accepted, spoke his broken Engrish for a while and then told us "the lake is closing" and went about his way.

Lake? Closing? BWAHAHAHAHHA!

Pedro, for one, this is not a lake it's a pond. Second, it's always closed. Third, fix your exhaust if you really wanna do what you're gettin' paid do do. BTW, do you mind if I call ICE?

I should've asked him for his papers, or his green card. Ya know... to make him fill his pants with processed beans and rice again.

Anyways, here's Sunday's catch.

Too much fun!


Random Thought

Why didn't The Great and Mighty Obama give his speech in Germany today in German?


"If I can just touch his robe, I will get well."

This is exactly how the left and the press see this Marxist Nitwit.Hell, Obama even sees himself lke this. He said it himself that when he was elected that the seas would begin to recede. If this arrogant dickhead gets into office, we are all double-fucked.
At least with McCain we are only fucked.

Stole the picture from nowhere.But y'all can steal it from me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Trip!!!!!

It's time for yet another business adventure. This episode leaves SeaTac International for Spokane early tomorrow morning. I then grab a nice rental car and will be headed to beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille.

How ya like that, CharlieDelta and kerrcarto? I stole that picture but will submit my own here in a few days. Idaho grows a mean potato, too.

Then I head for Bonners Ferry, Idaho just south of the Canadian border. Next is Lister, British Columbia (oh that will be sweet). And, yes Claudia, you don't even have to ask: I will be bringing back some Crown Royal! Hello??!! Last stop is Missoula, Montana via Highway 200 through the Cabinet Mts. While my professional career is a tad tedious, it does have its perks. Pictures and smack-talk forthcoming. Have a great weekend y'all. Blowneyed & shitfaced! That's apparently how we roll 'round here! Cheers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A good read.

This is a transcript of my great grandfather Harvey Mosty's tale that my grandmother had him write down in 1940 about his families walk from Heppler, Kansas to Lampasas, Texas in 1894-1895. Then on his early life in Kerrville and the surrounding towns.Yup my ancestors where real life Texas cowboys. If you are a Texas history buff you will enjoy this read and even if you are not you will prolly still enjoy the story. It is kinda long but the last two lines are worth the read. Next time I will relay the story of the founding of Walburg, Texas by my great great grandfather on my mom's side. Enjoy.

Lee Anthony Mosty moved from Lampasas to Kansas City, Mo. in 1883. Worked for a hardware store and then as a cattle buyer for Swift and Co. Moved to Sumner Co. Kansas about 1889. Stayed one year there. Lived in a tent through the winter with only a small oil lamp stove for heat and cooking. The stove about one foot high with a wick about four inches wide. Mush was cooked for supper, then the left over fried for breakfast, etc. No other food other than meal was had. Water was hauled from a river, no well being on the farm. Hot winds burned the corn down and we moved to a farm about two miles north of Hepler, Kansas. The only thing I remember of Kansas City was a day we spent at a family we called Auntie Rees. We went on a street car pulled by a little mule. The conductor stood on a little platform and prodded the little mule along. Auntie Rees lived on a hill overlooking a railroad switchyard. I sat in the yard all day watching the trains.
At Hepler, Dad bought a team of Percheron horses. One a nice animal, but he had to buy the other one; an ugly poor bony old pacing nag.

His first job with the team was filling up an old cistern with dirt moved with a scraper. About the first thing to happen the bank caved in and the good horse fell in and broke its neck. The old pacing nag came in handy later. Lee and I were in the cellar one time eating raw fresh potatoes. I got a spud that had been poisoned with ÒRough on RatsÓ poison. I had the first fit Lee told what happened. Dad rushed out and hitched the old nag to a two wheeled cart. The nag was supposed to make a mile in two minutes and I am sure she did on the trip to Hepler. The druggist took me in the back room and gave me a swallow o medicine and it bounced back with everything in me. And then another dose and if I had had socks on they would have come up that time. Anyway, I am still here.

We moved to a farm near Hepler right on the MK&T railroad tracks. Many hours I watched the trains go by, and also could see them switching cars in the little town. The engines had a very large drum looking outfit on the smoke stacks. Late in the evening the trains would stop and the fireman would climb up to the Kerosene headlight and light her up and the brakies would lite up tail lites and lanterns and the conductor lit all the lamps in the passenger cars.
Crop failures made hard times harder. Some shark lawyers came to the house when Dad was away and they talked Mother into signing some paper telling her it would save her home, etc. It turned out to be the opposite and the farm, livestock, implements and all were sold at SheriffÕs sale. We loaded into a covered wagon and left Hepler on Thanksgiving day for the trip to Texas, 1894.

On our trip from Kansas to Texas we camped Christmas ever in Denison, Texas and spent Christmas day there. I remember well Dad Mosty had a sick headache that day. Sat there on the wagon tongue vomiting. That was the first time I can remember feeling sorry for anyone. I could not understand why Old Santa could not find us there. I had been told so many stories about the Old Fellow and saw his pictures in Kansas. We always looked out the window and could see his big tracks in the snow coming to the house and leaving again. At that time and age I learned two things that took all the joy out of my life. One was learning where money had to come from and the other that there was no Santa. From that time on I had no fun, no pleasures and did not get any joy out of living. Lived the rest of my life in debt and that was the family discourse at every meal and all my waking hours. ÒWhat we were going to do when we got out of debt and a home paid for.

Went into Missouri. A blizzard, rain, sleet and snow caught us on a road, no timber and no wood. A farmer near where we were stuck in the mud came to us and took us to his house. The first nite they popped corn and made Taffy candy and with a hot supper we all thawed out. When the blizzard broke we started on our way. The farmer must have liked me very well. When we left he gave me a donkey and bridle. I felt big and very important to know I owned a donkey. A property owner all by myself and I would not have to walk any more. Lee, Dad, and I walked all the way. Mother and the three smaller kids rode in the covered wagon. A few days later it was decided we could not afford feed for the donkey. One day we camped near a small town and I was sent to town to sell my donkey and bridle. I rode the donkey up and down the street asking everyone if they would buy it. Late in the evening a store keeper came out and offered me 75 cents for the outfit. So I sold my donkey and bridle for six bits. When I got back to camp, my 75 cents went into the pot. That was the last of it for me.

Weather got so cold and bad that it was decided mother and the three little ones should take the train for Lampassas to her motherÕs ranch. So that left Dad, Lee and I for the long walk. At a town I think was Neosho, Mo., anyway it was on the Neosho River, we camped and rested up. I was playing in a little ravine raking leaves and making hay stacks out of them. In raking the ground clean, I discovered a manÕs toes sticking up. There was a gang of gypsies camped there also. I showed some of them the find and they all gathered around the find and went to digging. They came up with a petrified man, loaded him in one of their covered wagons and started a show, charging a dime to see it.

We came on in to Arkansas and an old nester there in the Ozarks took a fancy to one of our Percherson nags and offered us 110 acres of land for the mare. I do not know why we did not trade with him.
Then into the Bad Lands of Southeast Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). The Indians all lived along the road and they had toll gates at every house. There were long poles hung across the road and the old Indians could pull them up from inside his our her window. They would look out and count your horses, wagons, kids, dogs, and charge a dime each to raise the pole and let us through. A snow storm came and we could no longer find the road which was only wagon tracks through the woods. We camped by a huge log and set it on fire. We slept on the ground and when we woke in the morning, we were completely covered with snow. One nite some horse thieves came along and were around our horses when Dad heard them. He jumped up and covered one of them with his six shooter. The man said he was freezing and had only come to the fire. The others all disappeared. The one asked if he could lie by the fire till morning. He had on a heavy overcoat and laid down with his back to the fire. Later in the night he came up screaming murder. The fire had rolled down and set his overcoat on fire right between the shoulders. Dad had a bucket of water setting by the front wheels of the wagon. He grabbed the bucket but it was frozen over. He got his ax and chopped a hole in the ice. He held the man down on his face and poured the ice water on his back. When he let the rustler loose he took off into the woods. That was the last of the horse rustlers.

