Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Timely Reminder

This seems appropriate after tonight's colossal bullshit 'Address to Congress'.

God Bless Milton Friedman. I am tilting my beer to this man as I type. RIP! Some of you liberal turds out there could learn a lesson or two from this man. Wake the fuck up already!

Phil-Fucking-Donahue was born a douchebag, and will die a douchebag. Don't ya just love the drama in that asshole's voice. What a fucking idiot!

Fuck you Phil! Take your anti-Capitalist bullshit rhetoric and cram it up your ass. Better yet, move to Cuba. You'll like it there.

1 comment:

kerrcarto said...

I love how Donahue just sits there with a dumfounded look on his face. Idiot.