Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thought for the day

"Above these [citizens] an immense tutelary power is elevated, which alone takes charge of assuring their enjoyments and watching over their fate. It is absolute, detailed, far-seeing, and mild. It would resemble paternal power if, like that, it had for its object to prepare men for manhood; but on the contrary, it seeks only to keep them fixed irrevocably in childhood; it likes citizens to enjoy themselves provided that they think only of enjoying themselves. It willingly works for their happiness; but it wants to be the unique agent and sole arbiter of that; it provides for their security, foresees and secures their needs, facilitates their pleasures, conducts their principal affairs, directs their industry, regulates their estates, divides their inheritances; can it not take away from them entirely the trouble of thinking and the pain of living? Subjection in small affairs manifests itself every day and makes itself felt without distinction by all citizens. It does not make them desperate, but it constantly thwarts them and brings them to renounce the use of their wills. Thus little by little, it extinguishes their spirits and enervates their souls."

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

These were his thoughts on how a democratic society will go down the drain. How come people like Alexis, Orwell, Rand, Tolkien, Shlaes and many more can see this shit coming from miles away and are just ignored?

It can't be the dumbed down society and disregard for the rule of law. Nah..that can't have anything to do with it.
But on the bright side remember we are a representative republic, not a democratic society.

If you have not read Democracy in America, GO READ IT. It's free. Then go buy The 5000 Year Leap, read it and donate it to your local library.
These two are a must!


Anonymous said...

Excellent find, kerrcarto! I had no idea you were so well read. You've got me beat. Now I have to catch up so thanks for the book recommendations.

kerrcarto said...

Thanks Paul, I have not finished The 5000 year Leap yet. But if you want a o book that shows you the real America and how our constitution and the founding fathers ideas really work,that is the one to read. I have to admit it's Beck and Rush that have turned me on to most of the books I have read in the last few years.

PeggyU said...

I haven't read either of those. I am an illiterate. :(