We crossed the Red River and came into Texas through Dennison. After crossing the Red River I saw my first Live Oak Tree. Sure looked good to me. Had never seen a broadleaf evergreen before. We arrived at the Bean Ranch early in March 1895.
Lee and I were sent to town staying with our grandmother and entered school for the first time. At the close of school Lee and I each earned a medal. Our Aunt Mosty who was our age had went the entire term out, did not get a medal. Grandpa Bean got mad and bought her a gold medal and bought Lee and I each a cotton hoe and told us we were so darn smart he wanted to see what we could do with a cotton hoe.

While at school I ganged up with some other bad boys. Every town then had open land just out of town called the ÒCommonsÓ. Every family who could afford a milk cow grazed them on the common during the day. Kids were sent out after school to round up the cows and bring them home.

The gang I joined would gang up on the boys sent out and beat them up. I learned to fight real good and had lots of fun.
Dad cleared about 30 acres of mostly prairie land and planted it to cotton. Lee and I used our hoes all summer. When the crop was all picked in the fall we had four bales of cotton. It took 1800 pounds of lint cotton then to gin out a 500 pound bale. Now cotton runs half and half. The cotton sold for 4 cents a pound so our years work for the family brought about $80.00. To get the cotton ginned we had to agree to haul off the cotton seed off the gin yard. There was no sale for cotton seed and most gins had huge mountains of seed that the farmers would not haul away.

In the fall of 1896, I planted my first crop. Dad and Lee had left for Menard, Texas hunting work. Granddad Bean furnished me a double shovel plow and showed me how to sow the oats and plow it in. He started me off keeping the front plow shovel in the furrow left by the rear shovel the previous round. I got about half through the field and it looked like I was not getting along fast enough, so I took to running both plows cutting 2 furrows at each round. When spring and summer came the oats planted according to Grandad BeanÕs instructions made a good crop. The rest that I had hurried on was nothing but weeds. I learned then to do everything right and as told by older people.

Summer of 1897
Mother loaded her kids at home; Lizzie, Mark, Addie, Karl, and yours truly; on a train for Menard. It was late in the evening when we pulled out of Lampassas. Traveled all night and next A.M. was in Ballinger. We took a stage coach there for Menard arriving after night. Dad and Lee were looking for us and took us to their camp on the Gus Nois farm a few miles below Menard on the San Saba River. Dad and Lee had worked the winter there grubbing and clearing bottom land that was heavily timbered at $4.00 an acre. When they measured up in the spring they had fur acres, $16.00 for the entire winter, spring, and summer. Dad worked in the fields at 75 cents a day and Lee was thrown in extra helping handling irrigation water in the fields. We caught lots of large cat fish and rolled in meal and baked in a skillet on the camp fire made good eating.
Late summer we left Menard for Junction. Then on to Kerrville. Coming over the Divide there was no water except wells at the ranches. We stopped at a ranch owned by Captain Schreiner and Sidney Rees and Jack Rees was on the ranch at that time and he charged us 10 cents a bucket for water. Reaching Johnson Fork we camped a few days near Sunset School, our first stay in Kerr County. We came on to Kerrville and camped on the river about where Water Street Courts are now, located at 1100 Water Street. From A Street the river and back to Quinlin Creek was open land known as Tivy Flat. Later this land was fenced and put into a field for number of years. We bought the place later known as the Mosty Farm. Then went back to Lampassas to move what furniture and tools we had. Came back by wagon and set up our tent under the Live Oak Tree just across the San Antonio Road and west from the green house located now in the Southwest fence of the San Antonio Road. The house on the place then was located where Mr. Woods home now is located on lot #4. Mosty addition to Kerrville. We brought about a peck of peach seed from the Dick Huling seeding orchard which was located on the Lometo Road out of Lampassas. Lee and I planted these in a nursery row. Later a friend, Mr. J.W. Jump who lived in town became interested in Lee and I. He knew how to bud and graft. He came out and showed us how to bud the peach trees. This was the beginning of the Mosty Nursery. The trees were grown for home planting but there were no trees available then and neighbors began to come in and buy these trees. We of course planted more peach seeds and a variety of nursery stock. Lee and I purchased 29 acres of land in Center Point in 1908, for $2500.00, all on credit. On February 1, 1909, I loaded some plows etc. in a wagon, my trunk, a dry goods box which I had made a hinged cover for and put a tray in it. I camped and fatched there the rest of the winter and into the summer. I laid out about 20 acres and planted a pear orchard. There were no improvements on the place and no water. We leased a 6 acre garden for two years. It had a well and pump for irrigation. We used this water to plant and start our Nursery. On April 29, 1909, a hail storm struck and cleaned our Nursery out. Also the pear orchard. This happened again on March 31, 1911 and again on May 19, 1916 and also again in 1917.

Lee and I quit school for this reason and were to go back to school just as soon as the home was paid for. I worked hard from 10 years old until I was 24. Did a grown manÕs work from 12 on and when I left home on February 1, 1909 the old home was not paid for a Lee and I took on a debt of $2500.00. We bought our furniture, bedroom suite, cookstove, dishes, pots and pans, table and had some money left. A Mr. McElroy and Mr. Nelson had a merchantile store in Center Point and they fed us the first season all on credit. It was in August we took in our first cash. Sold some watermelons and later tomatoes our sales.
Those days flour came in 24 and 48 pounds, sacks only. Sugar came in barrels and was weighed out by the merchant. Also crackers, coffee, apples, and dried fruits were handled in bulk.

You could build a house for $150.00; usually started out with two front rooms, a shed room or ÒleantoÓ on the back a fire place; no ceilings; no screens etc. Lumber sold around $6.00 to $8.00 a 1000ft. Best flooring around $12.00. Water was carried or hauled from the river or a creek. Washing was done on a wash board, no wringer, a big pot for hot water and all clothes were boiled. The first boots I can remember having came from Montgomery Ward. They cost twenty-five cents and had a brass cap on the toes.

The threshing machines were run by horse power. Took from 12 to 16 horses to pull the power. The farmer had to feed all horses and the wife had to feed all the men 3 meals a day. Besides the horses pulling the threshers, there were 6 to 8 wagons and teams and you always had a few loafers along and all had a horse and saddle. When the thresher stayed all night on a small farm it sure hit his little crop hard. The thresher owner took 10% of the grain for toll. The first steam outfit in Kerr County was brought in by the Rees family. Their farm was what is now Westland Addition. Also Bluebell hills from town creek to the river. The old engine is called a portable steamer. It had no traction and had to be moved with horses. It took about as many horses to pull the old engine as it did to run a separator, so the poor farmer was not much better off.
Lee and I went to San Antonio, International Fair Excursion, $1.00 round trip. Left Kerrville early am and back late at night. We walked from the old SA & AP Depot corner S. Flores and S. Alamo to the Fair grounds. About night we walked back and then decided to walk downtown. Took our bearing at the court house. Walked the business district of Commerce and returned to the Courthouse. Had got turned around and did not know which way to go. I told Lee if I could see the Stars I could take the right course. So I climbed a light pole and spotted the North Star. About that time a policeman came along. We had a time explaining what I was doing up that pole. He looked us over and told us to beat it. We took off and reached old SA & AP depot without further trouble.

