Friday, November 7, 2008

A car in every garage

This is how Americans are supposed to help each other out.

Friday Rush took a call from a local woman Belinda Davis, who's husband owns a jewelry store here in Kerrville. She was worried about the upcoming election and how it would effect her and her husbands business. Rush told her not to worry and that it sounded like she had a cold. He told her if she would get some Zicam and promise to use it he would send her a copy of Vince Flynn's new book and buy her a car. She thought he was joking and thought nothing of it but sure enough Monday morning she went to Cecil Atkison motors here in Kerrville and picked herself out a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe valued at over $58,000 including tax title and license which Rush picked up the tab on also.

Belinda in her new Tahoe.
Photo from the Kerrville Daily Times

See Obama that is how it is done. Generosity from the heart not by government mandate. You think "spreading the wealth" is so good why don't you buy somebody a car? How about your Aunt living in her slum, or your brother in Kenya a car would change his life. But nooo. I guess they will just have to wait for the government to help them out. Fucking dirtbag. You and your colleagues are so generous with other peoples money but when it comes to your own your tighter than frogs asshole, and it's waterproof.

 Like your running mate for example.

Joe Biden's Gross Income Vs Charitable Donations
  • 1998 $215,432 $195
  • 1999 $210,797 $120
  • 2000 $219,953 $360
  • 2001 $220,712 $360
  • 2002 $227,811 $260
  • 2003 $231,375 $260
  • 2004 $234,271 $380
  • 2005 $321,379 $380
  • 2006 $248,459 $380
  • 2007 $319,853 $995
  • Total $2,450,042 $3,690
In ten years he has given $3,690 to charity on $2,450,042 in income, damn, what a generous guy.

I guarandamnte you that in the last ten years I have given more than $3,690 to the Salvation Army alone in donations and I am far from making anywhere near $234,000 a year hell I'm lucky if I clear $40,000 and then I don't even write it off on my taxes. You fuckers amaze me! But what more should I expect from a couple of Marxist assclowns.

Grab your wallets and your ankles people cause this is going to get ugly. 


CharlieDelta said...

I would take great joy in being face to face with Biden and call him on his bullshit.

Then I would take even greater joy in giving him a left hook he could remember for the rest of his life.

But I digress...

Paul said...

This is your best post ever, kerrcarto!

jackied said...

Biden looks like a tightwad, not surprised about the donations. Several years of bartending and you learn to spot the ones who will make change from your tip jar.

My kids drop more in the Salvation Army red kettles each Christmas season than Biden donates in a year (of course they lift it from my wallet, little thieves). Wait a minute, Obama's plan seems very familiar to me all of a sudden...

Otis said...

Good post. In the past 10 years I've earned way less than half that amount and donated at least four times that amount. These darned dimocrats see their time in public service as a generous contribution. Afterall they are bestowing us, the ingornant working class, with the fruits of their fantastic intellect. I feel much better for for it, don't you?

Paul said...

Here's the breakdown:

1998 0.09%
1999 0.06%
2000 0.16%
2001 0.16%
2002 0.11%
2003 0.11%
2004 0.16%
2005 0.12%
2006 0.15%
2007 0.31%

Total 0.15%

His 2007 contribution is double his historical contributions as a percentage of income. I speculate that was politically motivated. Regardless, he is a Roman Catholic. So much for that 10% tithe. Hypocritical mother fuckers.