Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fuck you FEDEX!!

Up until yesterday when I was clockin' out, I assumed I was gonna be working today. Just as I was getting out of the daily grind yesterday, the owner told me that we were off Veteran's Day. Thanks for the short notice dumbass!

We're so busy right now that I figured I would come in for a few hours today and catch up on my work while the phones were dead and I could actually concentrate on estimating this huge project that's bidding early next month. One of our General contractors sent me a disc with a shitload of data on it; so much that my work PC wouldn't even process it.

Enter FEDEX/Kinko's.

I shoot down to FUX/Stinko's this morning around 9am, drop off the disc to have them print 700 pages for me and the pimple faced douchebag behind the counter tells me it's gonna be about 20-30 minutes. I tell him "no problem, I'll be in the parking lot smokin' and I'll be back in 30 minutes." After a few smokes and 40 minutes later I go back inside and he tells me that it's gonna be a "lot longer" than he expected. No problem. I give him my buisness card and tell him to call me when it's ready to pick up.

Three hours later and no call, so I call him and ask WTF? (but in a nice way). He tells me that it probably won't be ready until 2 p.m. At this point, I'm getting a little pissed because the only reason I went in to work today was to catch up and get ahead of the game. Now I have to wait until two? Fuck man! I could've been on the lake fishin this whole time insead of waiting for his dumbass to figure out how to print this shit that he was charging us for. $1.25/page no less...

I got the hell out of work around 1 p.m. and figured I would go home and change and then hit up the Chili's bar for a few frosty ones while I wait for the call. 2 p.m. rolls around and still no call. 2:30 and nothing...

After three huge beers and a Crown n' Coke, I finally get the call, and this asshole has the nerve to tell me it's going to be $900 +/-. BULLSHIT! After you ruined my entire afternoon, you're gonna charge me what??

Leaving Chili's with a great buzz, I was looking forward to going face to face with this asshole. This asshole who originally told me that it would be 20-30 minutes.

I showed up there and he half-assed apologized for the wait, blah, blah, blah!. The "wait"? Fuck man, three people who should've had the day off today came into the office expecting to get some work done and make money. Thanks to FEDEX, we just lost money in overhead alone asshole!

More importantly, I could've been on the lake today ropin' bass and enjoying the sunshine if I knew you fucks were going to give me the standard, "20-30 minutes". I expect that from pizza delivery, but not FED-FUCKING-EX!

To make a long story longer, when he was ringing me up for the $931, I asked to speak to his manager. Keep in mind, although I had a great buzz going, I wasn't rude to this poor bastard. I was obviously a little fired up, but I wasn't a dick to the dude. Afterall, he's just trying to pay his bills by working for a rapist company like FEDEX. As soon as I asked for the manager, he cut the bill by $200. I politely asked him if there was anything else he could do and he cut another $200.


I'm still prolly gonna get my ass chewed tomorrow for the wasted man hours at the office sitting around waiting on these drawings, but at least I shaved $400 off the bill. Fuck it, and fuck you FEDEX. If I would've been a little nancy boy and paid you full price for your incompetence, you would've gladly bent me over and spared the lube.

Kiss my ass, and fuck you FEDEX.



kerrcarto said...

Dude for $500 bucks y'all could by a damn good printer. Fuck FedKinkoSex.

CharlieDelta said...

Dude, it didn't have as much to do with printers at work as it did the wasted fucking bullshit time from FED_FUCKING_EX. We have all kinds of printers at work, but FUCK_EX couldn't come through on their stance, and they cost us money.

If they would've told me it was gonna take six hours, I could accept it. Hell, I would've been fishin' for five hours and not even worried about it, but they originally told me 20-30 minutes, and that's not acceptable when people are on the clock on a day we came into work when we could've been fisihin' instead of waiting on their dumbasses...

Again, FEDEX.......FUCK.YOU!

Anonymous said...

Your a fucking idiot. Its not "fed fucking ex " its the ship shop you went to. Fedex/kinkos is just an authorized fed ex ship station. He is just your everyday shipper. He does not in anyway shape or form work for FedEx. He pays them so he can ship fed ex. Your the dumbass who took it to there when you coulda did it yourself at a public library! Douche