Another family at the Baptist Church I should give a very nice bokay, was the J.L.S. Gammons. Mrs Ola B. Gammon, a most attractive and pleasant young woman was the organist. She treated us like real musicians, but I am sure it must have been an ordeal to have to listen to our discords. She with her sister, Miss Graves Dewees now live in the Peterson Addition. I am very grateful to them for their kindness to Lee and I when we were worthless greenhorn country kids.
Lee and I were the first of our family to join a church. Our mother leaned to the Methodist so after Lee and I strayed over the good Baptist, she joined the Methodist Church and took all the other kids along with her.

The Baptist at that time were using the Church building now the Mexican Baptist church at Houston and Jefferson. The building was then located where the Assembly of God Church is now located; Washington and Jefferson. The building was later moved to its present location. The Baptist preacher when we first attended church, was named Rankin (tho I am not positive this is right.). Anyway, he was s stocky man with a real beer keg belly or fallen chest. He wore jet black heavy suits, high celluloid collars, long swallow tailed coat. When he started his sermon, he would stand at one end of the pulpit and shout a word you could hear a mile, then slowly walk to the other end and yell the next word of the sermon; then go down in the lower end of his coat tail, come out with a handkerchief, wipe his sweating brow, gradually pick up speed and volume until the finished an hour or more later. Dismissed the brethren about 1 p.m., time Lee and I walked home we were tired and hungry as wolves.
One true story the dear old minister told I will never forget. He was raised in Arkansas, said his daddy had an old razorback sow with a head and nose like a toothpick. He called the Arkansas hog ÒArkansas ToothpickÓ. Well he was just a boy and this particular old hog would get into the cornfield every day. They could not find a hole in the rail fence, so the ole man detailed the boy to find out how that sow was getting in. So one day he followed her at a great distance around over the pasture keeping low and out of her sight. The field had a steep cliff along the back side next to the pasture. After several hours of caution and maneuvering the old sow carefully eased to a bit tree that had a huge grape vine growing in it. The old sow had chewed the grape vine off near the ground. She took the vine in her mouth, gripped it tight and backed up as far as the could. Then suddenly ran toward the edge of the cliff. She swung out over the field fence, then turned the grape vine loose and landed in the corn field. This was told from the pulpit for a true story and I will vouch for its verification. This was the type of the first preacher I ever listened to. About the turn of the century we had a place leased on the head of Camp Meeting Creek, now the back part of the Hays Ranch. It was my job to farm the little field and see after the cattle. Sometimes I would stay out there a whole week alone. There was a grove under a bit Oak tree in the pasture. I used to camp near it for company. Do not know if it was an outlaw or who was buried there. Further up the Creek an old bachelor, Uncle Phil Bundick, had a small Cedar Break Ranch. He work a heavy grey beard with side pokes. There was a long twist of beard poking out of each cheek. I used to visit and eat with him many times. Also there lived a family named Surber out in the woods. Black Jonnie he was called. The old Lady dipped snuff and he chewed tobacco. They had a top glass out of the kitchen window and on cold days they would sit around the wood cook stove and dip and chaw. They both could spit a stream thru that open window top glass without getting up out of their chairs. They had come from Tennessee to these hills. He was a great story teller. Told me of an old nester in Tennessee who had lost a member of his family. Said one day he was in town. The two doctors who had treated the deceased member, the man spotted the doctors standing on the corner. The old nester went to them pulled 2 sixshooters and proceeded to tell the doctors he was about to polish them off. Immediately someone poked the old nester in the back saying, "you shoot, I shoot!". More followed quickly and the old nester looked around and counted seven men lined up behind him. Said that is to many so dropped his guns back in his jeans until later and all silently and quietly walked away.

November 1917 Lee and I purchased 30 acres near Kerrville and moved our nursery there. No hail has hit the place at Center Point since 1917. Several have occurred at Kerrville. In 1926 Lee and I purchased the 17 acre field where the greenhouses are located from our mother for $5000.00. 1941, we erected the office building and Flower Shop and the first greenhouse.
Back to our moving on the farm at Kerrville. Only a few acres was in cultivation along the RR tracks. Large live oak trees like the trees along the road were scattered from this small field on down the valley to Legion. The rest of our place was heavily timbered. This was cleared by Mexicans for us. The road to town ran along the river under the hill from the present road.
Lee and I went to school 3 months in the spring of 1898 and also about 3 months in the fall. This was the total time we went to school. In the late fall I came down with slow fever. Dr. Palmer made a visit, told what I had and how to treat it. That caused the end of my education. It was spring before I got up and out again. That winter the whole family came down with the flu except Dad and I. One dark cold stormy night Dad told me I would have to get help. I walked to the Harris Home, located on Schreiner Institute. Mrs Harris came home with me and one of the men, Marsh Harris, went for a doctor. Dr. Domingues who was a new comer to Kerrville was all he could find. Mr. Harris brought him out. That night twin babies were born. Both died at birth. Mother having flu and Pneumonia caused them to be born premature. The next A.M. Mr. Harris made a little casket and I helped him bury them under the large live oak just west of the windmill and well.

Talk about troubles and hard times. I remember one day Lee and I went to the Anderson Brothers Store located near the RR depot. Mr. Guy Anderson waited on us. We wanted a pair of blue jeans each. Both pair costing less than a dollar. Mr. Anderson turned us down flat, would not sell us on credit. About 40 years later I met him. He was very friendly and hastened to tell everyone present that he knew Lee and I would make good. Such is life.

The roads into Kerrville and the streets were all dirt and got very muddy when it rained. I drove a wagon up Water Street many times when mud was more than knee deep. There was no water works and no electric lites then in Kerrville. Later Captain Schreiner put in a light plant where the Ice plant is now located. He also had a flour and corn mill there. Also a cotton gin. He also built a dam on the river for power where the Methodist Assembly now is located and put in a pump and ran a pipe line to town. This was the first water works and it was river water.

