Monday, March 30, 2009

Conversation of the day.

The Boy: Dad what happens when you start to grow hair down there? [peach fuzz]
Me: Where?
The Boy: You know DOWN THERE! (pointing at crotch)
Me: Oh that means you are starting puberty.
The Boy: Puberty?
Me: Yea you know the time you start to grow hair down there and your willie falls off.
The Boy: SHUT-UP!
Me: All kidding aside this is when you start to become a man.
The Boy: I thought I already was.
Me: You got a loooong way to go.
The Boy: Yeah I guess so, you got hair on your belly. Mine hasn't gotten that long yet.


Hammer said...

The other day my son called it his 'ball fro'...

CharlieDelta said...

Give yer boy a couple years and he'll be chasing tail like that nice piece on the lower left-hand side of the FOD collage.

Not that I would expect you to try and stop him...