Friday, October 17, 2008

ACORN: Proof Liberals Hate Democracy

The ongoing ACORN "investigations" are a joke. We all know that ACORN will be exonerated for some stupid legal reason, but we also know that ACORN represents a troubling trend in America: our election system integrity is being compromised. It has been proven that all of the fraudulent votes created by ACORN are votes for a Democrat candidate. Hussein contributed over $800,000 to this TAX EXEMPT organization yet distanced himself during the last debate. Sorry asshole, you can't distance yourself from $800,000. This man has sold his soul to the devil to win this election.

We don't know how deep the corruption exists. Take my state, Washington, for instance. We elected Dino Rossi (R) for governor in 2004; however, the Democrats kept forcing recounts in King County (Seattle) until they won the election. Each recount included additional ballots: provisional, ballots with errors, illegal aliens, felons, dead people, etc. In the end, nobody really knew who won but the state (State Supreme Court) gave it to the Democrats. This just illustrates how broken our democratic system is.

I am lead to believe that our votes simply do not count. The Democrats have a strangle on basic government services like election operations, and have access to such deep pockets like Buffet, Soros, Google, foreign governments, etc. They also have the entertainment industry and mainstream media cheering them on. They're cramming their fascist agenda down our throats and we can't seem to stop it at any level; from local to federal. We the people simply no longer have enough resources to fight back. We can't count on the Republicans because 1) the Republican brand name has been destroyed no thanks to the Republicans including our President, and 2) Republicans continue to bring a "knife to a gun fight." Nobody is left to stand up for us...

...except us...

The longer we sit peacefully and watch this group of liberals take over our country, the harder it will be to take it back. This election is probably over, and I predict a Hussein victory. He will win by "popular vote" but we all know that a significant percentage of those votes will be fraudulent, and not just in Ohio. The 2000 election proves that it doesn't take very many votes to swing an election.

So what do we do? I heard that someone just bombed a law firm in Georgia. Is this the answer? War? Has it come to this?

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal today entitled, "The Liberal Supermajority." I suggest you read it.

Perhaps the Democrats' recent surge to power represents a panic movement by our fellow citizens to simply remove the current Republican power, no matter the consequences. How short-sighted. We are removing the demons and replacing them with Satan himself.


Erica said...

I thought this very well-written, cohesive, intelligent, balanced post was OUTSTANDING and I think you are the freakin' MAN for writing it. The entire Democratic party are terrorists.

Paul said...

Thanks, Erica! You're like one of the queens of the blogosphere so that means a lot coming from you. Cheers!

CharlieDelta said...

Rhetoric &

SuperGurl said...

wow, i can not believe the vocabulary on cd today. sweet!

it was a very nice post, paul. i agree with you. we need to class action these rape artists to try to recapture our tax funds. no more blood for fraud! they can give my tax dollars to ACORN over my dead body. i want that money back and i want some pricks in jail already.

CharlieDelta said...

What ever do you mean? As opposed to my usual drunken drivel. ;-)