I dug the post holes and set the poles for the first telephone line out of Kerrville down the RR to our farm. July 16, 1900, a 16 inch rain fell her and Quinlin Creek washed out the RR bridge in town. The river came up under our house and we moved out that night and went to the hills. We set up our tent again this time on the hill near the present windmill. The river washed out the Railroad bridge below Comfort that night also. We bought a small house from Mr. Bragg Harris. It was located where Mr. M.F. Weston now lives. We made a deal with Mr. Will Council to move it and also our house on the river to the present location of the Mosty Old House. On August 2, 1902 Mr. Council brought Mr. Williford a freighter out with his team of about 16 horses to move the houses. He moved the Harris house before noon and after noon moved our house over. He stuck on the Railroad late that afternoon and a terrific rain storm struck at the same time. The train came into Kerrville at night. So the train was flagged down and held up until late in the night before we got the house off the track. Mr. Council and his men walked the Railroad into town and found Quinlin Creek over the tracks. Had to use sticks to locate the cross ties on the bridge as they crossed over. ee Mosty drove cattle from South Texas up the trails from the time he and his brother Albert separated in Animos, Colorado that day in ? until he married our mother December 21, 1881. He became a cattle buyer and trader. Carried large sums of gold on buying trips. Said when he stopped at a ranch to round up and buy cattle he would hang his saddle bags in a tree near the Ranch house and leave them there while the big roundup was going on. Never thought of anyone stealing the money. In 1916 mother took a clipping from the San Antonio Express stating 35 years ago news items. It said L.A. Mosty the Cattle King of Texas had married Miss Elizabeth Bean in LampassasÓ. When he moved to Kansas City and working for Swift and Co. he made many trips back to Texas buying cattle. On one of those trips to Ft. Worth he was slugged, robbed, and left for dead. He was found in a dark alley and taken to a hospital where he recovered. The police found an expensive watch that he was wearing in a Saloon keepers safe. The money was never found. The saloon keeper said some one had left the watch with him for safe keeping. He did not know the man who had left it. It was the watch that Lee now has. Several thugs were arrested but never convicted for the crime. I believe the names were McMulty, Rinttleman and another one. When we lived in Kansas the Cherokee strip was opened up for homesteads. Dad was down there and made the race and located and staked out a 160 acre homestead. He never went back to settle on the land. From when Lee and Albert Mosty separated in Colorado until Lee Mosty and Elizabeth Bean were married, Lee Mosty continued to drive cattle up the Texas trails. Soon he was buying and driving herds of from 5000 to 6000 cattle at a time up the trails. He drove to Kansas City. Said the old trail drivers always camped at the river and salted the cattle heavy. Then crossed them thru the river. They would drink lots of water in crossing and all the water that 5000 cattle drank added to the weight of the herd and this additional weight was sold as beef on the hoof. Lee Mosty used to buy many herds in south Texas. The Dewees family who had large ranches near Shiner was a headquarters for Lee Mosty on his buying trips (Mrs. Ola B. Dewees). Grammon, mentioned on another page of this article was a little girl at the time. Dad told me that many times he rocked her to sleep when he was in the Dewees home. They became close friends. Later drives were made to Dodge City, Kansas and shipped by rail to Kansas City. In driving up the trails, navigation was by the stars. From south Texas they would make calculations and take their bearings for Dodge city. This was followed and they never missed their destinations. They would make five to six miles a day. They knew all the rivers on the way and where crossings were located. Many times the rivers would be on a rise and the cattle had to swim. Dad could not swim but he would slide off his horse and take the horse by the tail and let the horse pull him across. A merchant in Lampassas named Andrew (Lee and I used to buy peach see from him) told me about some of the early life of Lee Mosty. Said one time a gang of toughs in Lampassas sent word out to the Bean Ranch where Lee Mosty was staying that the next time he came to town they were going to get him. He immediately headed for town. Tied his horse before entering the town, got out in the middle of the street and walked down the street with a six shooter in each hand. No one was in sight. He said Lee Mosty went into all saloons and pool halls, but not a bad man showed up and not a shot was fired. He said he could show me bullet marks on several building corners in Lampassas that were mad by Lee Mosty. That was about 1935. When Mr. Andrews told me this story.

Mother Mosty's Dad was Mark Bean who died during the Civil war. Mother had a sister named Addie who was younger than mother. Addie died while a small child. Grandpa Bean known as ÒSoup BeanÓ after he came back from the war, married his brother's widow. He was our MotherÕs uncle and became her step father. He was a poor manager and soon heavily into debt mortgaged the ranch.

It was sold at Sheriff's sale in Lampassas. Mother said her mother cried her eyes out about loosing the ranch and everything she had ever owned. Mother said L.A. Mosty went to the sale, bought the ranch in and had it deeded back to her mother. This was before mother and dad were married.

Back to 1900.
After the Civil War there were many cattle in this country that had grown during the war when no men were at home to brand and mark them each year. The ranges being all open, these cattle were called mavericks. After the war, Captain Schreiner paid $1.00 for each Maverick brought in marked and branded with his mark and brand. A lot of young cowboys took advantage of this for easy money. At that time Captain Schreiner had a bar in the back end of his store. On Saturdays when the mavericks were counted and paid for, the Captain would ask all the cowboys in and set out a jug of whiskey. By the time it was empty, they were all feeling happy and went to spending their dollars and Monday morning come, all those dollars were back in the CaptainÕs cash drawer. Several old timers told me this same story and I am sure it is true. Some of those old cowboys I knew well. Sam Glen was one in Kerrville and Monroe Witt lived in Center Point. Mr. Witt was a Baptist preacher. One time he was over in Gillespie County and managed to get some old German woman's milk calves in with his mavericks. He got caught and landed in jail. Captain Schreiner was credited with getting him out without being strung up.

After Lee and I quit school ( nine months each in 3 different schools-first 3 months in a private school in Lampassas, spring 1895. Then 3 months in Mr. RemschelÕs private school, spring 1898. Then 3 months Tivy School, fall 1898.). I reached the 3rd grade; Lee did better. Dad bought a hay baler and Lee and I had to help him run it after our crops were in. In the fall he would go out baling for the public all over Kerr County. Of course we camped out during the week and usually came in for Sunday and to get more grub and supplies. One time we were baling for Mr. Gworge Walker below Center Point. One day Lee and I were leading the horses to the River for water. Lee was in front leading a Gray stallion that did most of the baling work. I was following leading another horse. For some unknown reason the horse Lee was leading kicked, hitting me in the forehead. I never new it or felt it. They carried me back in the field to the baler and I did not come to until next day about noon. They were baling without me and as soon as I came to I had to get up and go to work. My head was still hurting like blazes and where I fell on my back it was so sore and hurt so bad I could not straighten up. I fainted a few times from the pain but was back to normal in a few days. I never would have known what happened or how long I was out if they had not told me.

Mr. J.W. Jump who showed us how to bud peach trees took great interest in Lee and I. He was a vegetable peddler. Had a light one horse spring wagon and went from house to house in town selling fruit and vegetables when in season. He would come out to the farm and buy fruit and vegetables from us, about 1903 or 04. He made a bargain with Lee and I that if we would grow and sell him water melons he would see that we got the money for them provided we would buy some decent clothes and come to his Sunday School. He was a Campbellite and held SS in the old Union Church on Sunday afternoons. The church now across from the city hall. He was an old school teacher and also an old fashioned singing teacher, teaching do-re-me-etc. His church banned all musical instruments, vocal music only. Well in the fall he paid us the melon money being $25.00. Lee and I went to Schreiners Store, found Mr. A.B. Williamson, a clerk to fix us up. We each bought a suit, shoes, hat, underwear (long handles), and white stiff fashioned shirts that buttoned up the back with detachable celluloid collars. Had to have cuff links, collar buttons, etc. Well, when all was added up we had money left out of the $25.00.

We kept our promise and went to the Sunday School. That was the first time I ever darkened the door of a church building. Mr. Jump lived on the corner of Park and?. He had singing classes (free) every Saturday night at his house practicing songs for Sunday School. Lee and I attended these regularly and became very interested.
A family who lived on the Medina Road across from the present Saner Hill had agirl about our age. Lee took to her. They all walked as we did and Lee would go to the creek and see her across from Mr. Jumps house. The lady, a nice looking plump woman about 50. Well I took up with her and would help her across the foot log also. The log was several feet above the water. One night she lost her balance and depended on me to hold her. I got scared, broke and ran. I heard her hit the water just as I hit the bank running at full speed.

