Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Wolf in Sheep's Skin

Elect this man and I promise you America will crumble like the ancient Roman Empire. He is a wolf in sheep's skin. He is also a lawyer and, therefore, cannot be trusted by default. Never forget this picture of him.

Barack Hussein Obama is a very dangerous man who hates his country and hates its people. The only change he is interested in is what's left in your pocket.

He hates life. Else, he would have voted to support medical care for abortion survivors. This is one piece of trash slithering like a snake, much like most people in the Democrat Party. Fucking Communist thugs.

I'm all ready for a revolution. I'll sacrifice all of my property and my life for this country, much like our forefathers did. I'm afraid my generation must start it, to undo what the loser Baby Boomer generation has inflicted upon us, to leave something that at least resembles a country to our children. What you Baby Boomers have done to this country is an abomination. History will not look upon you favorably. I certainly don't, and none of us are impressed with the $10 trillion in debt you have left for us so generously.


Erica said...

I'm with you, brother. This guy scares the FUCK outta me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica! Wassup sister. Sorry I didn't reply to your email. I'll stop by and troll you site. :)

kerrcarto said...

Hey sista and brudda. Obama is an abomination of an American at best. I am glad to see that the McCain camp has started to hit him on his associations in the past. And his (to paraphrase Bill Ayers) a cOMMUNIST with a small c philosophy. Did you see the town hall in Minnesota today? Him and Palin killed.

Anonymous said...

I didn't. Is there a video of it somewhere?