Friday, October 31, 2008

I Think I've Found The Perfect Girl For Nicholas

11 yrs. old, and she can take down and reassemble quicker than it takes me to think about it...

Her father should be very proud! I know I would be!

The function check is the topper! Awesome!


Claudia said...

Good job! I wasn't raised properly. I learned too much cleaning...I wonder if she can use the gun. Would there be a video, CD?

CharlieDelta said...

A video of her shooting? If you let the youtube video run the entire 1:03 there's a couple of her firing a pistol at the range. Just click on the windows that pop up after this one runs through. She's going to be a heart breaker for sure.

Too bad she can't vote!

Her father has taught her well. On the videos of her at the range, she shows great gun safety techniques too. She could probably win $20 from Nicholas if they went head to head in a competition.

I won't tell Nicholas that though... ;-)