Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now what are we going to do?

Let's face it. The voices of Socialism are too powerful. There are simply too many zombies and not enough free thinkers. There are too many corrupt politicians and too few sincere leaders. There are too many scandalous businessmen and too few creators of sustained wealth. Capitalism has become corrupted by greed. Ahhhh....Greed. Savor that taste of hot toasty greed in your mouth for a few minutes. And while greed has taken over governments and markets, ignorance has taken over the peoples of the world. You sheople. You ignorant fools. And you think that even more government will solve our problems. Well I've got a number for you: $10,000,000,000,000 give or take a few hundred billion. That's our national debt. Have a nice day.

A very powerful and sinister agenda is about to unfold in front of our very eyes. Welcome to the Age of the Beast boys and girls! I will not participate.

And for starters, I will be dissolving my entire retirement stock portfolio this year. I'll take the penalty. Hell, the penalty is less than what I'll lose if I keep my money in Wall Street. Here is a good article from Captain Capitalism to help explain my proposed action and opinion.

I am going to slowly disappear from the grid. And I will probably invest everything I have right now in gold bullion and keep it in a safe. Gold is the only real tangible asset that we can rely on right now. I am also going to pursue real estate. Eventually, I will learn the art of tax evasion and smuggling. The days of paper wealth are over for me, and I refuse to live the rest of my life taxed to death like a slave to the Beast. I will fight you to the death.

I've lost complete 100% confidence in government because it is obvious to me that that the bureaucracy grows only to meet the needs of the growing bureaucracy. Government wants power not prosperity. Government cares not for we the people. Just ask New Orleans. I've lost all confidence in Wall Street as well. So long mother fuckers. Hope you hit that concrete hard when you jump from your ivory towers. And you will; sad to say it.

I now officially pronounce myself a proud member of the freedom underground. And for all you government gestapo bitches check this out: FUCK YOU!


kerrcarto said...

I too am done. Obama will not break me financially or spiritually. I will survive even if we have to move out to our place in Vance, Texas. Try and find me, I dare you. You won't get within 150 yds of the house. IMAO has an idea for the Conservative Undergrounds logo the it is simply the Colt Model 1911. I think I will fool around with photoshop later and try and improve on it. The Conservative Revolution starts today! Bring it on nutroots.

PeggyU said...

I am picking my battle. Please contact me if you would like to see the Republican primary system reworked.

Living on the left coast has taught me that my vote doesn't count - not in the primaries, not in the election.

I would like to see primary elections held simultaneously in all states, with the results not released until the votes have been tabulated. This will minimize the sway of the press and ensure equality for all ballots. Furthermore, ballots should not be counted until overseas military votes have been collected and returned with local ones.

My email address is here, and if you feel as I do, then let's start raising the roof on this now.

labcat said...

so i've been wondering if i can take my $$ out of the stock market but still keep my 401k so that my employer can still pay in the 6%. *smacks forehead* silly me, nevermind. that won't be around much longer anyway.

Anonymous said...

Labcat, you can distribute your vested portion, take the tax penalty, and reinvest in precious medals, real estate, cash, etc. You are free to take your vested portion at any time. But there is a tax hit. Again, probably less than what we've lost this year. Ouch. Dow lost close to 500 today. Me thinks the smart money is pulling out of the stock markets.