Sunday, November 30, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Because I care...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Night Fuck You

Just rolled in from Irving/Arlington about 5 hours ago went out to dad's and ate Spaghetti AGAIN. TIRED. We have company coming tomorrow for our Thanksgiving so we have a house to clean. So I'm ridin tonight. What's up Paul?

BTW pictures and The great trip to Irving and the Italian Thanksgiving to come. I need Turkey!

Friday Night Anarchy!

Here's some Texas anarchy for kerrcarto!

I've seen the Reverend Horton Heat 9 times!! Well, 10 times if you count the show I got thrown out of in Denton, TX for punching the bouncer. heh heh. Drunken fool!

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

Pathetic. You materialistic savages. What an embarrassment. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised given how the majority of you voted a few weeks ago.

And in other news, I'm sure most of you heard about the Wal-Mart stampede and death of a Wal-Mart employee early this morning. You hear about this shit over in Europe with their ridiculous football stampedes and in the Middle East with their barbaric Muslim slash fests. But here in America over discount shopping? Unbelievable.


I admit, I like shopping at Wal-Mart, but you will never see me behaving like a barbaric consumer, unless you're out of beer!! Then you're fucked.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Thank You

Thank you all!

'Tiss good to be thankful...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A last one for the road.

In these extrodinary times never forget the real reason we celebrate this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

This is my favorite holiday. I love the family gathering. I love the food. I love football. I love the sofa nap. But most importantly, despite the crap going on, I am thankful to God for my freedom and my country. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Internet friends (you know who you are), and to my good friends CharlieDelta and kerrcarto! And Happy Thanksgiving to all our men & women serving our country. We wouldn't be here without your sacrifice!!

And one more thing:

I was lamenting with CharlieDelta the other day about how I have never been able to find a certain Bad Religion album that both of us happen to really dig. So what does he do? He finds it and ships it up to me here in Seattle. Now that's a friend!!!

Cheers, CD! I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Y'all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving we are off to Arlington tomorrow to the wife's grandparents.
GO COWBOYS stomp the shit out of Seattle. Y'all have a great turkey day and I will see ya Friday.
Here is a little funny to keep your holiday spirits high.

On behalf of the Compean & Ramos Family to President Bush...

Happy Thanksgiving ASSHOLE!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Asshole.

I am sitting here in the office (yeah no rest for the self employed) listening to the Glen Beck show and getting hotter by the minute about this Ramos and Compean thing. Bush just pardoned two turkeys, I know it is a tradition and all, but....they are going to be flown to FUCKING DISNEYLAND!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! This place has gone completely nuckin futs, bass ackwards so to speak. I can't type anymore, FUCK YOU BUSH you prick.

Go help out our first political prisoners if you can, or just leave them a comment to let their families know we are still here.

Here Comes The Rain

It's about friggin' time we got some rain. It just came down in buckets for about 45 minutes straight and I couldn't help but smile and think of this tune. The hair is hilarious, but Billy Duffy's Gretsch White Falcon is fucking badass! I want one!

I love going to sleep to the sound of rain, and this dry part of Mexifornia sure could use it. I hope it pours all weekend long. If it does, I'll miss most of it because I'm gonna be in the desert. At least I'll miss all the accidents from the assholes in this state who don't know how to drive in drizzle...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ESFP- The Performers

Saw this over @ Leslie's and had to give it a whirl. I really don't know WTF to make of it.

The entertaining and friendly type.
-Well, I think we try to be.

They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells.
-Ummm...Soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells? That must be directed at Paul because he always puts things so subtle? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.
-I don't know about my other two cohorts but that nails me to a tee!

They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.
-I can only speak for myself, but I do my best to engage conflicts and frequently initiate confrontation. As far as being in a management position I could probably pull it off. I don't like being an asshole, but I will when I have to and if you don't like it, you can pick up your final check at the front desk, bitch!

Check out your own blog here. This is pretty funny shit.

Damn, if I was a cartoon dude, I would definately tap that cartoon slut at the bar. She looks like my type; showin' some leg and a drink in her hand...

Monday, November 24, 2008

President Bush did not pardon Compean and Ramos today.

Today, President Bush issued 14 pardons, but Border Patrol Agents Compean & Ramos were not on the list. Of the 14 pardons today, five were drug related. FIVE!!!! So let me get this straight. The President pardons drug offenses, and supports the prosecution and maximum sentencing of Border Patrol agents trying to stop them. I know I'm making a very elementary and slightly unfair argument but surely one can see the sick fucking irony at play here. Maybe President Bush will pardon them just before he leaves office in disgrace, but I won't hold my breath. He's a New World Order freak just like his father.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My all time favorite Maiden

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Rockin

The only reason I know of this band is because of my friend Brian. He got his first car (a hand me down from his older sister) and the only sound source was an 8 track player and April Wine The Nature of the Beast just happened to be the only 8 track in the car. We listened to that tape over and over and over and over and over and over again. Ahhh memories.

Friday Night Fuck Off!!!!

To my boss that is. Just got home after a shitty day putting up with the spaz I have for a boss. I woke up this morning in a great mood, showed up to work 30 minutes early and got an ear-full of bullshit about taking "extended lunches". WTF??? Most of the time I bring my lunch to work and eat it at my desk while still working. Yes, I eat lunch, but I don't even take a fucking lunch! When I don't bring my lunch, I give some cash to whoever is going to get lunch from Gag In The Bag or some other fast food place. Again, when they get back, I eat lunch at my desk while still working. Fuck, this was completely out of the blue. I don't know WTF is crawling up his ass. Maybe he has me mistaken for the other douchebag who is always fucking off and taking those extended lunches and not producing a fucking thing, but I've been here for 11 years and would think he would know who is who! Apparently not!