The next summer Mr. Jump closed his little SS. He took Lee and I to the Baptist Church and introduced us. The good Baptists took us in like millionaires, asked us to sing in the choir and what a discord it must been. Some of the leaders of the church, most of them now gone. Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Williamson. The Morriss families, Grandpa and Grandma Morriss, Miss Patty Morriss, their daughter, (now Mrs. Carl Morriss' mother). A Mr. and Mrs. Howard. All were exceedingly kind and considerate of us. Mara Clayton, (now Ma Green) a young fine looking girl but she also was very nice to two green country Hicks. That first Sunday at the Baptist Church service and also the first time I had ever heard and organ played, Lee and I visited around among the other churches but always came back to the Baptist. We soon lived up with the church and was baptized in the River down from the Mosty Greenhouses in the lower end of the Schreiner Institute waterhole. Reverend Coughran was the preacher at that time. One winter around 1903 I went to Rock Springs to stay a month on Uncle Jack Homlyn's Ranch. The stage left Kerrville at noon and reached the head springs of the north fork about 10 at night. A Mr. Joy had a bunch of tents there for travelers. The place was called "Bone Yard".

A tent for the Kitchen, a tent for the dining room, a tent for men and a tent for women. We had breakfast bout 4am and left immediately changing teams several times we reached Rock Springs that night. At the ranch an Englishman named Osborne did the cooking (no women on the ranch). I saw him bail venison hams from the ranchhouse and the magots would boil out and he would skim them off. I did not eat meat and the rest did not know what went on in the kitchen. One evening we were coming from the ranch to town and thunder storm came up. Lightening struck a phone pole and Uncle Jack stopped to fix it. He was a very small man. A man named Sherill came along and helped. He and Uncle Jack were pulling the wire when lightening struck again down the line. Uncle Jack did not feel it but it knocked Mr. Sherill out. Uncle Jack had been wearing rubber boots. Mr. Sherill could not understand why it knocked a big man like he was out and not even touch a runt like Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack did not tell him why.

On the stage trip back there was a lady school teacher who got sea sick and did she suffer on that trip. Also a Mexican was a passenger and when we reached Bone Yard that night and supper was called, he came in a took a seat at the table. Mr. Joy took him by the collar and dragged him out. After the whites were fed, Mr. Joy asked him to supper. He said he was sick and would not eat. Breakfast came and Mr. Joy fixed his plate after we were out he again asked the Mexican to eat. Again he said no and would not come in. He was seated on the ground leading back against a large tree. Mr. Joy went to the tent, got his six shooter and brought the Mexican breakfast and said "eat Mexican". You never saw a meal go down so fast in all your life.

Carb Cleaner Isn't Just For Carburetors Anymore...

Son of a bitch! First off, lemme state for the record that I fucking hate spiders! Big, small, poisonous, non-poisonous it doesn't matter. I fucking hate them all and kill every last one of those eight-legged bastards I see. It's always been that way and it always will. We are mortal enemies until the end.

Here's a perfect example why these sumbitches all need to die:

Tonight after I got home from a long day at the daily grind, I was really looking forward to crackin a few cold ones, turning on some tunes, preppin a kickass marinated steak, corn on the cob and a baked potato. Well, by the time I checked emails, responded to the ones worth a shit and had dinner prepped and ready for the grill the sun was almost down. This is the local spiders' favorite time to spin their fucking house for the night at face level on my patio. I know, by now I should be used to breaking out the flashlight and checking before I poke my head out the patio door, but hey sometimes I don't think about it. Tonight was one of those nights. I had my fat ass steak all tenderized and soppin with Honey Teriyaki on a plate. Next to that was my corn on the cob slathered in butter and wrapped in foil, and a huge Idaho spud just waiting for the grill. In my other hand, of course was my beer. I walked out the patio door, and immediately got a mouthfull of spider web and felt that little fucker bounce off my shoulder. What do I do? To be honest, I screamed like a little school girl, but much more fucked up, I dropped my plate with my juicy steak, my corn and my spud. Broken porcelain all over the fucking place, and my steak covered in all the shit on the ground. Normally I would've just washed the steak off and grilled it up, but I was so pissed off I just chucked it into the bushes across the street. I was more concerned at the time with making sure that little fuck wasn't crawlin' around on me.

I was glad I at least had some TV dinners still in the freezer, or it would've been a liquid dinner tonight.

Anyways, to make a long story longer, while my TV dinner was baking in the oven, I figured I'd take the trash out. Whadda ya know? Asshole spider's cousin had built a web right outside my front door at face level. Two steps and BOOM! Screaming like a little school girl again and I dropped my bag of trash and yes, you guessed it, broken glass all over my front porch. My neighbor poked his head out the front door and asked if everything was alright and I just said, "Yeah. Fuck!"

Being someone who likes to retaliate immediately, I busted out the Berryman B-12 Chemtool on every last motherfucking spider I could find. I was even shooting the ones on my neighbor's patio. Die you little pieces of shit! B-12 Chemtool is the bomb! You don't even need the little straw they provide you, cause the pressure is kickass, and it shoots a straight stream from a good 10+ feet. That's as close as I need to be to these bastards anyways. This shit's better than Raid! At least it smells good, like carb cleaner should.

I tried to google the local spiders in my area to show you just how ugly these fuckers are, but came up empty. I swear the second one was the size of a baseball and was hissin', spittin' and cussin' at me as he was falling to his death!

I think it was Greg Kinnear(sp?) who had a stand up bit about walking though spider webs, but I couldn't find it on YouTube. It's some funny shit, because he nails it; at least for me he does. I probably look like an epileptic crack head trying to stop, drop and roll those bastards off of me. Thanks you little shits!

This has nothing to do with my meaningless drunken drivel, but if you're an AC/DC fan, you will surely appreciate this. Jim Breuer rocks!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Brandon and Jourdan got their B-day gifts from Uncle Brian (my wife's brother) this weekend. He lives in Austin and had a friend that was coming down for the weekend bring them by. The look on her face when she opened her Easy Bake Oven was priceless and Brandon received a stereo to dock his iPod in so he can listen to it without the headphones. Gotdamn I got to adding up all the technology he has and started to get a little jealous. X-box, dreamcast, game cube, psp, iPod and a computer. I had a freakin x-wing fighter and a fort in the back yard.

P.S. Brandon got the latter 3 for his B-day from various sources. Jourdan also received a Game Boy touch from the in-laws and $50 from my parents.
Damn this Bush Economy!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secret Pond...

Monday sucks some serious ass! Why does the weekend have to go by so gotdamn fast? I was stoked on Friday. Cruised to my buddy’s house, we polished off a case or three and jammed until the wee hours of the morning. Sorry neighbors!

Woke up Saturday, came home and re=filled the propane tank, pounded a few more, grilled some burgers, pounded a few more and was out like a light by eight. Cotton mouth was the theme for the night.

Woke up around nine on Sunday, went to the range for a few hours, spent some time at the Jamacha Junction drinkin’ Crown n’ 7’s and headed back home only to grab the rod and reel and hit up the “secret pond”. We went stealthy this time. Parked across the street and did some recon before we ventured into the “NO TRESSPASSING” zone. I don’t know what it is, but it’s major fucking fun cruising around the bushes trying not to be detected by the ol’ fart in the Ford Ranger with the Badge…Bring it on security guard dude! We can disappear quicker than we appear.

