Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ignorance At It's Finest

I snaked this one from a Disgruntled Truck Driver and had to share my fear for our future with y'all. It's really scary when you think about it. I've always prided myself on not having kids I couldn't afford, but at this point, why not? At least the one's I raise now will engage the retards that the liberal retards are having anyways... My positive to their negative. Our win to their loss! My FUCK to his YOU!

Can you believe the current ignorance (and future ignorance) of the average American voter today? Holy shit! This is scarey to say the least! I want to head butt every asshole in this clip.

Holy. Shit!

If you don't work and pay taxes, you shouldn't be able to vote! If you are on welfare and suckin' of Uncle Sam's teet, you shouldn't be able to vote. If you aren't a contribution to society I'll wipe my ass with your vote! Fuck YOU! Oh yeah college kids, if you're going to school and mommy and daddy are payin' for it, Fuck You too! Barf your lame vote before you make it to class around 10am, idiot!

The ignorance of these assholes is frightening:

By the way... Who's Barney-fuckin'-Frank? Who is Nanci-fuckin'-Pelosi? Who is Harry-fuckin-Reid?

"I don't know..."

Who's clothes matter?


You liberals are a gaggle of fucking morons! You have no idea who runs Congress and you are more concerned with what Sarah Palin is wearin' than her stance on National Security? You are too busy trying to dig up dirt on her to worry about marxism from your messiah? You are more concerned with electing a black man because it's a "time in history" that you don't see through his bullshit rhetoric?

Paint him white and he's Ketchup Boy, except JHE has ZERO experience and he's never given himself a Purple Heart.

The only thing JHE has done is bullshit the American populace into believing that he actually gives a fuck about this country. Unfortunately, most of this country bought it hook, line and sinker.



SuperGurl said...

awesome, cd. and my speakers are back so i'm cyberdeaf no mo.

great post, and agreed.

kerrcarto said...

Is anyone really surprised. We have some of the smartest idiots in the world here in the United States.

labcat said...

the dumbing down of America...mission accomplished.

Claudia said...

I finally believe what my Texan friends have been telling me. The good old USA is gone. It's depressing. It's like the end of a love affair...

If I would be Sarah Palin, I would wash my hands out of politics, and be happy forever after with my guy, kids, huskies, caribou and guns in beautiful Alaska.

I would say that those idiots were brain-washed, except they don't have a brain. Probably had a lobotomy in school...

Bet you it's not better here. Wouldn't risk asking questions around. Have to live with dumb Canadians who still worship Pierre Trudeau.

kerrcarto said...

"Y'all" ?

XYZPDQ Your Texan is showing.

SuperGurl said...

kerrcarto, hysterical! you give good comment.

and cd, it's on freaking o'reilly tonight. make sure and catch it on fox news tonight, they repeat their shit ova and ova and got to see it!

CharlieDelta said...

Dude it's funny you say that. I've been thinking more and more about getting the fuck out of this shit state and heading east. Texas sounds pretty good right about now.

Work bullshit is driving me fucking crazy. I'm not living, I'm just surviving and it's getting old. I work to live, I don't live to work. Besides, I would be able to add a few rifles to my arsenal LEGALLY in the Lone Star State that I have wanted for quite some time. I really need to sort my shit out.

I got home from work and ammo-shopping too late tonight to see it dammit! They'll repeat it again in two hours but I'll be in bed by then. Tell me how it was...

Btw, I checked you out Monday and got the same results we talked about before. Maybe it's my P.O.S. PC? I don't know, but I would sure like to figger this shit out.

I really love reading your random writing!

Try saying that ten times really fast, and then try saying it ten times fast after a six pack of tall-boys. Whew! I think I just made myself dizzy...

Claudia said...

SuperGurl - I cannot get you either. Just get a blank screen, and your name stays at the bottom of my screen, unless I close all tabs.Love reading you, too.