I almost told him to go fuck himself today, but in these economic times that wouldn't be too smart. I really don't want to be looking for a new job right about now, so I guess I'm gonna have to suck it up and take it until things change. FUCK!

When things eventually stabilize, I'm going to start looking else where. Ever since he has bought out the other two owners, he has turned into a greedy asshole with a hard on for me for some reason. I show up on time, I don't call in sick, I work my ass off and I'm about the only one there who doesn't steal shit whether it be time or materials. It's all greed, and I'm the last one losing him money. Fucking asshole!

Fuck it! The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get and it's Friday for fucks sake! Me and Z are gonna hit up SP tomorrow and get an early buzz. Hopefully the bass will be buyin' what I'm sellin. We've never fished there this time of year and don't know what to expect, but either way it will be a good release from this fucking shitty day. I'll have my camera with me, so there won't be any fish stories without digital backup.

Hope y'all are having a better Friday than I am. After tomorrow's mission I should be back to what some might call "normal".

In the mean time, I'm gonna pound a few beers, crank this shit and try to forget about this fucked up day!

By the way.....FUCK YOU TIM!

Are y'all slackin or am just..yeah

I really loath Nickelback, but this one I can handle.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Night Country/Hippy (god I hate admitting this)

I listened to these LP's more times than I can count on all of your fingers and toes.
I can remember putting on the Radio Shack headphones spinning up the record player and sitting and listening to this.

and this..

and I still turned out to be a conservative...go figure.
Bonus points if you can name the second LP, and what it had in the sleeve.

And they keep coming

Brandon loves to listen to this before bed.

The heeby jeebies

I still have to rank this as one of the creepier songs in my collection.

Friday Night...well

What more could you ask for? Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond

Friday Night Anarchy!

[WARNING] Loud fucking music with disturbing images!!!

R.I.P. William S. Burroughs (February 5, 1914 – August 2, 1997).

The transfer of power.

Our spies caught a picture of the suit President Bush will be wearing for Obama's inauguration.

You know when in Rome and all.


I see my threats of beatings with a wet noodle did not fall on deaf ears.
Thanks for going over and voting. I don't know what is going to happen as far as the logo goes, but none the less I am thinking about having it put on the back of a shirt and maybe some thing like our site name on the front breast and selling them over at cafe press.
What say y'all, think I could sell them?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's Laughing Now?

Many of us in the real estate business opined that something was stinking up the grocery store. With land and house values appreciating by the double-digits here in the Puget Sound, those of us with some common sense started asking the questions, "Is this sustainable? Where are these people getting all this money? That punk jack-ass has a fucking Porsche?" I have known since late-2006 that something was going to pop. But I didn't think it would be this loud.

Money was cheap; too cheap.

Consumption, both public and private, financed with debt can be a real killer if left unchecked. Let's face it. Our government has been and still is spending us out of control. And we the consumers have been living beyond our means.

Bailing out Wall Street with money we don't have won't work, and using taxpayer dollars to save a private industry violates just about every free market principle known to mankind. Too big to fail. Bitch please. You want to know what's too big to fail? The people! The taxpayers! That's why millions of Americans like me yelled against the bailout (McCain you fucking tool.). But we the informed and intelligent are simply outnumbered.

Lending money to those who you know can't and won't pay it back, and then selling those securities with a AAA rating is fraud (THE GLASS STEAGALL ACT OF 1933 MUST BE REINSTATED!! Fuck you Bill Clinton, Phil Gramm, and James Leach!! JUMP MOTHER FUCKERS!!!). That's OK. We'll bail them out with our fake Monopoly cash. "Hey! You fucked up! Here. Have billions of future taxpayer dollars. Don't worry. We'll tax them even more, especially the rich ones."

So Congress continues to borrow, and continues to spend. Our national debt + unfunded entitlement programs top $50 trillion. Barney "I suck dick" Franks tells us how there are plenty of rich people to tax even more. And now we have a Communist headed to the White House. No wonder the Dow is sinking faster than the Titanic. In the words of the Grouchy Old Cripple, "We're Fucked!"

We were warned, however. There are still good economists out there like Peter Schiff. Put him in charge!!!!!!! Enjoy the video.

Trooper Hell

The Trooper decided to be an asshole this week (of course, I just paid it off Friday) and started idling rough, stalling out on me and just plain running crappy. I figured first thing first. Fuel filter. I changed that out but to no avail. I took it up to my uncle today at Mosty's Garage here in Kerrville and he ran the computer diagnostic test. It came back with some incoherent codes that meant diddly shit. He cleared the codes out of the computer and told me to come back when the Check Engine Light came back on. I drove out to work as it was and at lunch I drove it back in and waited for the little orange light to illuminate. Drove. Drove. Drove. Finally it lit up. I drove it over to the shop, hooked it up to the puter and awaited it's devine wisdom. The code that came back was an EGR valve error but nothing bad. I called the auto parts store and a new EGR valve costs $167 WTF!

So after work today I took my Uncle's advice and went to CarQuest (the local dudes) and got a can of spider killer/throttle body cleaner. I removed the air intake from the throttle body and douched all the carbon buildup out of it. The black smoke that blew out of the tailpipe would give Algore a heart attack. Then I removed the EGR valve and cleaned it as good as possible, careful to not douse any electrical parts. Put everything back together and hit the road. It had some initial hesitation but after getting it up to 80 or so and blowing all the shit out in seems to run fine.

EGR valve $167
Uncle's advise $Free
Fixing your car for $6 compared to $167.....$6

Now I just have to see how she feels in the morning.
Keep your fingers crossed.

BTW Do you think I need to buy carbon offset credits for all the shit I blew into the atmosphere?

Happy Boy!

