Monday, March 30, 2009


So The Messiah just fired the CEO of GM. That is just fucking perfect. All you liberal bedwetters that cried about Bush violating the constitution by invading Iraq and holding dirtbags in GITMO without charges can cram it up your ass. Obama is wiping his ass with the constitution on a daily basis. He has no authority to tell the head of a private company "Your fired". Who does he think he is The Donald? No matter how much bailout money the government gave them TOTUS has no jurisdiction in the private sector. I am sure that the price of cars will be SOOOO much cheaper now that the Gov't is going to be in charge. Right? I mean the post office is doing so good they need to raise the price of stamps to cover the Post Master General's pay raise.

These nutless wonders that run ran these companies should have told Bush and Obama to stuff it and filed bankruptcy and restructured their companies. Now we are going to have the government running General Motors. Wonderful! You know how these narcissistic fuckers like to name shit after themselves. I can't wait for the 2010 Nancy Pelosi Hybrid or the 2011 Robert Bird SUV.

GM-Government Motors, just fucking great.



PeggyU said...

You're kidding? He did that? Can he do that? Had they signed a contract that would allow this or no? FUCK OBAMA! Government Motors, indeed! Driving the country into the dirt.

Hammer said...

I would have made Obama's jackboots drag me out on national television.

Anonymous said...

Government Motors - BWAHAHAHAH!!!!!

LisaKay said...

I'll never buy an Obsmobile or any Government Motors vehicle!!
Fuck Obamba all day everyday!!!

rayvet said...

The magical negroes government takeover of private industries (the automotive industry in particular) has much less to do with providing us with cheaper cars than it does with preserving overpriced, unskilled jobs at the unionized plants assembly lines. What we are seeing is the paying back of debts incurred during the election as the unions backed this SOB without question. The government now has on the payroll thousand upon thousands of new employees that stand in one spot putting a lever on a door for 6 hours a day paying them about $35/hour for said "difficult" job. This doesn't include the absofuckinglutely ridiculous perk packages these people get on top of their overpiced hourly wages. In retrospect, I guess they are the smart ones for getting paid a shit load of money for having little to no skills while the rest of us fools work our ass of to make our living.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who buys a new GM or Chrysler car from today forward is a traitor. Why? Because you are supporting anti-American entities like the UAW, the Democrat party and Barack Hussein Mugabe.