Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't Fuck With Chuck

I got an email from one of my vendors today that had me in stitches laughing.

Chuck fucking Norris!

I remember my Dad taking my brother and me to the movies the first Tuesday of every month when we were kids 'cause Mom used to have about two dozen drunken cacklin' wimmin over for "Bunco" once a month. Mom used to play Bunco every Tuesday for as long as I can remember, and once a month she would host. She doesn't drink either. She loves to host.

My Dad couldn't get out of there quick enough and my brother and I reaped the benefits back then. Dad would take us out for junk food and then to a movie and more junk food.

Dad always took us to the "coolest" movies too. Invasion U.S.A., Delta Force, and every once in a while an "R" Rated movie. One with boobage! Something like Used Cars. Weren't the '80's great? Fuck yeah they were.

Don't fuck with Chuck!


red collar said...

Nowadays, movies just plain suck, man. I don`t think the 80's were great, but the movies were indeed awsome.

If a Chuck Norris movie was to be remade today, it would have to change a bit. It would have to say "become a deserter and don't trust the army" like 28 Weeks Later, or "don't trust your government" like V for Vendetta, or it would say "don't trust ANY government" like Munich.

The last good movies I saw were Rambo and Blackhawk Down.

Chuck is right up there with Clint and the Duke.

kerrcarto said...

Is that your submission for the FOD collage? I have to agree. Hollyweird has long run out of original ideas. WTF is it with all the remakes? I mean I loved Spidey and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy but shit something original now and then.


red collar said...

Hey man, YES, that is my entry and I'm pissed that this isn't monday so I can't post it on my blog just yet!!!

I sent an email to gravdigr@something with a bigger version. You should see the american and Quebec flags behind me, but the one important item in the picture is clearly visible. And it's all for Obama and his minions.

You know what we had in the 80's? We had Mad Max. John Carpenter's The Thing. We had Spaceballs!!!


red collar said...

Also, thanks for putting me on that banner. Appreciate it.