Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Convert Cassette Tapes to MP3

Labcat asked me how she can convert her old cassettes to CD. I decided to post here in case anybody else is looking to do this.

1) Pull out your old cassette player. You can use either the headphone jack (1/8" or 1/4" port) or the audio outputs (usually RCA).
2) Identify the line-in port on the back of your computer (usually a single 1/8" port).
3) Purchase the appropriate connector or you may happen to have the right one stuffed in your junk drawer. You won't spend more than $15 at RadioShack.
4) Connect cassette player to your computer, and test by playing a cassette. You should hear it through your computer speakers in stereo.

Now you need software.

5) Download Audacity. It's free (but always good to donate if you like the software).
6) Record to MP3 and store or burn to CD.
7) Crank it up.
8) Drink a cold beer or spark a spliff or both.
9) Repeat No. 8
10) Repeat No. 9

Voila! You just converted all your tapes for less than $15, while everybody else is purchasing USB cassette players with shitty software for about $150. ROFL!!

Here's a how-to video from a friendly English chap.


labcat said...

wow! thank you so fucking much :D
it's gonna take forever but will be worth it. i've got everything from pink floyd to rage against the machine. 10000 maniacs to the outfield. oh yeah it's gonna be a good time repeating #8 and i'm thankful i'm not the only one with a junk drawer or 2 or 3.

Paul said...

You're fucking welcome. Glad to help! :)

CharlieDelta said...

Paul you fucking techno geek! BWAAAAHAHAHA! That's awesome. I'm gonna have to do that as soon as I find the countless shoe boxes full of cassettes I have. When I finally move the F out of here, I'm gonna find so much shit...

Dan O. said...

I transferred about 45 cassettes to CD's using the software that came with my Soundblaster. (c.1999) Just recently bought a turntable and am converting my dad's records the same way. OLD records. Old Country & Western records. 1960's era. Yee-haaaw.

Works pretty good though. Bought the turntable for $72 bucks (brand new) over at Amazon. Came with a built-in preamp so the level is right for the Line-in jack. And my software allows me to remove the worst of the pops that occasionally show up.

Keeps me off the streets and Dad loves it.

red collar said...

Long story short: John Carpenter's The Thing DVD has production film with all the collaborators. I noticed that you could select the audio for it, and low and behold, you can watch that film without the interviews but ONLY THE MOVIE SCORE.

And through Google, I found Audacity which is an opensource program, free of charge which works wonders.

I did have to fiddle with it to get a stereo track, but it's all good now.

Audacity is awsome.