Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Survival: Notes for the Underground

Let's face it. We are outnumbered. The fat bears sitting at the picnic tables waiting for government hand-outs will determine this election. We the achievers will be officially under assault on January 20, 2009 when Hussein is inaugurated. I say this because the House will likely retain its veto-proof majority, and the Senate is probably headed for one, too. With the White House in lock step, we're pretty much fucked. No one can stop them. Its time to prepare for survival, for war, whatever you want to call it. I have some tips that I will post over the next few days or weeks as they come to mind. Two right off the bat and then I have to get back to work...

Tip No. 1
Hide your guns
The government fears an armed citizen; therefore, the armed citizen must be disarmed. This US Government will seize our weapons, but they can't if we haven't already lost them. For those of you with multiple weapons, bury your arsenal and shove the treasure map up where the sun doesn't shine. Leave some to appease the cops when they come for them. When they ask. Just tell them your house was broken into and guns stolen. Say no more. I suggest using wood crates with some kind of moisture absorber like sylica. Insulate with paper or straw. More advanced weapons users unlike myself probably have better ideas.

Tip No. 2
Use cash as much as possible
We all know that debit/credit transactions are recorded and tracked for marketing purposes but also for investigations by the authorities. Take yourself off the grid by using cash only. I know this will be hard to do, but understand that life as we know it is about to end. Prepare now. Only use cash. That way your movements and behaviors are not tracked. Try to accept wages in cash. For those of you in trades, this is much easier to achieve than for those of us on payrolls. But for standard daily purchases, most of us can proceed with cash transactions.

That's all for now. Guns first people!! Let's get these arsenals secured.


kerrcarto said...

Paranoid much?

1. I don't have much to worry about. I have only three guns in the house. My .40 caliber pistol, my 30-30 and my .22 marlin semi-auto. The rest are safe.

2. I don't have a bank account. I don't use credit cards never have and I know (not enjoy) how to work hard for money so Im cool.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah, I have my entire arsenal in my gun safe at home, along with thousands and thousands of rounds of ammo in my closet, but when the shit goes down, I don't intend to being home or anywhere near the city. I'll be in the desert with a shitload of MRE's, gallons upon gallons of water, my entire arsenal and the "group" of like-minded folks. IF they can even find us, they better pack a fuckin' lunch, 'cause our firearms will NOT be surrendered easily.

As far as cash goes, I prefer spending cash anyways, but again, when the shit goes down, money isn't going to mean squat. It will be the barter system, and ammo will be a highly valuable "currency" to possess. In that department, I will be an SRF...

Not paranoid, but definately prepared. Can anyone say WOLVERINES???

labcat said...

been honing my .45 skills this week,stocking up on can goods, batteries, ropes, shovels, all kinds of stuff...oh yeah, and peach moonshine ;)storing it in the cave. my family thinks i've lost it. i've seriously gone y2k.

Paul said...

I dont' think you've lost it labcat. I think you're facing the ugly truth. I can't believe the insanity in this country.

Claudia said...

I dread the possibility of an Obama win. It would be really bad for our newly elected Conservative government, and our military.

If I would be 50 years younger, I would follow CD in the desert. ;-) I was very good at camping.

Our gun laws stink. Otherwise you could all come here.