Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Office Decor

I hung the new office decorations yesterday.

Sweet! No?

I picked it up at the Witte Museum in San Antonio. If you ever get a chance, go by and check it out. Texas history buffs a fo'sho' must see. I have haunted their halls probably on the order of 50-60 times. They always have some cool feature display going on. Through September it has been the inventions and life of Leonardo DiVinci. We did not make it to that, hopefully they will bring it back next year. We ALWAYS make it for the dinosaur exibit though. I'm a rockhound so I enjoy it.

This is about 5 yrs ago. Sorry I don't have any recent pictures here on the work computer. But this is the Triceretops that they always have. They also have a T-rex skull but no body which you can see in the background. Once a year they have a attraction with animatronic life size dinos there. Kinda like Chuch-E-Cheese and that fucking monkey band. It is pretty cool and the kids enjoy it. If you are ever in San Antonio drop by and check it out. It is worth the time. That and you can pick up a kickass flag.

Here are some more recent pictures. I think this was last year..

Just for Red Collar


Claudia said...

Great photo. Children grow up so fast, alas! But they'll never forget the visits at the Museum. I was so ignorant about Natural Sciences. I learned things with my children. One of them became enamored with Dinosaurs. We never missed an exhibition, bought books, build-up specimens. I'm on my own now, and I still go once a year, to see my old huge friends. The new technology nearly brings them alive. Can't watch them in movies. Too scary...

jackie d said...

Perfect office decoration, my second favorite Republic of Texas flag (Come and Take It is first). I have never been to that museum, but will be in San Antone in November and am now putting it on the itinerary.

kerrcarto said...

D, I could not find a "Come and take it" flag either there or at the Alamo. They had shirts, hats, stickers but no flag WTF!. No CATI flag at the Alamo???

red collar said...

Astex? I thought you wanted the border closed/no amnesty... lol

A museum that you love. How cool is that? Not everybody has one.

Hmmm, there's a military museum in Quebec City, inside the Citadel. That's pretty cool, but nothing compared to this.

I've never seen a T-Rex scull before. Nice place to bring the kids. And I'm a big kid.

BTW, Bluebonnets and Beyond: Impressionist painters. Some of those are worth the trip, I'm sure. Impressionists are impressive in person. Books and pictures don't do them honor.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Very cool! I'll have to check it out.

red collar said...

Thanks for the picture. I had see an image of a T-Rex scull before. Just never in person.

Truely, there were once dragons walking this earth. Cool.