I almost hope this dude tries to catch us one of these days. It’s some serious fun breakin’ the "law". The funniest part is that we aren’t really doing anything wrong. We’re just fishin’… I mean really, we both have fishing licenses, we haul our trash out and we even throw the fish back, but for some fucked up reason we’re breakin’ the law. If you could write me a ticket I still wouldn't give a shit old dude, but you can't and you won't. Hell, it would be worth the ticket just watching you trying to catch us criminals. Good luck with that...

Anyhooo, this is the “secret pond”. SHHHHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone about it…


If you see the security guard, be sure to divert his attention elsewhere while we navigate through the bush...

Oh yeah, BTW, I snagged a nice little large mouth bass in case you were wonderin'...

And before anyone calls bullshit, I will post a picture of the lunker o' the day when my slacker buddy emails it to me.

Best Drunk Ever

Too funny to keep to myself...

An agent woke me up this morning around 9:30 to tell me they were going to show my house. Fuck! We partied hard last night, and I had to pick up all the beer bottles and towels (we were hot tubbing) and I don't know who the hell was eating corn on the cob over my kitchen sink. The hell? Anyway, I returned the house to normal and ran over to Sheraine's house. She invited me to spend the day with her and family. We hopped in her dad's Winnebago and headed off to the Green River Gorge.

The crew: me, Sheraine, her two daughters Samantha and Josephine, Sheraine's best friend Melissa, neighbor Mark and his son Alex, Sheraine's brother Matt and her dad Darryl. Good crew.

So we decide to hike up to the remnants of an old mining town called Franklin. At the fork in the trail there was a sign pointing to the cemetery. Cool! We found a 1,300 foot deep mining shaft. The mining shaft picture here turned out OK. I set my camera's ISO to 1600, exposure +2, aperture to 2.7 and maxed out the flash output. It looks like you can see the bottom but that's not the bottom. This fucking thing goes down 600 feet below sea level. We were standing on a metal grate having all kinds of fun with this thing. I guess I committed a party foul when I said, "I've never had so much fun with one hole in my life!" Whoops.

When we made it to the cemetery, we saw old tombstones from the 1800s to early 1900s and split up into two groups yelling out the years on tombstones as we would find them tucked away in very deep foliage. All of a sudden, Mark faceplants on top of a tombstone. We had been drinking a few beers but I guess he had gotten a major head start before we even left our neighborhood!

I asked him, "Dude, how much have you drank today?"

"A lllllllllot!"

So we start heading down from the cemetery and the girls want to hike up to a viewpoint. Mark is walking crooked and we had run out of water. We're 30 minutes from our RV and Mark is shit faced with no water and we were in the sun. So I looked at Sheraine and said, "Shit! I'm worried about Mark and I'm gonna have to get him off this mountain and to some water." I told him that we were out of here. He said he was fine. I said I know where the beer is. He said, "Let's go."

I can't really describe the magnitude of this odyssey getting my drunk that damn mountain in one piece. So me, Mark, and little Joe start heading down the mountain. And, well...
I guess you just have to see this small clip to get a taste of how truly hilarious this whole thing was. I wish I recorded more of it. I don't think I've laughed more in one day than today. Joe and I were in tears in between scraping him up off the ground, trying to keep him from falling, keeping him away from steep ledges, etc. Mark was fucking SHIT FACED! He busted his mouth and has scratches and cuts all over his shins and arms. He's also got the worst case of stinging nettles ever. You folks down in the South think chiggers are bad, try faceplanting yourself into a patch of nettles. This poor guy....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

I love it when he points down the trail. Anyway, we made it down. When we got into the RV I handed him a bottle of water. He refused mightily and wanted one of my Coronas instead. So I opened a Corona and right before I handed it to him, I did the ol' switcheroo and planted a water bottle in his hand. He didn't notice and damn near drank that whole bottle of water. Then I gave him a beer. He chugged it and passed out on the couch for 30 minutes. HOLY SHIT MY BROTHER!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A life lesson.

My favorite song ever! RIP Chris.

Remember These Clowns?

Remember these guys? Jap Motley Crue....

Brings back memories of clove cigarettes and rockers in the air...

Lucky Bastard!

Ah Yeah! Check out that brass flyin! Can you imagine how fun this must be? Fuck man, give me one of these and put me on the border. ..

Who needs Viagra when you got a 60?

US Ordinance, I'm raising my beer to ye!

Suck on THAT Allah!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis II: Its Gametime

Last week I declared a mid-life crisis. And today, its gametime. I approached my agent about five months ago telling her that I was going to move during Summer 2008. She walked my property and gave me a punch list. Now, five months and $8,000 later, my property is officially on the market. Asking price is $260,000 and I should get it. Properties between $200k and $300k are still moving here in the Seattle area; however, those properties above $300k and especially $400k are sitting ducks. My new house is $335k and located in a neighborhood with homes selling from $400k to $1,000,000. That just shows you how weak the market is right now. If I play my cards correctly, my next home will be a very sweet investment. BTW, my offer was accepted. I met the seller, and she was excited to sell the home to a family. Her sister (co-owner) lives in Gainesville, TX and so I've got the Texas connection going for me as well. We Texans stick together. That's why Texas kicks ass.

So my son has been calling me almost every day for the last week. My daughter won't talk to me though, and I think its a combination of 1) mommy fucking with her head, 2) too cool for school, 3) busy busy, and 4) still pissed at me for putting her on an airplane without me. My kids are down in Utah for the summer with the loser mother. When I informed their mother a few nights ago that I wasn't moving to Spokane and instead staying here in the Seattle area, she fucking blew her top. I wish I would have recorded it. The temper on that bitch is a sight to beholden. See, she expects the world to follow her wherever she goes and my move to Spokane would have made her life easier because Salt Lake City is obviously closer to Spokane than Seattle. But, you know what? FUCK HER. My parents told me that she blew her top because she finally realized she has absolutely no control over me. She pretty much pushed me around while we were married so she has always felt some sort of control over me and my life. When things don't go her way, her pupils dilate and out comes this very dark beast. When we got divorced, I told her, "I'm the same Texan beer chugging, hard workin', foul mouthed, well-educated dip shit you met in 1998. But I don't know who the hell you are." This is a woman who abandoned a one year old little girl and a four year old little boy, ran away with sugar daddy, stole my boat and all my money, and has pretty much given me the middle finger since day 1. She's lame in bed, too. I'll talk about sugar daddy on a later post.

Anyway, I think my son is homesick and Cora will be just fine after she sees me. She thinks she doesn't want to talk to me, but she's a daddy's girl. Her eyes will light up when she sees me, although it will probably take me and Samuel a few weeks to undo whatever bullshit that evil mother of hers has put into her head.

Oh yeah, she talks shit about me to the kids, too. Samuel tells me about it all the time. Can you fucking believe that? I never bad talk her at all. Never. And I just tell Samuel to let it go in one ear and out the other. He knows the truth, and his mother is gonna have a lot of explaining to do when he comes of age and confronts her. Poor kid is ready to come back home. He knows where the stability is; right here with big daddy. We don't fuck around in the Jackson house.

I've got a new home for him and his sister. But we've just got to get mine sold first. I have five weeks and counting to finish this odyssey.

Dumbo makes the tough decisions

See what did I tell you? Obama is an empty suit unable to make decisions on his own.

Cast of hundreds advises Obama on foreign policy

By Elisabeth Bumiller
Published: July 18, 2008

WASHINGTON: Every day around 8 a.m., foreign policy aides at Senator Barack Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters send him two e-mails: a briefing on major world developments over the previous 24 hours and a set of questions, accompanied by suggested answers, that the candidate is likely to be asked about international relations during the day.
One recent Q. & A. asked, for example, whether Obama supported the decision by Iraq's prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, to include a timetable for American troop withdrawal in any new security agreements with the United States. The answer, provided to Obama with bullet points, was yes — or "a genuine opportunity," as he put it in a speech on Iraq this week.
He has to have people write his answers to questions he might be posed?