What a success tonight turned out to be! Not a complete success as .45 ACP was a little over priced this round, and I had to sim-mah down on the release of ca$hola from my wallet.

That's okay, the Crossroads of the West will be here next month just around the time I'll be getting my Christmas bonus and that's pretty good timing, 'cause I'm pretty tapped out after this mission. However, I didn't spend as much tonight as I planned which is another good thing. Since I don't have my dream rifle just yet, I had to yield on the 7.62x51 as well.

Fuck it! I just have to make sure I get it before the magic negro bans all semi-auto's. Yay...

Needless to say, I'm a Happy Boy! (RIP Country Dick Montana)

I didn't buy all of this tonight (although I wish I was a SRF and could), but I topped off the tanks and I'm pretty happy about it. When I got home and tried to consolidate the cashe' I realized that I had more than originally assumed. Fuck, I need a bigger safe! I'm pretty happy right about now...

Maybe when the SHTF I'll be a SRF? Heh heh!

I had a supervisor tonight by the name of Bunker. She's quite the hardass when it comes to gettin' it done! I'm glad she can't talk, 'cause she would've told me to stop fucking around like a paranoid dumbass and go to bed a few hours ago. I have to give her credit for inspecting my procedure though. If she hadn't shredded the evidence, I could very well be in jail for being a law-abiding gun owner. Don't think it can't happen...

She collects lighters and guitar picks and I collect firearms and ammo. What's the diff?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You vote NOW!

IMAO has the Conservative Underground logo voting going on.
You go vote for mine now or I will beat you with a wet noodle.

BTW mine is the second one down.
My other name is Josh shhhhh..don't tell anyone.

Ignorance At It's Finest

I snaked this one from a Disgruntled Truck Driver and had to share my fear for our future with y'all. It's really scary when you think about it. I've always prided myself on not having kids I couldn't afford, but at this point, why not? At least the one's I raise now will engage the retards that the liberal retards are having anyways... My positive to their negative. Our win to their loss! My FUCK to his YOU!

Can you believe the current ignorance (and future ignorance) of the average American voter today? Holy shit! This is scarey to say the least! I want to head butt every asshole in this clip.

Holy. Shit!

If you don't work and pay taxes, you shouldn't be able to vote! If you are on welfare and suckin' of Uncle Sam's teet, you shouldn't be able to vote. If you aren't a contribution to society I'll wipe my ass with your vote! Fuck YOU! Oh yeah college kids, if you're going to school and mommy and daddy are payin' for it, Fuck You too! Barf your lame vote before you make it to class around 10am, idiot!

The ignorance of these assholes is frightening:

By the way... Who's Barney-fuckin'-Frank? Who is Nanci-fuckin'-Pelosi? Who is Harry-fuckin-Reid?

"I don't know..."

Who's clothes matter?


You liberals are a gaggle of fucking morons! You have no idea who runs Congress and you are more concerned with what Sarah Palin is wearin' than her stance on National Security? You are too busy trying to dig up dirt on her to worry about marxism from your messiah? You are more concerned with electing a black man because it's a "time in history" that you don't see through his bullshit rhetoric?

Paint him white and he's Ketchup Boy, except JHE has ZERO experience and he's never given himself a Purple Heart.

The only thing JHE has done is bullshit the American populace into believing that he actually gives a fuck about this country. Unfortunately, most of this country bought it hook, line and sinker.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Holidays!!!!

Tomorrow has to be one of my all time favorite holidays ever (coming in just behind BAG Day)! Too bad I'l be stuck at work for most of it, but I'm hitting up the ATM and I'm going to put forth my best effort to pull some weight when I get out of the daily grind.

I know times are tough people, but buy a box, buy a case, buy a couple cases. If all goes as planned, I should be showing up at home tomorrow with a few thousand rounds of many different calibers: 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 5.56, .45ACP, 9mm, 12 ga., .22LR... So much ammo, so little time!

Tonight I'm gonna get fucked up and celebrate National Ammo Day a day early! Fuck yeah! I love this country! GOD Bless America!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Photogenic Much?

I popped this one out at dads last weekend.

No it's not setup. That's just Eddie.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Schizophrenia

Saturday Evening Oldies

We haven't quite got the weekend themes down yet.
Just thought I would share.

What year is this?

Listen to this speech by Reagan and you would think he is talking about today.
Timeless wisdom is what that man possessed. Where are the Republicans like this now.
Oh yeah we just ran one for VICE-president.

P.S. sorry I was not around last nite. We had a house full of kids so the puter was tied up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fuckin' Bad Luck

Mike Ness is a fuckin' douchebag, but he writes some good tunes. I saw these guys in TJ when they opened for Bad Religion's "Suffer" tour at Iguanas when I was a junior in high school. They opened with Mommy's Little Monster and the shit hit the fan! Instant insanity in Mehhicho!

Come back to reality Ness. Write some good music again. Your political bullshit is tiresome you wanna-be greaser...

Friday Night Anarchy!

After two weeks of election hell and market madness, it's high time for some drunken lullabies! Lift your beers! Crank your speakers! And sing a song.

Enjoy your weekend and remember, my fellow conservative underground brothers and sisters, we're at rock bottom. There's only one direction from here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Presidential Limo

Now that we gots ourselves a man of color in the White House, I guess it was just a matter of time before the Presidential Limo got some bling...

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The Honor Guard has been practicing for the Jan. '09 Inauguration. It was supposed to be kept private, but my source snuck a picture with his secret spy camera.

Thanks Gene.

Hey Big Government!!!!!!! Back the Fuck Off!!!!

