Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trooper Hell

The Trooper decided to be an asshole this week (of course, I just paid it off Friday) and started idling rough, stalling out on me and just plain running crappy. I figured first thing first. Fuel filter. I changed that out but to no avail. I took it up to my uncle today at Mosty's Garage here in Kerrville and he ran the computer diagnostic test. It came back with some incoherent codes that meant diddly shit. He cleared the codes out of the computer and told me to come back when the Check Engine Light came back on. I drove out to work as it was and at lunch I drove it back in and waited for the little orange light to illuminate. Drove. Drove. Drove. Finally it lit up. I drove it over to the shop, hooked it up to the puter and awaited it's devine wisdom. The code that came back was an EGR valve error but nothing bad. I called the auto parts store and a new EGR valve costs $167 WTF!

So after work today I took my Uncle's advice and went to CarQuest (the local dudes) and got a can of spider killer/throttle body cleaner. I removed the air intake from the throttle body and douched all the carbon buildup out of it. The black smoke that blew out of the tailpipe would give Algore a heart attack. Then I removed the EGR valve and cleaned it as good as possible, careful to not douse any electrical parts. Put everything back together and hit the road. It had some initial hesitation but after getting it up to 80 or so and blowing all the shit out in seems to run fine.

EGR valve $167
Uncle's advise $Free
Fixing your car for $6 compared to $167.....$6

Now I just have to see how she feels in the morning.
Keep your fingers crossed.

BTW Do you think I need to buy carbon offset credits for all the shit I blew into the atmosphere?


CharlieDelta said...

Dude, that fuckin' blows! There's nothing I hate more (well, besides dumbass liberals) than fucking car trouble. $167 for an EGR valve? That's highway fucking robbery!

At least you can work on the thing yourself and/or your uncle. Up until about 3 years ago I had a '93Tacoma with the 22R motor. I could do anything and everything to that simple 4-banger and it always treated me well. Clutch, water pump, belts, you name it, I could do it in a couple hours. Then what do I do? I buy myself a '99 Tacoma 6-cyl and it all goes to shit. Now when I pop the hood, I don't even know WTF I'm looking at. With this newer one, it's such a pain in the ass just to get to the oil filter that I let Toyota service it for me. It's all computerized bullshit!

Gotta give it to the Japs though. They sure make reliable motors. How many miles you got on that thing?

BTW, the spider killer/throttle body cleaner reference cracked me up. I forgot all about that post.

Good luck!

kerrcarto said...

I just turned 168,000 the other day. This is the real first trouble I have had with it. Besides the starter going out on me. I forgot to tell you about that. The starter took a shit on me the morning after I dropped Leslie and you off at the airport. Good thing it didn't decide to die at the Alamo.

Anonymous said...

You need to swap out the spark plugs, Burning up the spider killer juice tend to glaze the plugs.
Throw in a air filter and you completed what in the trade is called a small tune up