Saturday, November 1, 2008

Message to The Stranger. Two can play this game Asshole!!

Drudge Report just linked your filth journalism all over the world.

First off, you're a bunch of punk mother fuckers. Secondly, you should ask yourself whether or not you would want some rag journal publishing your addresses like that. I assume you wouldn't, but its too late for that now.

Below are the home addresses and some phone numbers of The Stranger staff members.

SEATTLE, WA 98122 (206) 325-3149

Christopher Frizzelle
Seattle WA

4524 35TH AVE S


152 20TH AVE

5043 15TH AVE NE

3903 42ND AVE SW
SEATTLE, WA 98116 (206) 937-1080

121 14TH AVE E
SEATTLE, WA 98112 (206) 709-9711

This journal has put fascism on full display. You "progressives" make the KKK look open-minded.

Hey cock suckers, you'd better pray nothing happens to those residents. It would be most unfortunate if the Seattle Fire Department had to be called. And you know what else? If something happens to those properties, you'll be sued into the ground!!!

And Savage! I know where you hang out asshole. You piece of shit. You bed wetting commies are playing a very dangerous game. And we, the silent majority, don't play very nicely when we've had enough. And I think we have had just about enough of this. Time for some hate to be directed at you for a change.

I'm so angry right now I don't know what to do with myself. I think I'll take the kids to a nice lunch and then give the tip to a homeless guy. You know, spread the wealth around.

Update: I think the link is broken now and it appears that the story may have been pulled. All of the voice mailboxes are full over at The Stranger, and I'm sure their email server is loaded. I sent a nastygram over myself. Last I checked, the story had over 1,000 comments. People are really really upset over this story, and I'm sure there is going to be hell to pay come Monday.

Update II: It looks like the addresses have "mysteriously" disappeared. Here's the article. That was fast. Good work people. Give 'em hell!!!


PeggyU said...

Paul: Did you post this at Sound Politics?

If you didn't, I think you should contact Stefan Sharkansky and have him link to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I lifted the addresses from a commenter on that article. I checked a few of them using the King County Assessor web site and a few don't check out. For instance, Savage's address is probably old because records show he sold that property in 2000. Regardless, I'll get a hold of Sound Politics and give them what I've got. Thanks.

jackied said...

Completely irresponsible for The Stranger to post. There are too many hateful morons out there that are certain to wreak havoc. Let's not forget that the Internet is forever, so some idiot could stumble across the post six months from now and decide to take action...those poor folks will never know who to blame when anything happens to them.

Let us know if any of the addresses check out, that information can be put to good use by those who know how to annoy without violating anyone's rights.

Anonymous said...

As a technical point, isn't "cocksuckers" one word?

As a practical matter, the turnabout is a tame response, because McCain's people are more civilized. So if they post our addresses, we're in danger. But if we post their's, it's a non-issue.

CharlieDelta said...

Excellent post Paul! Turn about is fair play right? Nice work! Come Monday, these assholes are gonna get an ear full. Not in a rude way, but in a realistic way. I can't wait to clog up their phones with my calls!

Progressive? Yeah, I have a 'progressive' turd brewin' inside, and I can't wait to dump it on one of these assholes in a polite way.


PeggyU said...

Well, if we're too nice for them to be in any sort of danger, I suppose it's probably too much to hope that they would at least be embarrassed. I think you have to have a conscience for that!

RobertinSeattle said...

Better still, you can enter those addresses into lib search engine GoogleMaps and possibly find recent pictures of their houses to post up along with their addresses.

The people who are now publishing THEIR home addresses online should be just as protected and fine. Just because you can does not mean you should and I love it when the unintended consequences come back and bite people in the ass. Hard. The Stranger's consistently nasty gay queen attitude bites them back once again and they don't like it. Too bad. There should always be equal or overpowering consequences for bad actions. Always.

IMHO The payback is more than justified. As much as the libs commenting say the payback is meaner, I have to disagree. When you take it to a selective, personal level, all bets are off. My point is, who's next on The Stranger's list the next time? They claimed that they had a "democratic vote" amongst themselves and the 'For publishing the article' staffers won out. So much for democracy. When you ask only the idiots to vote, you already know the outcome. What an ignorant rationalization for doing something stupid. I see little difference between this kind of dumb act and randomly outing prominent gays to justify the ends (something Dan Savage approves of BTW).

Anonymous said...

Good comments, Robert. Hang out with us here at gottagetdrunkfirst.

RobertinSeattle said...

A friend of mine wrote me back concerned that I might have been the writer of the original post. My answer back:

Wasn't my post. But certainly not undeserved. If it had been The Stranger's only incursion into this kind of evil, hypocritical behavior, it might have been forgivable. But their actions after the original post were even more reprehensible than the original action of posting innocent people's addresses. When Drudge posted the original link to their page, they then changed the page to go back to Drudge in retaliation. But it only served to boost Drudge's popularity and pissed people off even more because of the incredibly childish manner in which they handled the whole thing. I suspect they may get served first thing in the morning by some of the homeowners they displayed. Maybe someone will finally bankrupt that waste of trees.

Worse still IMHO is their ongoing rationalization that this tit-for-tat is all equal; Not even close. The people whose houses and addresses they posted were innocent citizens with the right to put political signs of their choice in their front yards. These people are supposedly "journalists" who should have some level of responsibility and should be held to that standard. And according to their own blog post, they voted on this "democratically" within their own staff with the 'yeas' winning out so it justified their actions.

Maybe this is finally the beginning of a new start for online "journalism": Digging up the same kind of dirt of every one of these people who think it's their divine right to be assholes anonymously online while slamming everyone they see fit in their narrow little minds. I love a level playing field. I want to see the same thing done to everyone over at Huffington Post and Slate and especially Daily Kos. Too much stuff is coming out in the guise of "journalism" when it's nothing more than the lowest form of smear tactics. We may finally be witnessing a new upheaval and long-awaited change in approach.

And yes, I think I'll also be sticking around here for a while.