Thursday, October 16, 2008

At least Quayle could count.

Here is Joe at it again.

And again

Yeah…and sunshine an lollipops will shoot out of people's asses and it will rain kittens and puppies. Sheesh.

This should infuriate all self-employed persons. Hell this should infuriate all Americans.

The demorats look down on you like you are the idiots of the earth. Numbskulls that can't put a whole sentence together. You should be classified as mentally handicapped according to them after all you are but mental midgets compared to the Obamassiah and The Chia Pet, they are Senators.

Unless by some crazy stretch of luck you find a magical sack of beans and you make it over that magic number of 250k then you are too smart and need to be punished. They need your smart money to help the idiots below you. That is why the leftist democrats and the press hate Palin and Joe the plumber so much, they are one of us. Real Peeps. Biden and most journalists would not last ten minutes in the real workforce, a place where most of us just happen to reside. A place where JTP has excelled.

Biden is correct on one point though. JTP prolly does not make over $250k a year, but he WANTS TO. JTP's point was if Obama has his way he will have no incentive to buy the company he wants and grow it. Would you?

Shit when are people going to see what the leftist democrats really are? Slavemasters.

They want you stupid and dependent on them. They want you on welfare and foodstamps. That gives them control over you. They dictate when you get your money, when you get your food and what kind you can and can't buy. They pay your rent for you in your section 8 housing and keep you stupid and indoctrinated with our gov't run educational system. A real nice way of life from what I have seen on Sesame Street.

This country needs a good swift kick in the ass and I think McCain and Palin are the only ones that will give it to us. Most have become to complacent. All to willing to just sit back and let the gov't take care of everything. Even if they fuck it all to hell and back. Let the gov't take over everything for 4 years,hide and watch what happens. 100% pure shitstorm. Maybe after that happened these nitwits will wake up and say "Holy shit did we ever fuck up".
Fat chance though. It would still be Bush's fault. The last eight years..blah..blah, failed policy..blah, corruption..bla.

I forget who said it, but, sometimes it takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Sara Palin…err...Ronald Reagan.
Let's hope that is not true this time.

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CharlieDelta said...

Fuck you Joe Biden! Like you really give a shit about the average "joe". It may be your name, but you don't know jack about 'joe'!