Monday, October 13, 2008


Did you know that Zo (the dude in the video in my post "Why you should vote Obama" ) has a website now?
Go over and check it out all his stuff is there. I think this dude is gonna get huge. 


red collar said...

Zo, is it?

I have him on my friends list on Youtube.

I see he has a sheet-metal background like Bob Parks has. And it looks like it's Bob Parks' site.

Good for him. They're both top notch commentators.

His video on gay marriage is available on his site.

red collar said...

Oups. I misspoke. His video on Abortion is up. Still no sign of his gay rights video.

Claudia said...

i like him a lot. He is so earnest and common sense. I feel like shaking hands and giving him a hug after his speech.