Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You vote NOW!

IMAO has the Conservative Underground logo voting going on.
You go vote for mine now or I will beat you with a wet noodle.

BTW mine is the second one down.
My other name is Josh shhhhh..don't tell anyone.


CharlieDelta said...

DONE! Dude, yours is best hands down!

Anonymous said...

DONE! I liked yours the best, too, although there were some other ones I liked, too.

"Pay for it with your own money, bitch!" I liked that one.

And, the one with the elephant holding the rhinoceros by the hind legs, "Say uncle, bitch!" LMAO

Claudia said...

You got my vote. Great logo, Josh.

Many good ones there. Conservatives are so clever. Lots of brains in all of us...