Friday, October 10, 2008

Why you should vote Obama

Beacause Lewis Farrakhan says so. What is wrong with you people? When a racist, anti-semitic wackaloon tells you how to vote you should listen. Geez where does the trail end for Obama? Every person he is supported by or knows hates this country. I fear for us all if this nitwit gets in the White House.

Unlike this dude. I would not mind him in the White House.
Thanks to Erica for turning me on to him.

BTW I'm Supporting McCain / Palin


jackied said...

Agree about the machosauce guy - he nails it in his videos. Anyone know where to see the one he did on gay marriage that YouTube removed?

kerrcarto said...

Go to his MySpace page just click anywhere on the video.

PeggyU said...

I loves the machosauce guy!!!

red collar said...

You guys know he's on youtube, right?

All of his videos are top notch. He's as good as Bob Parks. Or if you know him, you should look for Bob Parks too.

I didn't know some of his videos were taken down. That's a shame.

I see that Abortion is still there, so it The Vote Reaper. Oh, and the "A Team" is still there. lol