Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Night Fuck You

Just rolled in from Irving/Arlington about 5 hours ago went out to dad's and ate Spaghetti AGAIN. TIRED. We have company coming tomorrow for our Thanksgiving so we have a house to clean. So I'm ridin tonight. What's up Paul?

BTW pictures and The great trip to Irving and the Italian Thanksgiving to come. I need Turkey!


Paul said...

Oh man! You posted my song!! Dude!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your lovely wife, and awesome kids bro!!!

Jackie D said...

Hope you had a great holiday Kerrcarto, an Italian Thanksgiving sounds heavenly after the past two days of our turkey orgy!

Wish you would have taken this rain back to the Hill Country with you. Now my husband has yet another excuse to NOT haul out the Christmas deco.

Anonymous said...

I bought tickets for GnR and faith no more years back in NYC. Axl got in a tizzy and walked off about 10 minutes into it. we cut up the seats and threw shit at the stage. After that,Faith no more played for like 2 and a half hours, covering GnR's spot...good fukin form you bastards.Fuck Guns And Roses.