The Dow is trading close to 8,000; down almost 230 points today. The high was close to 13,000 just a few months ago, indicating a capital loss of approximately 40%. Oil is trading today at $56 and sinking. What was that high, somewhere around $155 a barrel and some change? Meanwhile, the government has so far spent close to 25% of America's GDP just within the last two months, and with money we had to either borrow, print, or both.

Hasn't it become obvious to you people that this shit ain't working?! How much longer are we going to sit here and watch these assholes borrow our future generations into the fucking dirt??!!!

Hey Big Government!!! Put down the money. Put your hands up in the air. And slowly back the fuck off!!!! You liberals and your sorry fat-ass bureaucrats have destroyed the greatest nation in the history of civilization. You greedy punks. There's a nice warm spot in hell waiting for you godless freaks.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I got home this afternoon and something was out of place. Lucy (our dog) was not in her usual spot. I whistled and started hoping that I didn't lock her inside all day. When I got to the front door I noticed the tag hanging from the door knob and I realized. "Shit, my dog got thrown in jail". So I call the number on the thing and talked to the lady. I described Lucy to her and she said she did not have a dog of that matched that description. She told me to look on the tag and see what time was written on it. 2:25 is what time the dog catcher got her. I walked up on the porch at 2:30. I missed him by 5 minutes. FUCK! Now it is going to cost me $50 bucks to spring her from jail. Damnit.

Yeah she is a real menace to society.

Update 2: The pound charged $50 even thought she never even left the dog catchers truck. I was there and removed her myself. He was to chicken shit & a real asshole to boot. Since her vaccination was out by 4 months I have to take her and get her shots Saturday which runs $38 (something I've been putting off ). Then a $10 registration fee with the county. So her little excursion is going to cost me right at $98 bucks. Thanks government.

We are going to live forever

A beer that prevents cancer. Where are my smokes at?

There's a reason to raise a pint; scientists at Rice University have created beer that could extend your life.
BioBeer, as it's called, has three genes spliced into special brewer's yeast that produce resveratrol, the chemical in red wine that is thought to protect against diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and other age-related conditions.

The only problem, from the students' perspective, is that many of them aren't old enough to legally consume their creation.

I will volunteer my time to test out the cancer preventing properties of your beer. After all it is my patriotic duty to do so. You can send the first keg to me at your convenience. Just e-mail me for my address.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a joke

I am mortified at this government bail-out business. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves. Now the auto industry? Who's next?! Is this country completely out of its fucking mind? The previous bail-outs aren't even working (and we knew they wouldn't in the first place!). I don't think the vast majority of people in this country has any idea how dangerous these policies are. Look at the massive amount of debt we are taking on. Look at how we are rewarding failure. We are throwing away the most basic fundamentals of economics and fiscal responsibility. And all because of politics, we are unable to solve some of the root causes of these problems, which run deep in our very own government. The bottom line: we are postponing the inevitable and thereby making it worse. How utterly arrogant and foolish this government. We all know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and our government today is merely a reflection of the people who voted in these incredible idiots. When the shit hits the fan, and I promise you a huge pile of it's about splatter thru, the people need only to look at their greedy selves in the mirror. You stupid people. God? What the hell is going on up there? If this is some kind of grand engineering experiment, I think its safe to say that it ain't working. This whole thing got really fucked up starting in Genesis. Ughhhhh! Blasphemy. Sorry about that.

Anyway, by the time people finally get it, it will already be over. Lights out just like the conclusion of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. So long General Motors. But before you die, here's a little secret:

Psssssst. Japanese auto makers are making money.

The joke's on you Big Three. Well, the joke's probably on America. I think we might be fucked. Speaking of jokes...

Two women were out for a Saturday stroll. One had a Doberman and the other, a Chihuahua . As they walked down the street, the one with the Doberman said to her friend, 'Let's go over to that bar for a drink.' The lady with the Chihuahua said, 'We can't go in there. We've got dogs with us.'

The one with the Doberman said, 'Just watch, and do as I do.'

They walked over to the bar and the one with the Doberman put on a pair of
dark glasses and started to walk in.

The bouncer at the door said, 'Sorry, lady, no pets allowed.' The woman with the Doberman said, 'You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog.'

The bouncer said, 'A Doberman?'

The woman said, 'Yes, they're using them now. They're very good.' The bouncer said, 'OK, come on in.'

The lady with the Chihuahua thought that convincing him that a Chihuahua was a seeing-eye dog may be a bit more difficult, but thought, 'What the heck,' so she put on her dark glasses and started to walk in.

Once again the bouncer said, 'Sorry, lady, no pets allowed.' The woman said, 'You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog.'

The bouncer said, 'A Chihuahua?' To which she replied, 'A Chihuahua? They gave me a fucking Chihuahua?!!

For and From Lisa Kay

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yer boy Lisa Kay! Next time you're down this way, I'm gonna buy you and yer boy dinner and drinks whether you like it or not! It's on me!

Families Unite!


Fuck you FEDEX!!

Up until yesterday when I was clockin' out, I assumed I was gonna be working today. Just as I was getting out of the daily grind yesterday, the owner told me that we were off Veteran's Day. Thanks for the short notice dumbass!

We're so busy right now that I figured I would come in for a few hours today and catch up on my work while the phones were dead and I could actually concentrate on estimating this huge project that's bidding early next month. One of our General contractors sent me a disc with a shitload of data on it; so much that my work PC wouldn't even process it.

Enter FEDEX/Kinko's.

I shoot down to FUX/Stinko's this morning around 9am, drop off the disc to have them print 700 pages for me and the pimple faced douchebag behind the counter tells me it's gonna be about 20-30 minutes. I tell him "no problem, I'll be in the parking lot smokin' and I'll be back in 30 minutes." After a few smokes and 40 minutes later I go back inside and he tells me that it's gonna be a "lot longer" than he expected. No problem. I give him my buisness card and tell him to call me when it's ready to pick up.

