Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politically, how did it ever come to this?

Traditional conservatives and moderate independents are probably wondering how it ever came to this? Nationally, even though the percentage of undecided voters exceeds Obama's margin, one can only marvel at how such a radical individual could accomplish this feat. After all, America has historically been a moderate-to-slightly-conservative country. There is no doubt that liberalism has been on the rise since the 1960s but Obama's form of liberalism is unlike anything this country has seen since Woodrow Wilson.

One needs only to look at history to understand the psychology behind America's vote this year because history tends to repeat itself. Since the dawn of man, technology represents the only significant agent of change, seriously. And while social behaviors have also changed, mankind's primal instinct has not; therefore, using this logic, history is the most effective tool to use when trying to understand, in the words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out there??!!"

Now to the point; the rise of both the Communists and the National Socialists provide perfect examples of what is happening to this country. During both of those revolutions, the Russian and German economies were tanking, particularly Germany's.

The Treaty of Versaille was economically unfeasible, and I don't think any historian of average intelligence would argue that point. And, consequently, post-World War I Germany was a land of sufferage. The poeple had nothing to work for because all of Germany's economic output essentially belonged to the countries she attacked. Her people felt trapped. And slowly, Germany's society and subsequently its economy, along with the rest of Europe (which depended heavily on Germany's engineering skills), declined into depression. This is the short of it, obviously.

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists essentially rose "overnight." And you know the rest of the story.


Because a society becomes most vulnerable to radicalism when times are very very bad. Let's face it. America is in big trouble. The fat cats in Washington and Wall Street have fucked us, and we the people no longer believe that the government works for us. So now we'll do whatever it takes to tear it down, no matter the consequences.

It only takes some powerful rhetoric packed full of gleaming generalities, delivered by a charismatic individual, to capture and kick the dog while its down.

And, unfortunately, the most downtrodden all the way to average middle class Americans are drinking this toxic soup down to the bottom of the bowl. Anything to rid ourselves of the current status quo, just like the Germans did. This is very short-sighted behavior but, like I said, humans have behaved like this before. I hope America is ready for the "change" it is voting for, and I pray that we don't end up like Germany did. As we all know, Germany has never fully recovered from Adolf Hitler and World War II. I am in no way calling Obama a Nazi. I am merely drawing parallels between our society and Germany's prior to the rise of the radical.

Welcome to Hell.

As Glenn Beck said this morning, I wish I could cryogenically freeze myself for the next four years.


Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

yeah. It's the basis for all analysis that we forget..you have to have a baseline of data (history) in order to understand what is happening now. There is a psychological component, also, and if you try the hardest to NOT do something, then you wind up doing it. (Ever seen someone make their own fears come true?) Instead, people should try to do something else..the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We are absolutely insane as a nation right now.

labcat said...

just saturday a friend of a friend said to me ..."i oughtta put my foot up your ass for having a mccain/palin sticker on your car." i said "of course you would say that you're a lesbian". she replies..."no it's because i still haven't got a job". and the conversation continues until she gets all befuzzled and says "i was just kidding". yeah that's what i thought, beeyotch. lol

good post...makes me wonder yet again exactly what "history" are our kids learning?

Paul said...

Yeah, I hear both of you. But we might as well admit to it; history sucked in high school. I didn't give a rat's ass about it until I hit manhood. Now, I try to use it all the time and am better for it. I also use it with my children but in a fun way. And if more parents would do that and get more involved with history, our kids might have a better grasp on this world when they hit the magic 18. Fuck the public school system.

PeggyU said...

Not long ago I got a chance to educate a whole raft of 18-year-olds on who the Weathermen were (no, I'm not a teacher; they were my son's friends and they wanted to know what video I was watching - and it happened to be the one with the interview of the FBI agent who infiltrated the organization in 1982). Can't underestimate the power of random teaching moments like that one!

OTOH, the video really bothered me. A couple of years back I had this awful nightmare that my husband and I were holding hands and standing (along with a group of many people I didn't know) on the edge of a large trench. I knew it was a mass grave in the making. I was frantically looking around for our children. Then there were shots and we were falling, and I lost hold of my husband ... and that is where my nightmare ended. But it was sufficiently jolting to keep me from returning to sleep, so I got up and read instead.

Normally I have no problem sleeping, and I very rarely dream.