Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Willie

We have added a new member to the Jackson clan. Introducing Willie, a 3-year old male. For those of you who have been with us here at GGDF since the beginning, you may recall when Cassinova disappeared, our orange tabby, within weeks of moving into our new house. Losing Cassinova was devastating to the kids, and we simply took our time replacing him.

My son just got his braces on, and he had to have a small surgery removing an extra tooth on top (called a supernumerary for those of you medically inclined). He's been such a trooper that I decided it was time to get our pets on.

So we adopted Willie two weeks ago. He was captured by Seattle animal control roughly six months ago and was rescued by Another Chance Pet Adoption. We actually adopted two cats, the other being a 7-year old male tabby. His name is Mac but we had to return him. There was constant cat fighting, and they would not share the litter. And you know what that means; when one's crapping in the shitter the other one is crapping in the living room. And as most of you know, two of the most hurrendous events on earth occur when a cat shits and when Democrats open their mouths.

After Mac was removed, Willie still wouldn't crap in the litter. So we were forced to put him in confinement, and after nearly two days of stuffing him full of tasty cat food, he still wouldn't crap (probably confused). This morning around 3:00 am Willie dropped some nuclear bombs into the litter box and then was trying to scratch his way out of the laundry room. I got up and walked in there to discover that the deed was done. Willie knew it, too. He was meowwing and rubbing against my leg. He knew he had passed the test. Welcome aboard little buddy, and don't even think about walking out that door. Because, damnit, we're not going to lose another cat to those fucking coyotes.


CharlieDelta said...

"And as most of you know, two of the most hurrendous events on earth occur when a cat shits and when Democrats open their mouths."

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! So true man. When mine drops a deuce I have to leave the room. I've had a cat(s) for the better part of my life and I'll never get used to that stench. That of the Democrats either.

Willie is a cool lookin' dude. What's up with cats and monitors? Mine is always jumping up on my monitor too. Maybe they like the warmth.

Anonymous said...

I think they like the warmth and you know how much they like to explore and jump on shit in the first place.

I hope he drops enough hair into the vents to fry this fucking monitor. This thing won't die!!!! FRY MOTHER FUCKER FRY!!!!! I want a flat panel, damnit, to free up my desk! I've had this damn thing for years. I'm not a cheapskate. I just don't believe in fixing sumpin that ain't broke, which probably makes me a cheapskate I guess.

kerrcarto said...

What happened to the dog hunt?
Cool looking gato though. Eddy loves to climb up the back of my computer chair at work and lay on the back.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah dude I hear what you're saying about the monitor. I'll be moving in a couple months and when I do I'm buying a flat screen monitor for the same reason. As it is right now, I barely have enough room for my beer when I'm paying bills. Ship that fucker down to me. I'll take care of it's immortal ass with some 12ga. slug on my next trip to the dez.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a fenced back yard, and the home owners association pretty much bans all fences along the golf course, unless its like brick and iron which would cost a shit load of money. And the fence can't be taller than 4' or something like that.

Furthermore, I'm just not ready for a dog, yet. Remember I'm a single dad with two rugrats. We'll revisit the dog adventure here within the next year after the kids get a little more sense of responsibility in their souls.

gregor said...

Our cat, Tiger The Cat, showed up out of the woods one day seventeen years ago, we took her in and she's been our steadfast companion ever since. She's scruffy, sleeps twenty three hours a day now, but she says
"Fuck Obama".

Maeve said...

It took us 5 years to replace our cat after she passed.
Have you ever heard that saying that pets lower blood pressure?
yeah, well that's a crock o sheeit!
We renamed our kitten "Satan's Little Helper" because he is hell bent on driving us crazy.
I can't imagine life with out him.

Claudia said...

Hi! Willie. You, lucky, lucky cat! You just got yourself the best of the best home you could get. No wonder I can hear you purring all the way to down here...Behave yourself. We'll know all about you if you don't!

Cheers, Paul. Love to you all.

PeggyU said...

I hate coyotes. Congratulations on your new family member, Paul :) !

red collar said...

Congrats, Paul. Spoil him rotten, I say.

I'm just barely starting to consider, maybe, getting a second cat. Good for you, man. Your family just got bigger.

patrick said...

Paul - good for you getting him at a shelter. those places are so sad with great animals that human refuse abuses and discards.

and right there with you on the monitor... my kids hate it. Its ten years old and runs like a top and weighs 25 lbs.