Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

This is my favorite holiday. I love the family gathering. I love the food. I love football. I love the sofa nap. But most importantly, despite the crap going on, I am thankful to God for my freedom and my country. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Internet friends (you know who you are), and to my good friends CharlieDelta and kerrcarto! And Happy Thanksgiving to all our men & women serving our country. We wouldn't be here without your sacrifice!!

And one more thing:

I was lamenting with CharlieDelta the other day about how I have never been able to find a certain Bad Religion album that both of us happen to really dig. So what does he do? He finds it and ships it up to me here in Seattle. Now that's a friend!!!

Cheers, CD! I am truly thankful.


CharlieDelta said...

Right on Paul!!! First paragraph, fucking DITTO bro!

When we're all sitting around the table stuffing our faces this holiday, take the time to offer a prayer for those men and women who are stuck in that shithole sandbox so we can sit around and stuff our faces while screaming at the TV while enjoying a home cooked meal and a great buzz. God bless them all!

Glad you finally got the CD man. I was getting ready to go postal on the fucking post office. I guess when you send something "Priority" that means, "Take your fucking time getting it there".

And yes, I am thankful for all of my internet friends who happen to read my drunken drivel and actually come back and read more of it. Thank you.

I'm thankful for being invited to the blogmeet and finally shaking you and kerrcarto's hands and throwing a few back. Fuck, there's too much to be thankful for, I could write a fuckin' book! Funny how things turn out in life sometimes, huh?

Cheers Paul! Looks like you're gonna have yourself a killer Wednesday evening. I can already smell the aroma from the sticky green. Crank that shit! By far, my favorite Bad Religion album!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Claudia said...

Paul- Good you mentioned the fighting men. Canadian Thanksgiving was on Oct.13. We sent thousands of greetings to our guys in Afghan. Hard to be away with aliens at Holiday time. Will be thinking of yours, today.

PeggyU said...

Happy Thanksgiving X 3 to you all!

CharlieDelta said...

Thanks PeggyU! To you as well. Keep doing what you're doing...

H2o said...

I hope all the men at GTGDF had a great Thanksgiving!