Friday, October 3, 2008

Yard Sign 2

The whole family is home sick today. Coughing, stuffed noses and just generally feeling shitty. Yeah…Green Mucus!!!
The wife spent the nite talking to ralph on the big white telephone.
That hasn't hit me I just feel generally shitty so Dad banned me from the office.
Needless to say I have lots of time on my hands today. So lots of screwing around with photoshop.
Here is the next in the series.



PeggyU said...

Well, if CD wasn't hooked yet, that picture will do it!

PeggyU said...

Sorry to hear you are all doing poorly :( .

Maybe this will help. I like that "calling Ralph on the big white phone" euphemism. Here is another one I saw somewhere (can't remember where, offhand) that I thought was funny: "Shouting Europe at the sink". I have found, when I am puking, that it makes me feel better to actually shout "Europe". Adds a little levity to the situation. But don't try to suppress a laugh. Puke can come out your nose!

H2o said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!

H2o said...
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Claudia said...

Bad bug going around. We have it in Toronto. Hope you're recovering. Photoshops are excellent. If you do that good when you feel lousy, what will it be when you pep up. Might become a second career!!!