Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Night Anarchy!

Happy All Hallows' Even kiddies!!!!

And here's some Old Skuuull!! Can't party on Halloween without Mercyful Fate.

This is the loudest holiday of the year! I'm taking the kids around the neighborhood and then we're off to a Halloween party. Y'all be safe. Don't drink and drive!!!

Cheers! Spark 'em up!


CharlieDelta said...

Fuck yeah Paul!

Claudia said...

CD, he's going out with his kids...;-)

Paul, you're a super Dad. Hope you have fun collecting sweets. Don't forget to check the treats and don't eat more than your share.;-)

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah, and then he's off to a Halloween party. I didn't know "adults" still did that! BWAAAHAHAHHA!

I haven't been to a Halloween party since my early 20's, but I remember what they're like. Thus, I know Paul's motivation...

College girls love Halloween, 'cause it gives them a reason to dress like sluts! There's usually a few tag-along high school chicks trolling around looking for attention too.

Carefull Paul, when you have your "Crown goggles" on, think twice before you act. 16 will get ya 20!