Three hours later and no call, so I call him and ask WTF? (but in a nice way). He tells me that it probably won't be ready until 2 p.m. At this point, I'm getting a little pissed because the only reason I went in to work today was to catch up and get ahead of the game. Now I have to wait until two? Fuck man! I could've been on the lake fishin this whole time insead of waiting for his dumbass to figure out how to print this shit that he was charging us for. $1.25/page no less...

I got the hell out of work around 1 p.m. and figured I would go home and change and then hit up the Chili's bar for a few frosty ones while I wait for the call. 2 p.m. rolls around and still no call. 2:30 and nothing...

After three huge beers and a Crown n' Coke, I finally get the call, and this asshole has the nerve to tell me it's going to be $900 +/-. BULLSHIT! After you ruined my entire afternoon, you're gonna charge me what??

Leaving Chili's with a great buzz, I was looking forward to going face to face with this asshole. This asshole who originally told me that it would be 20-30 minutes.

I showed up there and he half-assed apologized for the wait, blah, blah, blah!. The "wait"? Fuck man, three people who should've had the day off today came into the office expecting to get some work done and make money. Thanks to FEDEX, we just lost money in overhead alone asshole!

More importantly, I could've been on the lake today ropin' bass and enjoying the sunshine if I knew you fucks were going to give me the standard, "20-30 minutes". I expect that from pizza delivery, but not FED-FUCKING-EX!

To make a long story longer, when he was ringing me up for the $931, I asked to speak to his manager. Keep in mind, although I had a great buzz going, I wasn't rude to this poor bastard. I was obviously a little fired up, but I wasn't a dick to the dude. Afterall, he's just trying to pay his bills by working for a rapist company like FEDEX. As soon as I asked for the manager, he cut the bill by $200. I politely asked him if there was anything else he could do and he cut another $200.


I'm still prolly gonna get my ass chewed tomorrow for the wasted man hours at the office sitting around waiting on these drawings, but at least I shaved $400 off the bill. Fuck it, and fuck you FEDEX. If I would've been a little nancy boy and paid you full price for your incompetence, you would've gladly bent me over and spared the lube.

Kiss my ass, and fuck you FEDEX.


Thank God for Veterans Day

Because if this day did not exist that means veterans would not exist and of course that means America would not exist.
So to all the veterans out there. A mighty THANK YOU! Because without you I would more than likely not be here. Or worse yet America would not be here.

One of my favorite songs, done by one of the best bands on the planet.

If you see a vet today, walk up and shake their hand and tell them thank you. They deserve it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What Now?

Now that the elections are over, what' are Obamessiah supporters going to do with themselves? BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

UPDATE: Shit, I guess I must've been pretty fucked up Saturday when I saw this on Hammer's blog. I got the video email in my inbox tonight from my friend's dad, and it was like the first time I saw it. Shit! In my defense, I was pretty sick and fucked up in the head Saturday...

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Bring it!

Happy Birthday US Marines!!!

Thank you for what you boys do! We can never pay you for your sacrifice!

Thank you for what you do.

Thank you, and GOD Bless You!!!

Whacking Stick

Like my new toy?

Robert made it yesterday. It now resides by the front door and rides shotgun next to the pistol when I go cruisin.
The best part is he drilled out the end and filled it with about 5 inches of shot and plugged it.
So it has a nice deadblow effect.
I still need a leather strap but it will definitely put a knot on your melon.

When Hollywierd Was Good

I spent all day in bed Saturday sleepin' off the bug that's goin' around right now. I finally climbed out of bed around 7 last night, grabbed some grub and flipped around the channels. BOOM! It was Clint Eastwood night on AMC and that was just what the doctor ordered. I watched The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, The Dead Pool and then Hang 'Em High. If I would've gotten out of bed a couple hours earlier, I wouldn't have missed Magnum Force. That is a good one too! Hell, they're all good! I'm gonna have to buy the Dirty Harry boxed set one of these days.

I always loved the Dirty Harry flicks, but the westerns were my favorites. Hang 'Em High is a good one, but I was hoping to see High Plains Drifter. That has to be one of my all time favorite Eastwood westerns. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the schedule tonight (...errr, should I say this morning?) Shit, I guess I better get some sleep. Time goes by fast when watching Eastwood blowing people away!

This is definately in my top five favorite movies of all times.

Happy Sunday folks...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

No, kerrcarto, you're not alone my friend...

Crank up those speakers!

Am I alone?

Don't hide it light it!

My new bumper sticker

I figured this pretty much summed up the state of the union today.

I think I am going to have some of these made.

Road Trip To The White House

After Obama's family and friends heard of some rooms opening up in the White House soon, they decided to go on a little road trip.

I wonder where they have the dirty bomb stashed.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Country again.

Friday Night Aces

I finally beat you guys to it! HA!

UPDATE: Dammit Kerrcarto! You beat me by one minute.

Friday Night Fuck You

Well if I ain't country than fuck you.

A car in every garage

This is how Americans are supposed to help each other out.

Friday Rush took a call from a local woman Belinda Davis, who's husband owns a jewelry store here in Kerrville. She was worried about the upcoming election and how it would effect her and her husbands business. Rush told her not to worry and that it sounded like she had a cold. He told her if she would get some Zicam and promise to use it he would send her a copy of Vince Flynn's new book and buy her a car. She thought he was joking and thought nothing of it but sure enough Monday morning she went to Cecil Atkison motors here in Kerrville and picked herself out a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe valued at over $58,000 including tax title and license which Rush picked up the tab on also.

