Friday, January 23, 2009

That's where it's at!!

The Obama sensation sweeping the country is the most annoying shit I've ever seen in my life. The actions he took this week should remind all of you trying to give him a chance that this guy plans to ram just about every radical ideal in his mind down our throats. And I promise, you're gonna feel it.

It won't take long for the majority of this country to realize that he is a complete fraud. Smiles, charisma, and articulate masterpieces will only go so far. Substance will creep in. In the end, Obama will look like Robert Tilton.

Yes, the Tiltonmeister. Texans will remember this guy. The fraudulent preacher who stole everyone's money in the name of Jesus and was busted by ABC News back in the early 1990s. This video was an underground tape floating around during the 1980s (we all knew this guy was fucked up well before the news found him out). I ended up with a copy of this thing way way way back. We used to watch it at halftime during each Super Bowl. And after all the crap in Washington, DC this week, this video was the first thing that came to mind. It's fitting, trust me! For you newbies out there, put yer drinks down!

In the name of Hope and Change, Hallelujah!!


Deadman said...

So when are you going to get the Obama fart video together??

Tapping fingers...

kerrcarto said...

I remember that dooshnozzle. BWAHAHAHAHA!