Wednesday, November 5, 2008

F'ed in the A

This pretty much sums up last night for me.

Oh well, as a wise man once said Sometimes it takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan.


jackied said...

'It takes a Carter to get a Reagan' is my mantra now. Something to get me through the next 4 (please God, only 4) years.

Is anybody else wondering if B.O.'s inauguration speech will resemble the 'black president speech' bit that Eddie Murphy did in Delirious?

Anonymous said...

Kerrcarto! Get a hold of yourself my brother from another mother. Just because a Socialist won the election doesn't mean you should be spending your free time watching beastiality videos. dude!!!!!

Claudia said...

You, guys, are killing me...I would die an ignorant old lady, if I wouldn't visit your blog...;-)