Belinda in her new Tahoe.
Photo from the Kerrville Daily Times

See Obama that is how it is done. Generosity from the heart not by government mandate. You think "spreading the wealth" is so good why don't you buy somebody a car? How about your Aunt living in her slum, or your brother in Kenya a car would change his life. But nooo. I guess they will just have to wait for the government to help them out. Fucking dirtbag. You and your colleagues are so generous with other peoples money but when it comes to your own your tighter than frogs asshole, and it's waterproof.

 Like your running mate for example.

Joe Biden's Gross Income Vs Charitable Donations
  • 1998 $215,432 $195
  • 1999 $210,797 $120
  • 2000 $219,953 $360
  • 2001 $220,712 $360
  • 2002 $227,811 $260
  • 2003 $231,375 $260
  • 2004 $234,271 $380
  • 2005 $321,379 $380
  • 2006 $248,459 $380
  • 2007 $319,853 $995
  • Total $2,450,042 $3,690
In ten years he has given $3,690 to charity on $2,450,042 in income, damn, what a generous guy.

I guarandamnte you that in the last ten years I have given more than $3,690 to the Salvation Army alone in donations and I am far from making anywhere near $234,000 a year hell I'm lucky if I clear $40,000 and then I don't even write it off on my taxes. You fuckers amaze me! But what more should I expect from a couple of Marxist assclowns.

Grab your wallets and your ankles people cause this is going to get ugly. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Click To Give

My best friend of 36 years lost his Mom to breast cancer in July last year. Donna was like a second Mother to me, and I loved her like my own. It was really hard to see what she had to go through in those difficult years. It was hard to see what her family was going through with her. It was hard wishing there was something I could do for her and her family's pain. Damn! There was nothing anyone could do but pray, and we did.

Donna kicked breast cancer's ass for 14 years despite the odds she faced. She had the support of her family and her church and she held on longer than anyone could've hoped. In July last year, she left us for a better life.

She was a loving person inside. To everyone. I can't even tell you how many friends she had. Donna didn't have an angry bone in her body. Why is it that the ones like Donna have to leave us so soon? I have all kinds of angry bones in my body and I'm still here. Nothing makes sense!

No matter how many chemo treatments she had to endure, no matter how much pain she was in, no matter how much she wanted to just let go, she fought on with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She wasn't about to give up. She loved life! She loved people! Everyone.

Anyways, I got this email tonight and it brought back a lot of happy memories with Auntie Donna, so in my usual form, I got all teary eyed and had to write about it. I never really knew how much freestyle writing helped let things go until GGDF was born 6 months ago. After tonight, I never really knew how much I actually care.

The part that gets me is that when I started typing the title to this post, my phone rang and it was my best friend of 36 years calling just to say "what's up". No reason other to say "hi", talk some guns and politics, and to shoot the shit about meaningless crap. Well, I guess it wasn't too meaningless, 'cause I started this post two hours ago, and my eyes haven't stopped watering since I started.

I guess it's time to throttle down and pull the burnt chicken out of the oven before my smoke alarms go off. Wheelie and Bunker won't stop circling me for food either.

Please click here and then click again at the top. It's for a good cause and it won't take more than a minute of your time. You don't have to donate, you don't have to give an email address, you just have to give a shit. Thanks for listening.

Help them make their counter spin!

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to
click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one
free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less
than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram'
for free (pink window in the middle).

Rest in peace Aunt Donna. I know I'll see you on the other side!


Obama=Clinton 2.0 only gay

If this dude is legitimate than this is going to be the funniest presidency in history. If not it is still good blog fodder.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new beginning?

FrankJ over at IMAO asked for a logo so,
Let me know what you think.

Update: Explaining Ronin (The Japanese writing in the logo).

H-O-L-Y SHIT!!!!

Well, now that the election is over with and we're all screwed, I thought I would at least lighten up the mood with something that I'm sure most of us do for relaxation, for the sport, or just the pure enjoyment.


Not that this whopper was caught, it died after spawning, but take a look at this fucking monster! If I had one of these guys on the hook, I'd probably soil myself.

Look at this fucking thing!


Damn, I really wanna do some Salmon fishing one of these days before I die...

Now what are we going to do?

Let's face it. The voices of Socialism are too powerful. There are simply too many zombies and not enough free thinkers. There are too many corrupt politicians and too few sincere leaders. There are too many scandalous businessmen and too few creators of sustained wealth. Capitalism has become corrupted by greed. Ahhhh....Greed. Savor that taste of hot toasty greed in your mouth for a few minutes. And while greed has taken over governments and markets, ignorance has taken over the peoples of the world. You sheople. You ignorant fools. And you think that even more government will solve our problems. Well I've got a number for you: $10,000,000,000,000 give or take a few hundred billion. That's our national debt. Have a nice day.

A very powerful and sinister agenda is about to unfold in front of our very eyes. Welcome to the Age of the Beast boys and girls! I will not participate.

And for starters, I will be dissolving my entire retirement stock portfolio this year. I'll take the penalty. Hell, the penalty is less than what I'll lose if I keep my money in Wall Street. Here is a good article from Captain Capitalism to help explain my proposed action and opinion.

I am going to slowly disappear from the grid. And I will probably invest everything I have right now in gold bullion and keep it in a safe. Gold is the only real tangible asset that we can rely on right now. I am also going to pursue real estate. Eventually, I will learn the art of tax evasion and smuggling. The days of paper wealth are over for me, and I refuse to live the rest of my life taxed to death like a slave to the Beast. I will fight you to the death.

I've lost complete 100% confidence in government because it is obvious to me that that the bureaucracy grows only to meet the needs of the growing bureaucracy. Government wants power not prosperity. Government cares not for we the people. Just ask New Orleans. I've lost all confidence in Wall Street as well. So long mother fuckers. Hope you hit that concrete hard when you jump from your ivory towers. And you will; sad to say it.