I knew politicians where stupid but This dude is an embarrassment to even Harry "the dunce" Ried. Jesus are people ever going to wake up and see what liberals really are? Idiots.

But it goes on.

Unlike George W. Bush, who entered the presidential race in 2000 with scant exposure to national security issues, Obama has served since his election to the Senate in 2004 on the Foreign Relations Committee and has had a running tutorial from aides steeped in the issues. His campaign says that he is well prepared and that he often alters and expands on the talking points provided to him by his foreign policy advisers.

Really GW had scant foreign policy experience? I guess being the Governor of Texas means diddle shit but working for ACORN and serving a whopping 143 days in the Senate is grounds for Demigod status. Give me a fucking break. When is the press ever going to ask this dude a tough question.

Now the messiah is on his tour of the middle east with the three major anchors firmly attached to his ass. I can't wait to see the puff pieces that come from this one. I would not be surprised if Katy Couric sucks him off during the interview. "So Senator what is your view on gay marriage? nom nom nom. Make sure not to nut in my hair ok?"

You know that all they are going to do is show Dumbo flying around handing out candy and talking to the troops that he has called failures and has shown how much disdain he has for them. I wish one of them would clobber his fucking ass. It would be worth the court martial. This dude is so transparent that he makes cling wrap look like tar paper. I can't wait for him to get elected. I've never seen a president get assassinated before. He better take Eddie Murphy's speech delivering advice.

Bring Back The 80's Movies

Okay, so my Mom used to host Bunco Night at her house once a month. My Dad didn't wanna have anything to do with a bunch of crazy women screaming and kacklin' until the late hours 'cause he had to work the next morning early. So, he would take me and my brother to the movies whenever Mom was hosting Bunco and we would have a kickass time. Those are some fond memories that I will never forget! I never had A.D.D. I was just always jacked up on sugar from the Slurpy's and the Candy Cigarettes. Thanks Dad! You rule! I love you man!

What a blast! Fast food, doughnuts, candy, cokes and all the things that get kids climbing the walls on a spun-out sugar high. At 12 years old, I could've built a house from scratch. Ground up.

Anyways, he used to take us boys to the movies when he wanted to get the hell out of the house. Commando, Platoon, Used Cars, and so many more that I can't even remember.

This one sticks with me and always will... (even though back then there was no "PG-13" bullshit!)

When we were in the theater I was glued to the screen and paying attention. There was no way you could take my attention away from this no matter what you tried... Dad's farts may have broke my attention for a moment (and made me laugh), but I was stuck on this shit, and lovin' it!

And I still am.

I love you Dad!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nice Work Jose'


When making a fake ID, attach a picture of yourself only... no matter how much you love that cholla slut. Next time, leave her at home with your twenty kids and the welfare check. Dumbass!


I was off today.

I was off work today and only had one kid (thank god for other parents) so I had alot of time on my hands.
Damn I hate 3 day work weeks.
Anywhoo I was perusing Algore's invention and ran across this

Stole it from Jibjab Cool thing is you can put yourself in the movie. To bad you can't kick Ubama in the nuts and throttle McPain back to reality. But what ya gonna do?

What do you think about that shit?


Kiss My Ass Judas McCain...

Amnesty is your middle name John. The right thing to do? Are you fucking kidding me? The right thing to do if you pander to the Mexican KKK... Yeah I guess it was the right thing for you to do wasn't it?

It was the right thing to do for all Americans?

-Says who? Says you? Fuck you Judas McRINO! You definately represent the (R)'s, but you don't represent us Conservatives that wanna kick your ass right now! Are you fucking kidding me Judas? Dammit man! Wake up!

Yeah, you said that without a "secure border first, there can be no reform". No shit! Secure the fucking border first! Secure it now! Secure it yesterday! Just fucking secure it for crying out loud!

Next comes this liberal bitch who says, "I am ashamed of these raids... that are seperating their children... from their parents... from one day to the next".

-Tell ya what bitch, I am ashamed of you assholes who don't understand that this is a Nation built on laws. I am ashamed of my elected officials who don't respect our Constitution, our laws, or our way of life. Separating illegal alien kids from their illegal alien parents? Boo fucking hoo! Stand in line, and come here legally asshole!

Tell ya what... Your family can unite when all of you leetches get deported back to Mexico. Howz that sound, freeloader? Sounds pretty good to me...

Yeah, you La Raza assholes have "great respect" for Judas McCain because he is pandering to your racist organization. He is kissing your ass! He is sucking your cock! He is Judas McCain, Republican nominee in this worst election in history '08.

How about you represent American Conservatives for once John? That would be a nice change of pace, bro.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Money Grab

Wanna know where all our money is going?

Total Recall

So today the Israelis bowed down to the terrorists and released 5 prisoners in exchange for their two soldiers. Only problem is the two soldiers came in coffins and the 5 scumbags walked down a red carpet and were greeted with a hero's welcome. Personally I would have verified that the badly decomposed bodies of the soldiers are who Hezbollah said they are. Then paraded their guys out and shot each one in the head. They might as well start their war now cause it is coming no matter what. Why is it that the Israelis are pussing out? Haven't they learned their lesson yet.Do they think the rockets are going to stop falling just cause they let 5 shitbeards go? Nope! It never has and it never will. Total destruction of Hezbollah is all that will stop it. Not Neville Chamberlain type tactics.

Hopefully they implanted GPS trackers in those fuckers so they can be tracked to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and accidentally drop a MOAB on top of his head.

At least that is what I would have done.

Hold Tight Seattle

A word of caution to all my brothers and sisters up here in the Pacific Northwest, and to all others for that matter:

Remind you that while Boeing and Microsoft roll right along, and unemployment is presently healthy, there are signs that warrant caution against what might ultimately be "wishful thinking". Things go in cycles, and a wise person attempts to ascertain where the cycle is going.

The two biggest economic drivers in the country are car sales and new home sales. I don't need to tell you about the latter. Car sales, however, are also way down due to gas prices as consumers effectively wait until the hybrid and electric car technology becomes mainstream...which will take some time. Meanwhile, affordability - homes and automobiles - is very important right now. As an example, in addition to hybrids another strong component of the otherwise-weak automobile market is used cars with high gas mileage - all dealers are more than happy to take used cars with high mpg in trade for new cars because the high mpg used cars often re-sell faster, and sales thereof are profitable. Demand is what it is. Alternatively, truck sales are way down. Diesel truck sales are in the tank (I wrote that before realizing what an appropriate pun it was).

Several banks, other than the ones you read about, are suddenly having serious problems as well, the result of bad residential loans. What a difference a couple of years can make.

New homes sales doldrums, the precipitous drop in new car sales, and bank problems will have a ripple effect throughout the northwest economy. Yes, we have Boeing and Microsoft, and things will not come close to what they were in 1972 (Boeing Depression) or 1982 (double-digit inflation and interest rates) but these will be times to try some men's souls.

