Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Asshole.

I am sitting here in the office (yeah no rest for the self employed) listening to the Glen Beck show and getting hotter by the minute about this Ramos and Compean thing. Bush just pardoned two turkeys, I know it is a tradition and all, but....they are going to be flown to FUCKING DISNEYLAND!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! This place has gone completely nuckin futs, bass ackwards so to speak. I can't type anymore, FUCK YOU BUSH you prick.

Go help out our first political prisoners if you can, or just leave them a comment to let their families know we are still here.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't even let them be with their families at Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, tax embezzlers, coke heads, and thieves are on their way home for Thanksgiving.

I'd like to shove those turkeys up Bush's ass. Fucking douchebag.

PeggyU said...

God, that's depressing! Is there any way to send a message of encouragement to Compean and Ramos and their families? I would like to do that.

yellowbeard65 said...

We could petition Obama after he gets in to pardon Compean and Ramos. I feel really bad that I voted for that cocksucker twice, Bush is a total shitwad.