I now officially pronounce myself a proud member of the freedom underground. And for all you government gestapo bitches check this out: FUCK YOU!

F'ed in the A

This pretty much sums up last night for me.

Oh well, as a wise man once said Sometimes it takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



...that is all.

That's a wrap.

No shit talking. Just accepting the reality here. I knew all along that Obama would win but I thought the election would be closer than this. I'm going to spend some time with the kids and call it an early night. Have at it liberals. She's all yours.

In And Out!

No riots yet. Made it home safe from the ghetto, changed into the winning shirt, chugged three beers, walked across the street and voted. At least this time, the lady at the table actually asked me for I.D. This is the first time I have ever been asked to provide I.D., so that was a good sign. There weren't a whole lot of people there, but I found the perfect booth so when new voters walked in the door, they would see my shirt first thing! Heh! Heh!

When I was done, I turned around and there were about 10 people waiting in line and I made eye contact with all of 'em. A couple older dudes gave me the head-nod of approval, but most either looked away or had a disgusted look on their face. I always like the approval of any given shirt, but I really get off more when someone gets pissed. More were pissed than anything. Mission accomplished!

On my way out the door one of the dudes in line smiled and said, "Nice shirt." I smiled back and said, "We gotta stick together!" I should've told him that Claudia was the deciding factor, but he wouldn't have known WTF I was talking about...

Thanks for the votes peeps! It was a tough decision. I wonder what other reaction I would've gotten from shirt #1? Oh well...

Shirt #1 may have lost, but I wore this because it was such a close race:


Now it's time to get fucked up and watch the shit go down. I sure wish I could smoke a bowl right about now, but I'm out. I wonder if any of my JHE-supporting asshole neighbors wanna spread the green around? Nah, they're only generous with green when it's someone else's green.

Way To Go Terry Reed!

Somebody needs to buy this guy a beer!!!

"I think Obama's plan is just one big old poop sandwich and we're all going to have to take a bite," he said.

Terry Reed, you rule man. If you're ever in San Diego, look me up. I would love to buy you a beer or three!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Paranoid? I Think Not?

Ah yes, the day is finally here!(well, not quite here for me, but only 17 hours away until I get off work and hold my nose while I pull the lever). It’s about fucking time! I’m so sick of all the hype, the hoopla, the drama……the bullshit! Let’s get this shit on the table already and be done with it. Either way, let’s get it on!!!

I’ve had to tune out of all the election coverage for the past few days. All this stress is raising my blood pressure and driving me to drink!!! ;-)

Anyways, I’m hoping for the best, but I’m planning for the worst. Not so much at the ultimate outcome (although that scares me to death), but the immediate outcome. I live in a pretty good part of town, but I work in the fucking ghetto! As long as I can get myself out of the ‘hood and back home Tuesday I’ll be good to go! Tomorrow I’ll be taking my P-220 with me to work. Maybe even my shotgun. Wednesday will be the same, unless I see or hear of cars burning, in which case, I’m gonna stay home and guard my property and my neighbors’ property. And my two critters.

Unlike the French pussies, I’m not going to just sit around and watch cars burn and anarchy in the streets. I’m gonna stand up and fucking do something about it!

Maybe I am paranoid? Nah, fuck that! Not paranoid, but realistic. My cousin was going to USC and living in Compton when the Rodney King Riots went down back in ’92. He was in the middle of the shit. He had himself a shotgun, but he didn’t sleep for three days. I’m not going to be worried if that shit goes down here! I refuse! I’m well armed and so are most of my friends, at least the friends I can actually count on and depend on. We practice quite a bit too, so if these motherfucker wanna try their luck, they better pack a lunch and a lot of body bags, cause it’s gonna get bloody!

Did anyone besides me notice that the liberal whore reporting assumed that Reginald Denny got beat down because "he was in the wrong place at the wrong time"? NO SHIT WHORE! He got beat down because he was white! Nothing more, nothing less! Racism is a two way street, but you puppets in the media will never report the truth will you? Cunt! Yeah, he might have forgiven those animals, but I never will! I won't tolerate that shit either! What are you gonna do when they come at you? Call the coppers?

I hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t think it’s going to come to that, but the older I get, the crazier the shit gets in this fucking crazy world, so I'm not taking anything for granted. I can take care of myself without the farce of the gummint helping me out! I'm not going to end up on my death bed wondering to myself, “only if I would’ve_________”. Aint gonna happen!

I’ve been hearing theories about the “element” rioting in the streets whether the Marxist asshole gets elected or not. They will riot, loot and pillage either out of joy of getting’ free shit, or out of a major temper tantrum because a black man didn’t get elected. All because of alleged “racism”. Hell, these assholes really don’t need much of a reason to riot. They just like to riot and destroy shit at the drop of a hat, while crying ‘racism’ as an excuse for their animalistic behavior.

Not on my street assholes! Not as long as I have a breath left in me!

(Beer break)

Okay… I feel much better now! Whew!

I need some input from any of you that have made it this far though this too-long of a drunken post. I’ve been hearing all day on talk radio that we aren’t supposed to wear anything endorsing one candidate or another, one Proposition or another, etc. while pulling the lever, so I’m going to abide by the rule. Whaaa... whaaa! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same as four years ago. Cry me a fucking river!

However, I have one up my sleeve. I always like to show up in person to vote and take a look at all the freaks in my neighborhood who vote liberal. Then I like to take off the jacket I'm wearing as I walk up to the "eeeeeevil Republican voting machine" so all the bed wetting libtards know where I stand. The looks on their faces are priceless!

You reminded me how cool it is to do that Kerrcarto. Fuck 'em! I love helping liberal's wet themselves! BWAAHAHAHHA!

