Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extra Extra! Network Viewership shit??!!

Wed Oct 22 2008 07:25:40 ET

The Obama-McCain match-up is proving to be a lackluster election ticket for the Big 3 network news programs, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH.

As the shouting from the trail and the frantic spinning from the anchor desks intensify, the audience is voting with their remotes.

All 3 evening news shows experienced audience drops year-to-year for the week of Oct. 13-19, 2008.

CBSNEWS w/ Couric shed a half a million viewers, falling from 6.4 million to 5.9 million; ABCNEWS dropped from 8.1 million to 7.6 million; NBCNEWS slumped from 8.2 million to 7.8 million.

If Katie would strip down and show us some skin, then viewership might increase. Else, this constant liberal spin just bores the hell out of us.

Furthermore, look at the networks' overall exposure. Take NBC for instance. In a country with approximately 350 to 360 million, this network reaches between 2% and 3% of the population. ABC is similar, but CBS is the worst reaching less than 2% of the population.

This decline in viewership represents not only a culture shift with more and more people staying connected via the Internet but people simply don't trust these clowns. And rightfully so. Liars.


CharlieDelta said...

Right on Paul! Tell it like it is!

JihadGene said...

Strip down and show some skin Katie! Hell yeah!