Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Slipknot

I'm just in one of those moods right now. This shit's better than coffee...


Claudia said...

Happy Valentine Day to the Criplets. We love you, one by one, and together. ;-)

labcat said...

going to see them tomorrow night! eee!

happy vd all :)

PeggyU said...

What Claudia said!

Paul said...

Damn! Labcat is going to see them live!! Jealousy!!

thanks, Claudia and PeggyU. Right back at ya girls!!

CD, cheers! Slipknot rules!! And Happy Val ya fag!! BWAHAHAHAH!!!!

CharlieDelta said...

Happy Valentines Day Claudia! You warm my heart! :-)

Labcat, you lucky shit! That's gonna be a bitchen show. For the record, I'm jealous! Send some pictures would ya?

Paul, happy VD back at cha you fuckin' spaz... AHHAHAHAHA!

Rock on ya fuckin' homo!