Monday, March 9, 2009

I 'm with Paul

Labcat likes it also.

Deadman is down!

H2O is on board!

RiverRat is down for the struggle.

Anybody Else? That means ANYBODY! As long as you agree that Obama is taking us down the road to socialism and we ain't gonna take it. Just e-mail any of us your picture!
Just make sure in the subject line to put FOD that way we know what it is for.
I am going to make a collage of everybody that sends a picture and keep it on the sidebar for the FOD day logo.
Then y'all that want it can steal it from me or I can e-mail it to you.
Let's get this train a'rollin!


labcat said...

me too ------------>

kerrcarto said...

Right on Labcat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the spirit!

Deadman said...

I e-mailed my pic to Kerrcarto until I realized I could just edit my profile.


Fuck Obama!

Anonymous said...

Can we put some boobage on that collage, too?

CharlieDelta said...

I can't post mine until I get home. Some of us actually work for a living. You hear that Obama? Fuck YOU!

gregor said...

This so rocks! I have to pick out the perfect Obama t-shirt to wear for the picture! I'll send it soon!
I also linked this on my blog so all my Conservative friends can come and play to!

Denny said...

Way to go Criplets! I'm so proud of you guys!

CharlieDelta said...

You rule Denny! Papa taught us well...

Claudia said...

No Criplets like that in the whole world! That's for sure.:))))))))

red collar said...

Sorry I`m late.

Red Collar salutes you. I'm right there with you.

Obama was too tired to hold a press conference with Gordon Brown recently. Usually, there's also a diner. But not for Gordon Brown. Nope. Nothing special about Britain, is there? There just line 190 other countries, aren't they?

FOD is on duly noted. Way to go guys.