Sunday, February 15, 2009


Robert and I had plans to go fishing today. So I went to wal-mart this morning and perused the spinner baits and general tackle to see if there was anything I did not have. Couldn't find anything worth a damn or that I did nor have already. But while I am there I always like to check the 2 for $10 bin for movies I like. I am standing at the bin perusing through the movies and I notice 4 pepper bellies meandering the CD isle. I knew what these guys where up to as soon as I layed eyes on them. So I hung around and watched.

I watched them mill around looking around for security for a couple of minutes, then one of the greasballs blatantly shoves a CD down his pants. Well needless to say I went to the nearest associate and told them that they had some guys ripping off CD's. She went over and asked the guy if he needed any help. The look on his face was priceless.."Oh shit" is the best way to describe it. I did not hang around to see the end result, but as I was walking out KPD was pulling up so I guess they got'em.

After that it was on to the river and catching something was on the agenda, wether it be a buzz or a bass. Turns out we caught a few LITTLE bass and a good buzz. It was just good to get back on the water and relax for a few hours if nothing else.

Robert's Whitey

My dinky bass.

My other dinky catch


CharlieDelta said...

Right on kerrcarto! Any catch is a good catch as far as I'm concerned dude, and if I know you like I think I do, you caught a whopping buzz! I almost walked across the street today and got the line wet, but the weather sucked ass so I caught what I catch best instead. A major buzzzz!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Glad you nailed those little pepper head bastards. Oh, nice bait fish.

Claudia said...

Great pics! Always a thrill when the line is pulling. Truly enjoyed fishing in my youth. Didn't have your honesty. The fish I caught (and didn't bring home) were always thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat bbbbbbbbbbbbbbig (arms wide open).

Holder said...

I remember fishing for bream (brim?) in the bayou down the road from my house in Humble. We caught sunfish too. Don't know why we called it a bayou though, just a creek. One time my brother and I thought it would be great fun to chase an armadillo. Good thing we didn't catch it.

Maeve said...

My dearly departed father in law used to love to fish.
He used to have the t-shirt "women love me, fish fear me".
Any day is a good day when you are doing what you like with a nice little buzz to go with it!

Anonymous said...

Me and my buddy are taking a drift down the Yakima River the last Saturday in March. We're gonna catch from steelhead. Big fucking ones, too! I can't wait to get back on the water myself.

Anonymous said...

Just don't get such a buzz you start thinking about walking on the water.


kerrcarto said...

Daryl, I know I am not Obama no matter how buzzed I get. BWAHAHAHAHA!