Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You

This is my sincere Thank You to the House Republicans for not one of you casting a vote and for the 12 Democrats that went along with you against the abomination that is the Porkulous Bill that Chocolate Jebus, The Queen Cunt of the Universe© and Fairy Reid are trying to force down the American People's collective throat.

Now the Senate Republicans and Democrats must come together and send this thing to the trash can (like that will happen) or let the Democrats have it to themselves. Call your Senators today and tell them vote no, or your gone in 2010. If we can get them to do this than Obama and the Democrats will own the shit-storm that ensues and we can take back Congress in 2010 and maybe the White House in 2012.

Oh yeah, illegal immigrants will get money in the current version of this bill and that is just the tip of the iceberg that will sink this country.

Give them a ring.

CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-800-965-4701


CharlieDelta said...

I was reading about this today at work. What a fuckin' crock of shit! The blood continues to boil...

Paul said...

We're fucked. Who the fuck am I going to call? Maria Cantwell, Adam Smith, Jim "Baghdad" McDermott? You fucking kidding me? Good luck fellas. I'm living behind enemy lines.

kerrcarto said...

Fuck that Paul! Call them all. (damn I'm a poet a didn't know it) Make your voice heard!

I had the same problem but reversed. Who am I going to call here in Texas? Kay Bailey Hutchison? John Cornyn? My conservative voice from Texas is well heard. But a conservative voice in your neck o' the woods is few and far between. MAKE IT LOUD!