Sunday, October 26, 2008


While sitting watching the World Series tonight a thought came to me. Was that a shitty deliverance of the National Anthem or what? I'm not talking Roseanne shittyness, but why do all these stars try to put a personal "twist" on it. Can we not keep somethings holy? Sing the song like it was written. Is that so hard to do. It's only been around for over 200 years you think you could have learned it by now. Shit! Now to the Marine that sang the 7th inning stretch. Kudos dude, you nailed it. That is how an American anthem is supposed to be sung! Heart, conviction and true to the song. Not some made up shit you came up with in your hotel room. Anyway for some reason it struck a nerve with me so just for the idiot ( some lady ) who sang the SSB tonight. You did not deserve the applause you got. Sorry but it was crap.

But, if you feel you must put your own spin on it. At least make it good. Maybe something like this perhaps?

Ya see how it is done? You can re-tool it just not with all the "LaAaAaAaAaAand of the FreEeEeEEeeEeeeeeEEE and theEeEeeEeeEeeE HoOooOoOOOme oOoOOoOOf the BraAAAAaaaAAAAaaaAaaave" shit.


Jamese said...

Amen, brother!!!

jackied said...

If you are referring to the Patti LaBelle chortling, I agree wholeheartedly. My other pet peeve is the assholes at sporting events that continue walking and/or talking during the anthem. Even if the song is being butchered, stand still and STFU.