Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spider Update for CharlieDelta

This just in: Giant spider snapped eating bird in backyard near Cairns.

Holy shit! Look at the size of this fucking thing. Damn! What the hell are they puttin' in the water down in Australia?!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

That even gives me, lover of all things arachnid, the creeps!


Claudia said...


PeggyU said...

Australia has the nastiest spiders on earth. Funnel web spiders are lethal, aggressive, and can bite through shoe leather. I wonder if they knew about those when they dumped the prisoners on Botany Bay?

CharlieDelta said...

See, now in this case I am more amazed than scared shitless. Besides, that thing is so fuckin' huge that I'm cool with 'im. If a fuckin' bird could get caught in his web, I'm sure I wouldn't miss it. Those strands must be like parachute chord or something. How could you miss it?

On the other hand, if I saw one of those motherfuckers in person, I would probably have to break out the 12ga. and help him meet his maker. A bird? Are you fucking kidding me????

Holy. Shit.