Saturday, February 21, 2009

$13 per week tax cut! Whoopie!!!

What ever will I do with the extra $13 per week of my money that I get to keep!!! I can hardly contain myself!! This should serve as an insult to all hard-working Americans. Look at it this way, this is equivalent to a pay increase of $0.32 per hour. You've got to be kidding me!!

Across the Internet, I've been reading a consistent rebuttal that I would like to address. The rebuttal is this: About 150,000,000 Americans will benefit from this tax cut. At $13 per week, about $100 billion will be injected back into the economy (Obama says $300 billion but I call bullshit). While debatable, the dollar velocity is about 7 times, which suggests that, overall, over $700 billion would be injected into the economy.

Here's my rebuttal to the rebuttal: Most states, counties, and cities have increased the property tax burden for this year, increased sales tax rates, and increased service fees. Here in Washington State we have witnessed a 0.02% increase in the sales tax, about a 7% increase in property taxes, and increases in tobacco and alcohol tax rates are currently being proposed and will likely pass. Occupational tax rates are also increasing as well as health care premiums. And let's not forget that energy costs are on the rise again.

So I ask you? How is the federal tax cut an economic stimulus when most of us are burdened with higher state and local taxes? Isn't this simply a transfer of federal resources to the states? Hmmmmmmmm. Doesn't sound like a stimulus to me. It sounds more like spinning wheels in mud. We need additional relief at the state and local levels in order to call any of this a stimulus! The only stimulus I see is more government revenue! Suck on that for a while you liberal bitches.


PeggyU said...

Yeah, Paul, and there is yet ANOTHER bill up for consideration to try to impose income tax on us. Who is that state senator Rosa Franklin anyway? Obviously a liberal douche of the highest order, but what the hell rock did she slither out from under? Go to if you want to see what's up and coming in the state legislature. BTW, even though the education budget is seriously overstretched, they did manage to recently pass HB 1162, which "establishes that basic instruction in state public schools should include in its curriculum a social emotional learning component to help students better regulate their emotions" and will set up a board to oversee drafting and implementation of this new basic (yes, they had the nerve to declare it a fundamental educational goal) learning requirement. HB 1162 is before appropriations now ... hopefully, they will have the sense to not fund it on account of the state being broke and all!

Deadman said...

I know I used my $400.00 from Bush to pay higher taxes. How can this be any better???

More like spinning wheels in bullshit...

Anonymous said...

I live on $30,000 of income from social security and my pension, plus my savings. I wish to thank you President Obama and the 44 sponsors of H.R.2 for raising my federal taxes by $1,500 per year. Increasing a tax by 2185%, especially a tax that will fall almost entirely on the lower middle class and the poor, appears to be a direct contradiction of your campaign promises.

Who do you think rolls their own cigarettes? The guy making $200,000/year or the guy living on a fixed income that got addicted to cigarettes 35 years ago, when they were 35 cents a pack.

My life current expectancy is 77 years. The same as it would be if I did not smoked but drank 9 beers a week or had three accidents or violations in the last 3 years, or gained 90 pounds or had high blood pressure controlled by medication. If I had never smoked my life expectancy would be 82.

Four of my close relatives experienced the onset of dementia at 78. So not only will my smoking save me and my loved ones 5 years being a vegetable in a nursing home but it will save the taxpayer's $300,000 in nursing home costs plus 5 years of social security payments.

I think that will more than offset any additional costs that my smoking has caused the public. But if you really feel the need to punish people for their sins, lets be fair and tax the alcoholics, the reckless drivers, the obese and salt producers (high blood pressure) to the same degree.

A $4 tax on a bottle of beer.
A $1000 tax on Automobile Insurance
A $7 tax on a Big Mac
A $7 tax on a pound of table salt.

Rayvet said...

Yeah, whoop the Fucking doo. According to headline at Drudge the "tax savings" is BS for people like me because my taxes are going up. I'm a business owner so tax the fuck out of my greedy rich ass is their philosophy. So the magical negro's philosophy is this. He will create the largest deficit (another Bullshit political term)in the history of our country, but because he doesn't want the stigma that comes with it, he's going to "reduce by 1/2 in two years" that deficit by taking more of my businesses money. HHHHMMMM, where will that money come from. Oh Yeah, the "clients" that pay for my services. So you fuckers better not spend that extra $13 per paycheck because us businesses are going to be asking for it. Funny how that works isn't it. Fucking morons on our government.

Anonymous said...

Mr, anonymous, good comments. See, the government has perfected the artform of taxing certain sectors our our society that aren't necessarily the most popular. Tobacco taxes represent an excellent example. And if a certain sector is popular like alcohol, the government accompanies its tax increase request with tons and tons of rhetoric. And we all know how naive and gullible the average American is today. Never let a good pile of hot steamy rhetoric get in the way of an informed vote! Stupid people.

labcat said...

our dollar's not gonna be worth a dime anyway. good thing i'm getting my garden going this year...think i'm gonna need it.

PeggyU said...

And if a certain sector is popular like alcohol, the government accompanies its tax increase request with tons and tons of rhetoric.

Not just that ... it stupidly accompanies its tax increases with subsidies to those same sectors.