Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Anarchy!!

Whoa! What a week, huh? I'm not going to start in on the bullshit goings on up there in Loserville, DC. I think I ranted enough a few days ago over that piece of shit Pelosi, yeah? Thanks to labcat and kerrcarto for the laughs. BWAHAHAH!!!!

I have been in a Rush mood for several days so I think I'll post a song off their latest album, "Snakes & Arrows." And for you Rush fans out there who don't own this album yet, go get it losers!

I dug up some Rush pics online and slapped this video together. I remember this song heading up from Spokane to Kootenay Lake last summer. Great road trip album this is. Crank it up and crack one open. Have a great weekend!


CharlieDelta said...

Killer Paul! I've been needing something new in my truck and I haven't heard this album in a while. And you are correct, it's an awesome road trip album. Although I can't think of any Rush album that isn't.

labcat said...

uugh! i have sooo many cd's that i NEED and i don't have the $$$ so i just haven't bought any. stupid logic i know, but i don't know where to start. found a ton of cassettes in the attic that i would love to make into cd's but don't know how. any ideas?