Thursday, December 4, 2008

And Yet Another Joke, Not of the HA HA Funny Kind

WTF is happening to my country? What the FUCK is going on? I really can't believe what I'm seeing these days. Holy shit!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised when living in this shitty state, but this one really rocked my world when I heard this bullshit on the Rick Roberts Show this morning.

A move to stop supermarkets and drugstores from offering customers plastic carryout bags is making its way through San Diego's City Hall.

Okay, STOP! A "move" to stop supermarkets and drugstores from selling goods and making money because of a fucking plastic (and/or) paper bag? Who the hell do these dumbass politicians think they are? Regulated grocery shopping is just around the corner I guess.

Several California cities already have banned the bags, despite legal action from the grocery and plastics industries.

I've heard a little chatter about Del Mar and La Jolla doing this, but that's to be expected from those hypocrital liberal assholes. These are the same fucks that buy into Al Whore's rhetoric, vote for a socialist/marxist asshole, hog as much as they can and expect everyone else to "go green", "save the earth", and "don't do as I do, but do as I say". Fuck you yuppy/hippycrits! Blow me!

Studies show the average Californian is given more than 500 of these "single-use" bags a year.

Actually, I use each and every one of them a couple times. Once to take my groceries home, and then again to either put in my bathroom trashcan for used up toothpaste, t.p. rolls, dental floss, or whatever. Other times they get used to bring home my groceries, and then are used to clean out the litter box and other trash around the house. They don't just get shit-canned. I use these bags to their full extent. I love how these fucking green assholes just assume that everything is going to waste before living in the real world.

And, that billions wind up littering the landscape, waterways and oceans.

Not like all the rubbers and hypodermic needles that these assholes love to pass out like it's candy. Do you think they give a fuck where that "plastic" ends up? Me either.

San Diego is now looking at promoting a switch to paper, and -- ultimately -- reusable cloth bags.

How about San Diego looking to get rid of the fucking morons in office who care more about plastic and paper bags than they do about the wetbacks invading our city, sapping our economy and who are wasting more of this shit than anyone else? Huh? Just a thought!

There'd be no choice of 'paper or plastic' under the proposed San Diego ordinance, modeled after laws in San Francisco, Malibu and Manhattan Beach.

Again with the fucking "ordinance". It sounds important, but it's nothing but than more liberal bullshit rhetoric aimed at dumbasses who buy into it and will keep voting for these assholes who keep bringing about more "ordinance".

Plastic carryouts would be off-limits at big supermarkets and chain drugstores -- whose lobbyists argue that cities should do more to promote recycling the bags, not just ban them.

I guess that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn't apply to the liberty of using a common sense means of bringing groceries back to one's home? My bad.

But backers of the measure say only 4 percent of plastic bags get recycled, because it just doesn't pay.

I call bullshit! Bullshit! Who's the expert with this fabricated statistic? I really want to know so I can call him/her on their liberal rhetoric. Pretty much everyone I know uses these bags after they get home for many different purposes. Picking up dog shit, recycling cans/bottles, taking lunches to work, etc. The list goes on and on!

At that same hearing, industry representatives warned that a plastics ban would create a run on paper bags -- for which the stores likely would begin charging customers.

And then the tree-huggers would wet themselves about the trees being "murdered".

And that brings the argument around to cloth bags -- whose use is growing, and encouraged by nickel discounts from a lot of supermarkets.

Yeah, nickel discounts? Fuck you! Sounds to me a lot like me having to pay CRV to force me to recycle or not get that State generated bullshit "tax" back. More money generation for the state runned morons who keep looking for ways to take more of our hard earned money. Am I wrong?

Are shoppers ready to make that switch?

Not this one.

"My sense is, 30 percent of the people jump on board right away; another 30-40 percent are waiting for everybody else to come on," says Richard Anthony, an activist with Zero Waste San Diego.

Hey Dick Anthony, of course that's what you would think. You don't know a fucking thing asshole! You can take your 30% and cram it up your ass. Hopefully the other 70% of logical San Diegans will knock your dick in the dirt like it should be. You should be strung up by your balls with plastic "one-use" bags, dickhead. Fuck you too!

I'm sure the normal people of San Diego will step up to the plate and shut this shit down, but it'll prolly get shopped to the next activist liberal judge who will negate the voice of The People like with Prop 8.

It's coming to a head, and it's not going to be pretty.

Fuck YOU San Diego politicians!



Anonymous said...

Some of those plastic bags are made from corn and require less energy to make and use than the paper and cloth bags.

kerrcarto said...

I like to do whippits from my unused plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

Like I told CD the other day. They can pass all the laws they want. I've had it. I'll do what I want, when I want, carry what I want, fuck what I want, say what I want. Catch me if you can. This nanny state business is over the fucking top. Leave me the hell alone!

kerrcarto said...

Paul, Right On Brother!!! Consequences be damned. Fuck "em

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Good point, and I reuse mine as well. Methinks live in the wrong state.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Not much I can add to your rant. Right the fuck on. I like plastic bags, think of all the shit you can do with them. Let your mind wonder and you will figure it out.
I see the dicks in the store a lot of times who bring their own bag with them to put their purchases in and they are like back pack things. I then look at how they dress, and you can tell they an't from around here. Humm

Daryl said...

I can tell you right now I won't pick up the dog's shit with a re-usable cloth bag.

PeggyU said...

No guns ... no plastic bags ... can't shoot yourself, can't suffocate yourself ... what next?

Rayvet said...

"cloth bags"

At some point have to be washed/cleaned. This requires water, electricity and soap. Oh the humanity. We sacrifice one "issue" for another. Earth to wing nuts, earth to wing nuts, we are a consumptive society. Face the facts and get use to it. On a simliar note, I have been to several "landfills" that have been properly managed and you can hunt, fish, hike and bike in them. They are quite awesome. So fuck em.

Jackie D said...

The left coast must be very well run if the only things they have left to legislate are grocery bags.

I bought one of those cloth bags the other day, just because I liked the bag and it was cheap (it looked like a football jersey). The cashier bagged the cloth bag in a plastic bag and then bagged my one other item in another plastic bag.

Sure, it's cloth now, but soon Coach or someone will come out with a crocodile/leather/mink grocery bag, so tree hugging PETA folks will face the moral dilemma of denying themselves the latest status symbol or shattering their moral compass. It's only a matter of time before some poor minimum wage kid accidently breaks a bottle of cabernet, ruining someone's $1,000 "reusable" bag and spurring a lawsuit. Then we will all be required to sign an f'ing waiver or something before a store will bag anything for us.