Saturday, February 28, 2009

Speaking of Country...

Gettin' ready to head out the door to take the bus up to DreamCatcher at Viejas Casino to see Jamey Johnson and get fucked up tonight. I've never been to a Country show, so this should be cool. I had never even heard of this dude until my buddy Z said he was picking up tickets about 3 weeks ago. $5 a ticket? Fuck YEAH I'm in! I'm more of a metal head, but I like a little country every now and then to level things out.

I can't remember if they let you bring cameras into this joint or not, but I'm taking mine just in case. The cool thing about DreamCather is that there is a bar right outside the doors in the casino, so we're gonna get there early and get our buzz on before the show. If I remember correctly, this place is crawling with beautiful women.

There's just something hot about women in shit-kickin' boots! I'll try to sneak some pics. Heh heh!

In the meantime, here's some Jamey Johnson if you're into this stuff.

I'll be crashing at my future house tonight and then it's The 7th Annual Red Beer Day tomorrow at my other buddy's house. His Dad passed away seven years ago and since then, he's held Red Beer Day on his Dad's birthday, March 1. Lots of friends and family come over and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon with tomato juice, 'cause that's what his pops drank all the time. Normally I couldn't stomach Pabst, but with a little tomato juice, it's not so bad....after the first three...

See y'all Sunday night!


kerrcarto said...

Have fun you redneck hillbilly!
From one shit-kicker to another.

Paul said...

I'm fuckin' jealous. Wish I was down there getting loaded with you and chasing tail.

Dan O. said...

Hell that's the only way to make Pabst drinkable!

I haven't had a "Red Eye" (beer & 'mater juice) in 30 years! And when I did it was with homemade juice. Good stuff. Enjoy!