Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Queen Cunt of the Universe

From Labcat.

It should be obvious to all how much I loathe this woman. She stands for everything I stand against. She's big government. She plays class warfare. She hates the people. She hates her country. She hates the military. She hates individual freedoms and success. If she could have it all her way, we would all end up in concentration camps slaving for her government and her elitist ass pounder pals in San Fransisco. Her birth control comments should stand as proof of everything I just said about her. She does not want any of us to succeed. She needs millions upon millions of "victims" so she can capture a permanent voting bloc that would effectively separate hard-working Americans from their government. I'm not a victim, Pelosi! You will never control me. You represent everything we hate about this reckless government. You bitch!

Update: Looks like Obama is forcing the birth control provision out of the stimulus package because he needs Republican support. This is potentially embarrassing for The Queen Cunt of the Universe, Nancy "Skank" Pelosi.

Update II: I have officially coined Queen Cunt of the Universe. There are no other hits on Google except for this blog. Yeah baby!!!!!


Stonemason said...

this will never happen, this is for our consumption, to try to limit the fallout from her stupidity on Sunday. The RINOS don't care about this, the people do, and this Administration is great at manipulating the people. Let us not forget they have the media on their side so propaganda is easy for them. This will be in the final version in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

eh, sorry to be so vulgar. This Speaker of the House puts me in tilt mode.

PeggyU said...

No doubt Stonemason is right. Although it would be wonderful to have four years of Pelosi and the messiah at loggerheads. Two egos too large for Washington to conatin.

PeggyU said...


Jackie D said...

Now if you could just photoshop an Obama dildo into her hand, the QC of the U official photo would be complete.