Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smoke Free

Lance Armstrong is campaigning for a "Smoke Free Texas". I got news for you ya' one nutted asshole. I am a free man. I will not cowtow to some stupid law that says I cannot smoke in a bar or a restaurant. They are private businesses. They can do as they please. This is Texas, and I am a Texan, the government WILL NOT tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body or in my business. If I want to light up at the Alamo than so be it! FREEDOM! Is that not what our country was founded on?

If my smoke is bothering you, kindly ask me to move or move your own ass. I will be more than happy to oblige as should you. But DO NOT make it against the law for me to have a smoke in a considerate and polite manner.

You liberals with your laws. When will you understand that more laws=more government which=less freedom. Just because YOU chose to live your life a certain way does not give you the right to dictate how I should live mine.

What happened to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness"? Smoking makes me happy, so by defacto you are taking away one of my constitutional rights by telling me I cannot smoke. What if I told your hippy ass you could not ride a bicycle or eat tofu? Bet you wouldn't go for that shit would ya'?

To all you dickheads that are so self-important and want to rule other people's lives.



Anonymous said...

Aren't these the same people who declare that the government should stay out of a woman's vagina? Well, walk that talk mother fucker. Stay out of my lungs ya fucking one-nut Jack!

CharlieDelta said...

El Ca-fucking-jon, Del-fucking-Mar and a couple more shitty cities in San Diego County implemented that bullshit ordinance a couple years ago. Welcome to my world kerrcarto.

I thought this stage of bullshit would've taken longer than this to get to Texas. Fuck! How depressing.

If you wanna know what new liberal bullshit laws are coming to your town, look no further than The People's Republik of Kalifornia...

CharlieDelta said...

By the way Lance, Fuck. You!

I know you lost one of yer gonads to something you had no control over, but shouldn't you be rallying FOR testicular cancer research OR breast cancer research instead of rallying against people that know the end result of smoking like I do. The last I heard, smoking won't make one of my nuts fall off, so what the fuck is yer beef with smokers?

Like kerrcarto said, if it bothers you or yer family tell me. I'll walk down wind so my second-hand doesn't smoke you out, but who the fuck do you think you are to tell me, as an AMERICAN that I can't?

Fuck. You!

Jackie said...

"...stay out of a woman's vagina..." Now that is spot on. I can't believe what this over-protective government crap is coming to. Is there some list somewhere that details what we are allowed to decide for ourselves and what the government has control over?

Jackie D said...

New profile pic

Rayvet said...

Shit, anyone that screwed Cheryl Crow has an opinion that means nothing to me. Nasty skank. Tell him you guys will stop lighting up, when he quits doping. See how long his campaign lasts.