Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make My Day...

Some good news for once...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs resident will not be charged for fatally shooting an intruder who tried to break into a home that he apparently thought was his, prosecutors said Tuesday.

James Parsons is protected under Colorado's "Make My Day" law, which allows people to use deadly force in self-defense in their home against intruders, according a statement from the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

"Make My Day" law. I love it, except it's pretty sad that we have to have a fucking law allowing someone to use deadly force in self defense. Allowing someone? GMAFB! The law should make it mandatory to use deadly force in self-defense situations. You fucking pansy ass liberals out there are the root problem for having to have a fucking law to allow someone to defend themselves with deadly force. You are the fucking problem period!

Parsons shot 22-year-old Sean Kennedy, an assistant golf pro at a Colorado Springs golf course, on Dec. 28. Kennedy had been drinking that night and apparently thought he was breaking into his own house, which was a block away.

Okay, I don't care how drunk I have been, I've never tried to "break in" to my own house, much less someone else's. What a fucking idiot! A dead idiot. A Dead Kennedy in fact!

Prosecutors said Kennedy broke a window in the back door and was reaching inside to unlock it. Two dogs inside barked persistently as the couple shouted for him to leave. The ordeal lasted more than four minutes.

Four minutes? That's 3 1/2 minutes too long. It wouldn't have lasted more than 30 seconds if that was my house. I wear my sidearm all the time when I'm home. Not paranoid, just prepared.

"A reasonable person in those circumstances would have believed that [Kennedy] was going to do a crime against them or property," said newly elected District Attorney Dan May, who oversaw the review of the shooting.

"A reasonable person..."

Dan May. We need more D.A.'s like you. I commend you for being a rational man with common sense. You obviously aren't a liberal.

Kennedy went to the back of the house, forced open a screen door, smashed a window and was reaching to unlock the deadbolt, investigators said. Parsons then shot at him three times.

Two bullets went through Kennedy's arm and into his torso, May said.

I love happy endings.

James Parsons, I applaud you. You did what every law abiding American should be allowed to do in their own home. You're obviously not a liberal either. If you're ever in San Diego, I would love to buy you a beer and shake your hand. Nice work! You certainly made my day!

UPDATE: Here's the 911 call


Anonymous said...

Canada is fucked. I was partying up in Nelson, BC last summer and this guy at the bar told me that deadly force out of self-defense in your own home lands you right into prison. Ain't that some shit?

CharlieDelta said...

That sounds like Kalifornia too Paul. I guess here, you just have to "fear for your life". If some dude I don't know is smashing glass and trying to break in my place, that automatically makes me fear for my life. Therefore, BOOM!

kerrcarto said...

I got a .40 cal S&W waiting for your ass if you come to my house or my neighbors looking for trouble.

The Castle doctrine baby!

We don't call 911.

Deadman said...

Here in Cali I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six, so...