Sunday, February 1, 2009


I was driving into town this morning and saw this.

Somebody got there shit TP'd.
This is the best job I have seen in a while. Kids now days just don't put the effort in for a quality TP job. If you look to the very right hand side of the picture you can make out a white blob. That is their mailbox covered in what I would guess as 3 rolls of TP.
I remember doing this to our new pastors house when I was younger. We TP'd his house then the next morning went to help clean it up. I bet whoever did this one won't have the common decency to do that.

But DAMN they got that house good.


CharlieDelta said...

LMAO! Dude, I spent the better years of high school TP'in people's houses! What a great time that used to be. We would call it "scary fun". What a blast!

Now I just use TP for it's intended purpose, but damn it would be fun to light someone up again. Good Times.

I have to give these kids an A! I wouldn't want to clean that shit up...

Jackie D said...

Those kids did a great job. My oldest daughter's friends TP'd our house last summer. What a bunch of lazy bums. It only took about 15 minutes to clean it up. I was rather disappointed and told my kid that when the opportunity presented itself, I would show her how to properly "roll" a house.

PeggyU said...

No sense even bothering to clean it up. May as well wear it with pride. Somebody cared enough to TP them :). It is biodegradable and will eventually disappear, after all.

That egging our neighborhood got last week, OTOH, was not so cute.