Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Holidays!!!!

Tomorrow has to be one of my all time favorite holidays ever (coming in just behind BAG Day)! Too bad I'l be stuck at work for most of it, but I'm hitting up the ATM and I'm going to put forth my best effort to pull some weight when I get out of the daily grind.

I know times are tough people, but buy a box, buy a case, buy a couple cases. If all goes as planned, I should be showing up at home tomorrow with a few thousand rounds of many different calibers: 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 5.56, .45ACP, 9mm, 12 ga., .22LR... So much ammo, so little time!

Tonight I'm gonna get fucked up and celebrate National Ammo Day a day early! Fuck yeah! I love this country! GOD Bless America!!!!


kerrcarto said...

Well hell I will go load up on .40 cals and 40 beers.

PeggyU said...

Seriously? Does that mean there will be sales? I've got Christmas shopping to do. :)

Mheh. It just occurred to me, I should get the boys Bibles to go with.