Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Nicholas turned 10 today. What a cool little dude! This has to be the most respectful kid I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He always says please and thank you, he's a little framing helper, and he's a great kid all around. I kinda see myself in him when he's moshing around like little kids do, except I got into a lot more trouble as a booger-eater when I was his age. Damn, his Mom needs to talk to my Mom to know just how lucky she is. What a killer little dude!

I've always wanted to be a Big Brother and I think Nicholas was put into my life for just that reason. GOD works in mysterious ways indeed! Nicholas keeps me from getting out of control, 'cause I wanna practice what I preach and be a good influence and help him be the best little conservative he can possibly be. Or should I say the best WHITE little conservative he can possibly be? I guess that would make me some kind of "racist" right? Eh, fuck it. Call me what you will, hypocritical hypocrate!

***Did anyone notice the "african-american/hispanic-american" links?***

WTF??? I thought race didn't have anything to do with it? I guess blacks only want black big brothers and hispanics only want hispanic big brothers. Racism is a two way street, and you hypocritical fucks are hoggin' both lanes! I'm okay with that until you assholes put a label on me like you do.


Back to Nicholas...

Seeing this kid the way he is gives me hope that the future generations aren't going to be entirely fucked... More conservatives need to have more children, and more libtards need to have less. It's the only way we'll ever be saved, folks! Get humpin' already, if you can afford 'em.

Fuck like rabbits until we equalize and overcome! This WHITE kid is going to grow up knowing all about the hypocrital liberal assholes and how they distort facts. He's gonna grow up proud of his Country. He's gonna grow up while libs shut down. He's gonna grow up a proud American! He's the next generation that will save us from liberal idiocy.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! At the next .22 pistol competition, I'm either gonna take that twenty back, or I'm gonna owe you another. Prolly the latter!

I got my first firearm I could call my own when I was around his age. It was a Marlin Model 60. I don't know how many birds I took out with that thing, but I think the karma has finally caught up with me. If it hasn't, I am seriously fucked, cause I've had more than a few years of karma-retribution. It's gotta end sometime, right?

Here I go again barkin about myself. This was a killer night for Nicholas, as it should've been! His energy was more than enough for us "old" farts before he even cracked his first present:


Check out that shit-eatin' grin on his face. The flashbacks of decades ago were rampant. I smiled a lot tonight. What a killer little dude.

Can I borrow twenty bucks?


Anonymous said...

Dude. You kinda lost me. What is the link between you and Nicholas? Nephew? Cousin?

BTW, you're a racist fucking hypocrite.

PeggyU said...

;) CD: We contributed 3 little conservatives and one who thought she wanted to be a liberal (I think to fit in at school), but then found out she really couldn't stomach it. That one, she's a cutthroat capitalist with a capital "C". I have to admit, I find it a amusing when she calls home with stories about work or about school - and I hear all of these opinions coming out of her mouth. Too funny! They say a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.

CharlieDelta said...

I consider him like a nephew, cause his Mom is like a sister to me (a hot sister btw). His step-Dad is a fucking douchebag who doesn't really like kids, so I try to step in and at least give him some male influence that isn't of major douchebaggery, the racist I am. BWAHAHAHA!

PeggyU said...

Oh, and Charlie. You have no idea how much that little kid loves you. Most boys would die for a "big brother" like you! Someday, he'll be telling CD stories to his kids. :)

CharlieDelta said...

You done good. Three future conservatives? That's awesome! Thank you and yours for pullin' the weight of us batchelors who have yet to procreate. I better hurry and get off my ass, 'cause I aint gettin' any younger...

Yeah, I'm sure he'll be tellin' stories about me. The drunken older dude who still plays with fireworks and water balloons. :-)

Rayvet said...

Although I only have one eight year old daughter (So far), she's shaping up to be a good conservative/liberal hater. Driving down the road the other day she saw an Obama sticker on a car and asked "Daddy, we don't like them do we". I chose my words carefully and said, "No honey, we don't dislike them, we just feel sorry for them because their stupid". She laughed, and so did I.

Claudia said...

The liberals proliferate because they have dozens of children they can't afford. The Conservatives, who are more responsible, end up feeding them. At least it happens in my country.

I wish my kids had had a Big Brother like you, CD. It would have compensated for their dour British father.

Nicholas is lucky. I would send you twenty bucks anytime to reward his good aim at the range. I mean it. He might come to defend Canada one day.

PeggyU- I hope your beautiful daughter finds a solid conservative husband, like her father, to share her life.