Where we are on the cycle? I thought that the housing market slump would reverse itself by spring 2009. Now I think it will take longer because the consumer won't-buy-now mindset appears to be gaining a foothold, and this could cause weakened economic conditions to continue a while longer. The longer this drop in demand continues, the worse things will become as, with the progression of time, builders and developers are no longer able to hold inventory, and must give it back to the banks who, trust me, don't want it. This is the opposite of what drives a strong economy, and will result in a snowball effect making everyone's life difficult including servicing and retail sectors.

So a word to the wise: get your financial house in squeaky clean order. Do not leverage yourself with more credit card debt. And for crying out loud, stay far away from adjustable rate mortages and, if you already have one, get the hell off of it. As inflation rises, so will interest rates, despite what the Feds do with discount rates. Don't look to the government to save you. And, as always, gotta get drunk first.

Simple Answer To A Simple Question...

Q: What's that 'akbar' thing you stinkbeards keep rallying?


The answer is....


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've had a few beers.

BHO is a national tragedy waiting to happen.This morning I was watching Fox & Friends and one of the anchors said that "The Great and Mighty Obama" was going to give a speech to tell us how Bush has totally screwed the pooch and how he, with all his wisdom will fix TWOT". (The War on Terror, damn did I just coin that?) My first thought was "HIS policy huh?" not the Democrat party line? Sure enough nothing but the talking points you hear from every idiot on the left.

BHO is not a leader he is a follower. He cannot make decisions without putting his head up his ass, sticking his finger in the wind and reading the polls. That's why he had to get a plane, his bus can't move due to all the people under it. Every time someone showed his true views, they got chunked out the winda'. He is just like every other cocksucking politician in the gov't. Change for political expediency and power. That is not presidential that is politics as usual. What happened to change?

Ohh…you meant monetary change.

Presidents have to make decisions that sometimes kill jobs, money and at worst people. I don't won't some weak kneed politician. Running around in circles flailing his arms like a little girl. Calling all her friends to ask what to do if the shit hits the fan.

I can see it already. Obama runs in the Oval Office sobbing, there is Michelle sitting behind the desk talking on the phone as usual. "Michelle, Rush just said I was a bad president. That gives me eye boo-boos. What should I do?"

I want a man that will walk in the room and say "Listen up 'cus this is how it's gonna happen." A leader not a follower.

I just don't see that in Obama.
That and he is a marxist asshole.

Just Sayin'

A tribute.

This one is for The Grouchy Old Cripple.
Chelsea caught this one of Brandon at Jourdan's birthday party Sunday at my Mom and Dads house, and yes he knows that it doesn't mean peace.

Yep, that's my little punk with a gun.
He knows Victory.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Alive!!!


A tough one.

Today I have to make a very tough decision. One of the hardest I have had to make in my life.

Go to work, or go to Schlitterbahn. What would you do?
BWAHAHAHAHA have fun at work suckers!
I will think of you when I am having a beer in the hot tub.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fuck YOU Anheuser-Busch!!!

Assholes! I've been a loyal customer for the last 25 years and this is what you do to me? Sell out like a bunch of Euro bitches? What happened to The King of Beers? What happened to the Ruler of the Cooler? What happened to the RED, WHITE & BLUE? Assholes. I expected you guys to stand your ground and tell InBev to go fuck themselves, but you waved your white flag and you French'd out. Fuck you! The American Budweiser Clydesdales are spinning in their graves.

Fuck you Anheuser Busch, and fuck you InBev! I hope you have record losses. I spent a lot of money on your product, but not anymore. You both can go fuck yourselves!

Before you say it Paul, I know it's not the kind beer and I'm not gonna cry you a river. I'm just a little pissed is all. I fucking hate sell outs!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Pretty Simple...

Why is this so hard for liberals to understand? Oh yeah, nevermind, they need the voter base...

I share this guy's anger! Why, as AMERICANS can't we stop these assholes from invading our country? Why can't we put a stop to this shit? Why aren't people stepping up to the plate to stop this shit?

RIP Tony Snow

I was on my way to the local Blockbuster to rent a movie when I heard that Tony Snow has died. I will admit that I got a little teary eyed when I heard the news. Shit, I am getting misty typing this. I kind of have a special place in my heart for Tony. The Tony Snow show helped change my life.

His radio show was the first one that I discovered streaming over the internet. He helped me remember some things that I had forgotten about this country and how great this nation really is. He helped awaken the slumbering conservative inside me. When he quit his radio show to be White House Press Secretary, I was left without a show to listen to at work. I felt like I had lost a friend. That led to my search for a talk show host to listen to. I discovered Glen Beck on 1200 WOAI in San Antonio. I started listening to him over the internet at work and on AM in the car. He was followed by Rush and Hannity. Now Brandon and Jourdan listen with me when they are in the car. They will be BeckRushHannity babies. Brandon knows more about the constitution and politics than most adults do nowadays. Something I am proud of.

Anyway I just wanted to say goodbye to a man that I considered a friend, even though I never had the pleasure to shake his hand.

Godspeed Tony.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm gonna drive CD Crazy!

Again You Ask

Just for Paul

You asked for it.

Playing with Pets

Here's a little snip of me and my neighbors. It was a nice afternoon up here yesterday so we were hanging out tilting back a few and little Pepe just happen to go for a joy ride.

The Price Is.... Ummmm.... 420?

I was at home sick in bed when I turned on The Price Is Right a few years ago and saw this dude. I don’t know if I had food poisoning or just the shits, but I was a hurtin unit. Then I heard… “C’MON DOWN!!!!

This has to be one of the funniest fucking things I've ever seen that wasn't cut out or censored. I laughed so hard that I instantly got better and snapped out of my funk. I credit my recovery to this dude...

...Thanks stoner Evan dude!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mini Gun Thursday

Hey kerrcarto, if you can cover for me at work for a few days, I would be more than happy to patrol your neighborhood and keep those little bastards off your lawn with this set-up...


I need one of these at my house. Freakin neighborhood kids.
I bet they would stay the hell off everybody's yard if this was parked out front.
Click for a bigger version.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Revolutionary Form of Therapy

This is my all time favorite Dennis Leary Bit. Extremely NSFW, unless you got headphones.
Liberals could learn something from this skit. STFU!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hands Free Kalifornia, A New Found FreeDUMB

Yeah, this is exactly what I was talking about. More morons, more accidents, more liberal bullshit! I guess it wouldn't be Kalifornia without complete morons making new laws...

Only read this if you really want to get pissed

Here is the link go over and read it is you want to be livid.

Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and 'pray to Allah' during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped. They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent - which included wearing Muslim headgear - was a breach of their human rights.

Alsager School, near Stoke, has received furious complaints from parents after two Year 7 boys were punished for refusing to kneel to Allah during a religious studies class

One parent, Sharon Luinen, said: "This isn't right, it's taking things too far.

"I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn't join in Muslim prayer.

"Making them pray to Allah, who isn't who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful.

Let me get this straight. If we offend some camel jockeys religion they go insane and fucking kill people. Some kids in London refuse to pray to Allah (may a 1000 fleas infest his beard) and they get detention? Do you hear about the parents killing the teacher or people in London rioting in the streets? No and you won't because they are good people and pulling that shit is uncool. See what is happening here. It is the tortoise and the hare and western societies are the hare and the stinkbeards are the tortoise buying his time to catch us sleeping. Only at the finish line the tortoise has an AK-47

If that was my kids school I would pull my kid out and never set foot there again and the entire faculty would have got a good piece of my mind. Europe is so fucked! America better start enforcing Selective Imigration again or we are going to have to put up with more of this shit here than we already do.

It's gonna get messy if they keep this shit up.