This year, I’m in a dilemma, so I need some input from you guys. What do you think would piss off the bed wetter’s more?

Door #1?


Door #2?


Or, Door #3?


God willing that I make it home, I'll be able to vote around 5pm PST. Your input is appreciated. I'm in a real dilemma here! I wanna wear all three, but unlike liberals, I'll only get to vote once.

Be safe everyone! Protect those around you. Don't take your safety for granted. The gummint won't be there to protect you or your family...

My name is CD, and I approve this message.

Hey Obama!

Monday freakout!

I was driving to work this morning and this came on the radio.

I couldn't help but relate the lyrics to the Obama campaign and how I see America under an Obama presidency. Especially the last verse.

And from where I stand
I reach my hand
To catch a love blow
But the selfish stare
Though electric air
Is a blinding light show
I see the face
That has no place
But somehow knows
The truth is clear
But hiding here
In the blinding light show
The blinding light show
The place is strange
The colors change
The dancer slows
And shifts his pace
And lifts his face
Into the blinding light show
A naked heart is
Quickly torn apart
And the burning grows
When you try to think
It only makes you sink
Into the blinding light show
The blinding light show
The blinding light show
And while the crowd keeps
Calling out Hoorah (I couldn't help but replace it with Barack in my head this morning)
Their greedy hands
Keep clutching out
Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah
The aimless mob is calling out
And unseen candles
Burning out
Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah
The blinding light show
The blinding light show
And the sounds of truth
Ring hollow
In this pretense world of show
And the footlights
Burn their pathways
As the profits come and go
And the seeming some-day singer
Lives the Carney Barker's dream
Selling all by saying nothing in
The language of a scream
The language of a scream
And the blind shall
Lead the sighted
As we lose the candle glow
No one knows tomorrow
In the blinding light show
The blinding light show
The blinding light show

Does that not personify the Obamessiah's campaign and the attitude of leftist politics today?
For the first time in my life I am scared of an election. That is pretty fucking bad. Obama and his leftist colleagues scare the shit out of me, I fear for my country and my way of life.

You've seen what the left did to Joe The Plumber? They ripped that dude a new asshole and tried to destroy his life for asking a simple question. The Obama campaign digging into the personal life of a reporter and her husband simply because she dared ask Biden a couple of tough questions, then pulling future interviews. Kicking legitimate reporters off the campaign plane to make room for Jet and Ebony magazines and a documentary reporter because their papers endorsed McCain. What the fuck?

Then you've got people like the fucks at The Stranger publishing private citizens addresses because they won't bow to the messiah. Keith Uberdouche and Chris "Fuck me in the ass Obama" Matthew's lovingly slobbering all over him. Most of the major media in the tank for him and a leftist Senate and House. If you think the fairness doctrine was bad in it's original form just wait until they get ahold of it, if you dare speak out against the Obama his "Civilian National Security Force" will drag you of in the middle of the night and either dissapear your ass or hold you until you get your mind right.

These are most definitely Orwellian times folks and it scares the shit out of me. Not for my sake but my children. Can you imagine what this place will look like for them if Obama runs 2 terms? I don't need to, I have read the book.

Or am I just paranoid?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

One more before the Messiah

Only Two Days To Go...

I think this has to be one of the best shirts I've seen this election cycle, or should I say this joke of an election cycle?


Fuck you Obama!!!!

Chronicles of the Obamessiah

I ran across this over at The Nose on Your Face another one of my favorite reads.
After you watch this watch the others. You won't laugh harder this week.
Especially if The Obama takes it Tuesday.

I love how he bores everybody and they just throw down their rocks and leave. That is fucking classic.

Oh yeah set your clocks back! I fucking loathe this daylight savings time switch. Gets too dark too early.
Cut's into the fishing and evening BBQ time. Which I will be doing this afternoon. Hopefully pictures of some fish will follow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gotta Have Some...

Variety, that is...


Message to The Stranger. Two can play this game Asshole!!

Drudge Report just linked your filth journalism all over the world.

First off, you're a bunch of punk mother fuckers. Secondly, you should ask yourself whether or not you would want some rag journal publishing your addresses like that. I assume you wouldn't, but its too late for that now.

Below are the home addresses and some phone numbers of The Stranger staff members.

SEATTLE, WA 98122 (206) 325-3149

Christopher Frizzelle
Seattle WA

4524 35TH AVE S


152 20TH AVE

5043 15TH AVE NE

3903 42ND AVE SW
SEATTLE, WA 98116 (206) 937-1080

121 14TH AVE E
SEATTLE, WA 98112 (206) 709-9711

This journal has put fascism on full display. You "progressives" make the KKK look open-minded.

Hey cock suckers, you'd better pray nothing happens to those residents. It would be most unfortunate if the Seattle Fire Department had to be called. And you know what else? If something happens to those properties, you'll be sued into the ground!!!

And Savage! I know where you hang out asshole. You piece of shit. You bed wetting commies are playing a very dangerous game. And we, the silent majority, don't play very nicely when we've had enough. And I think we have had just about enough of this. Time for some hate to be directed at you for a change.

I'm so angry right now I don't know what to do with myself. I think I'll take the kids to a nice lunch and then give the tip to a homeless guy. You know, spread the wealth around.

Update: I think the link is broken now and it appears that the story may have been pulled. All of the voice mailboxes are full over at The Stranger, and I'm sure their email server is loaded. I sent a nastygram over myself. Last I checked, the story had over 1,000 comments. People are really really upset over this story, and I'm sure there is going to be hell to pay come Monday.

Update II: It looks like the addresses have "mysteriously" disappeared. Here's the article. That was fast. Good work people. Give 'em hell!!!