Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fwankwy I don't cawe.

Bawney got his ass handed to him on O'Reilly the other night.

Why won't that pompous ass at least admit failure. Oh yeah, I forgot, he's a Dimocrat, they never do any thing wrong. Everything they do makes sunshine and lollipops shoot out of peoples asses. I am about sick of this do nothing, corrupt, lying government. Politicians are apparently above the law now, unless you have an R behind your name.

Remember Ken Lay? Enron? They did the same thing that Fannie and Freddie CEOs did and where are those guys? Dead and in prison. Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and a lot of the of the dimorats, and some republicans for that matter, sat idly by and watched as the CEOs of F&F walked off with hundreds of millions of dollars after overinflating their numbers.

If you think for one second that they did not see this coming I got some ocean front property to sell you. They wanted this bailout. It gives them more power and starts us on the ever so wonderful road to Socialism. A liberals wet dream. So call your Senator and Representatives that voted for this ass-rape and thank them. That is what a good little socialist would do.


Paul said...

Fuck Barney Frank. Hey Frank! I will kick your mother fucking ass!!!!!

vetfromhell said...

To hell with his cock smoking, pillow biting ass. Fuck off faggot.

PeggyU said...

I will thank them by not voting for them next time around.

Jackie D said...

How did he ever get elected in the first place? It is appalling to think that this man has been allowed to represent his state and country. Makes us look real smart.

CharlieDelta said...

If I could jump through the monitor and slap that bitch, I would be more than happy to do it!

What a fuckin' asshole dooooooooooooosche bag Frank is. I would take great pleasure in kicking this dimi's ass! Not 'cause he's a dim, but because he's a fuckin' idiot!